Ryouriban – Chapter 16

8, Cheesecake of Attraction (Part 1)


Recently I’ve been talking more with the troops.

Somehow my cooking has gained a surprising popularity, and they seem to came to see what kind of guy made that, becoming friendly with me along the way.

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Ryouriban – Chapter 15

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(Royal speech is used)


7, Mapo Tofu of Unreasonable Demand (Part 3)


I am Tebis Newbyst. The gourmet of Newbyst. And the first princess of the Newbyst family. I turn 10 this year.

The territory I live in, Newbyst, is an abundant land embraced by the holy woodlands. In the this woodlands abundant with wildlife and food, medicine, we worship god’s gifts and the forest he lives in, giving thanks to it.Read More »

Ryouriban – Chapter 14

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7, Mapo Tofu of Unreasonable Demand (Part 2)


The start to our dreams was sudden. It’s beginning is something future generations won’t know.

I desperately live and fight seeing the corp become bigger and comrades increasing.

For the sake of these guys, I think I want to struggle towards the dream.

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Ryouriban – Chapter 12

6, Oden with Everyone・(2nd Half)


Our dreams finally started from here onwards.

Even starting the mercenary corp wasn’t as exciting as this.

I never thought it would be as fun as this.

However this definitely wouldn’t have been accomplished if that guy wasn’t here.

I didn’t believe in things like fate but.

This was probably the thing called fate.

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Ryouriban – Chapter 10

5, Pot-au-feu of Nostalgia. (2nd Half)

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I have never decided things for myself.

When Ganglabe wanted to start up a mercenary corp, I went along with it as long as we were able to somehow have something to eat.

Even the times when Riru-chan created inventions, I thought, ‘Well, alright’.

Even during battles, when the aide was issuing instructions, I never decided where to go

Always looking from the back, surviving with the flow.

That is my way of life.

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Ryouriban – Chapter 08

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 4, Boiled Tofu of Lovesickness.(2nd Half)


I have someone I like.

The person who has always been leading us since we’ve been in the slums.

Someone who used to fight together with Cougar, jumping into the front lines, fighting enemies.

The five of us childhood friends are orphans. Losing our parents at an early age because of the war, we brought our shoulders together in order to survive.Read More »