UchiMusume: Foreword

17-05-2016: For new readers or re-readers: I’ll be extremely thankful for any spelling mistakes or corrections you would like to provide from this point on~ :3 Just comment it and I’ll fix them asap!!!

Foreword – In the world looking after rainbows


When you were born, a huge rainbow could be seen in the skies.

It’s true you know. The rainbow is represented by all 『people』 in seven colours. Even though their languages and cultures were different you see.
That was a rainbow but, there was also something more, in the greater sense of the world– it is a part of god. God exists as 7 pillars. They seem to be referred to as 『The Seven Colours of God』.

Ahmar, 『The Red God』, is the god of war, as well as the god of conciliation and judgement. If there was something troubling you, requesting help at these shrines would be best.

Khashkhash, 『The Orange God』, is the god of harvest. Yup. They went to festivals together…. so that they could wish for lots of produce to be grown.

Asfar, 『The Yellow God』, is the god of study and leadership. At this temple, a great amount of people are gathered together for the sake of study. You too, you have a good head on your shoulders, maybe it won’t be so bad to go there and study.

Under the supervision of Ahdar, 『The Green God』, travellers would gather. That’s right, the world is awfully wide. You’ll be swamped by the sheer number of things you have not seen before.

Azraq, 『The Blue God』, is the god of commerce. Once you grow up, I wonder what job you’ll have.

Nili, 『The Indigo God』, is the god governing life and death, as well as research in diseases and medicine. This is because magic has no effect on diseases. So be very careful.

Banafsaji, 『The Violet God』, as the commander of all gods, had the power of creation and destruction. And thus it is the god that governs rebirth.

The rainbow comes whenever the gods watch over us from above.
You were born whilst the gods were watching over you.

That’s why you’ll be alright.

It’s because you are meant for happiness. So it’ll be great if you could be happy.

You’ll be alright.

See, the rainbow is coming out.

You’re being protected by fate.

Please, somehow. Be happy.

From now on, I too, will be protecting you from across the rainbow.


(Author notes:
I have plans for this to become an epic fantasy story.
Although i feel like I’m making a snap decision, so that until i can write to the end of my idea, i will come and do my best.
Please, if you can accompany me it’ll make me unbelievably happy.)

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31 thoughts on “UchiMusume: Foreword

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    | THANKS! NEPU! |
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  2. Hi… I am new reader. Got feeling good from the title that it will be a nice story…

    Please keep up your work’s, sadly i can only cheers on you.

    ╭(′▽‵)╭(′▽‵)╭(′▽‵)╯ GO!

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  3. Wow this is the shortest chapter novel that make me dropped the novel. Bad end is no problem, but if the genre is slice of life with bad end, i will pass.
    “From now on, I too, will be protecting you from across the rainbow.”
    The heck


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