UchiMusume – Chapter 08

Little girl, First time house-sitting

(Author note:

It’s the Obon season, so the posting times somehow changed)


Morning came but, I didn’t think that it would be such a difficult thing.

That’s right, Rita watched with surprise from the bottom of her heart as she saw Dale stricken with grief.

“Don’t worry, hurry up and go already”

“Latina, I’ll try to come back as soon as possible. Be a good girl ok”

said Dale intentionally delaying his departure, as he was hugging Latina who was standing next to Rita sending him off in front of the “Dancing Ocelot”.

Sensing the killing intent, like if he was to keep this up any longer Rita would kick him out, he reluctantly let go. He gently rubs her head as he looks at her.

“I’m going now”

Latina tilts her head at Dale’s words. There Rita said.

“It’s ‘Have a safe trip’. Latina”

Hearing her name, Latina looks at Rita.

“Have a safe trip”

Hearing Rita repeat herself, she faces Dale and repeated with difficulty.

“Dale, have a safe chip?”

“Ah. I’m going now”

Seeing Dale grinning, Latina also looked happy.


Mornings at “Dancing Ocelot” was hectic.

Next to the adventurers who stayed the night and were searching for food, was a person who was confirming the request for the flier which was just posted up.

There are usually more people with requests later on in the day but, the requests where they wish it to be completed the same day wasn’t few either. Dealing with that kind of client is also necessary.

Amongst the adventurers who go out to work, there are also those who leave at this time, particularly those people are usually going to buy consumables.

It was so busy that you would even borrow help from a cat.


The bar — speaking of which at this time, especially the dining room, is still going strong — is being handled by Kenneth.

Rita also sometimes comes out to the floor but, mainly she’s chasing up the exact calculations working as a “Akudaru’s Agency”.


The scene of such a busy store, Latina seemed to hold deep interest in it.


“Woah… that’s dangerous you know?”

said Kenneth carrying two plates in both hands, being surprised by the presence of Latina at his feet.

Latina tilted her head with a thud.


Today she was wearing the pink one piece which was just bought yesterday. The hair that Rita arranged was shaking together with the big pink ribbons on both sides of her head. Dale enthusiastically bought a lot of hair accessories so, there were currently enough for a new one every day.


Latina carried Kenneth’s cooking, carried empty dishes, and watched on with her eyes on how to handle orders.

Rita was mostly at the counter so, to this girl who didn’t understand the language, didn’t understand any of the categories.


On the other hand, it was easy to understand what Kenneth was doing.

Up till now, Latina clearly saw that Kenneth was creating food.

It was hectic even now, Latina dished out piles of food to an uncountable amount of people.


Nodding deeply once, Latina disappeared with brisk steps within the shops hustle.



The moment that Kenneth noticed something unusual was when he looked to the work station, next to the large amounts of mash potato, and the smoked meat which was dished up with the scrambled eggs.

The plates had increased.

In the corner of the washing area, in the place where the dirty tableware was, the things to wash were increasing.

At first he thought that Rita was bringing them in.

It was during the rush hour of her job but, every now and then she might have some free time.


However Rita, taking the dishes which had just finished cooking out the shop, while interacting with a client, finishing the sales of the general goods, and calculating the bill for the customer who finished their meal.

There’s no way she could get out to the floor to do that, there’s no way.



A familiar bearded face said one word — leaving behind the cooking under the supervision of an old adventurer who was a regular customer, that fellow opened his mouth blankly.

“What’s with that stupid face”

“Back at you. You’ve hired quite a young little waitress haven’t you”

Looking towards the direction that the regular had pointed towards, Kenneth realised.


Latina was carrying the plates.


For such a small girl, even taking just one plate seems to be too heavy for her. She carried one plate with both hands and was walking towards the kitchen diligently.

After a while she would return again, looking around her surroundings restlessly. If she saw an empty plate she would nod with a ‘un’, and head towards the table with a sense of duty.


To the few customers who were startled by her small figure, she would grin happily, and grab onto the empty plate.

To the Latina who would stumble a little, it seemed like even the customers from other tables would look towards her with suspenseful gazes.

When she safely reached the kitchen, a sigh of relief escaped the bunch of grim-looking men.



When she was called by Kenneth, Latina stopped moving and looked at him anxiously. “Was I wrong?” was written on her face.


Kenneth thought for a short while.

Latina was looking at the customers carefully and clearing the empty plates.

Without overestimating her own abilities, she does what she can.

Paying attention to the surroundings, avoiding the people around her.

At any rate being able to move without noticing yourself means that she is also able to see how he is moving. This is probably proof that Latina is very attentive to her surroundings.


Kenneth, as if he can easily seize her, places his hand on her head.


Washiwashiwashi (TL: Sfx: roughing up hair)


“Un. Well, good job”

After the roughing up Latina took hold of Kenneth’s hand, it seemed like she was slightly dizzy.


Even if I leave her be, there’s no harm in it.

That was how Kenneth judged it.

Rather getting some tidying up done, if any at all, was something he had wished for. He said.


I have nothing to do with the customer’s hearts being overworked.


When the morning’s peak had passed, Kenneth took out a container from the fridge that he had prepared the night before.


Calling her, she obediently came to his side, Kenneth let her sit in front of the table inside the kitchen.

The container was turned upside down onto the plate in front of Latina. The insides slipped off like jelly.

Latina’s eyes became like round dots.

Cutting up the remains of the compote, the broth which had hardened into jelly was today’s snack.

He let Latina hold the spoon.


Looking at her as he did the dishes, Latina first poked at the jelly with the spoon, having fun with the bouncing sensation as it shakes.


Nearing noon, the customer flow for “Dancing Ocelot” come to an end.

It was the time where the majority of the customers, adventurers, were out working, the bar too was taking an hour break. During this period of time, only jobs at “Akudaru’s agency” was being accepted.


“Rita, I’m going to go stock up”

“Have a safe trip”

Kenneth called out to Rita from inside the shop, and a more courteous response than usual was received from Rita. And immediately while tilting her head,

“Have a safe chip”

From the corner of the counter Latina opened up her picture book, looked up at Kenneth and smiled sweetly.

“… As expected, kids are nice, Rita. How about three?”

“First you start with the first one right?”

Really such an idiot, said Rita who didn’t seem to completely disagree.


After Kenneth returned from stocking up, Latina approached him with brisk steps.

From behind you could see Rita smirking.

“Welkum bak” (TL: Welcome back)

Did Latina say it right? And as if confirming her Rita shook her head



Kenneth, unlike the usual stock ups, bought back various types of fruit, scattering them about on the workstation.

Now then, what should I make? He folded up his sleeves, and his expression was loosening up pathetically.


You can’t talk about other people now (i.e. Dale).


Latina really was a good child.

Lunch time he handed to Latina a small cheese sandwich as well as fruit; her eating manners were good, chewing properly, and then cleaning up after she finished eating.


Apart from those times, she would open up her picture book or, look at whatever Rita and Kenneth were doing.

She would never do anything to get in your way, making sure that she is in a good position.


It was something I had heard from Dale, in the habitats of magic beasts, they seem to survive by finding their own food. It was based on extremely good luck, and much more severe than I had imagined.

However, if Dale hadn’t found her, then even he doesn’t know how long her luck would continue. Breaking down constantly, it probably wouldn’t be long before she ended up in the stomachs of beasts.


It was probably because of that, that her attentiveness to her surroundings are so great.


Looking in front of Kenneth, Latina was starting to nod off to sleep, slowly staggering towards the stairs.

That’s definitely dangerous.

Kenneth rearranged a wooden box in one corner of the food storehouse, spreading out a mat on top. Overtaking Latina, he went up into the his bedroom on the second floor and brought down several sheets of cloth.


Calling out, he pat repeatedly on the place he just arranged, and Latina looked back with half open eyes.

Kenneth strained a laugh, lying Latina, who was overcome by sleepiness, down on top of the wooden box.

It seemed like that was about her limit. Latina immediately began to doze off.


(Author’s note:

To everyone who said that they like this, to those who added the points together. This has become the best form of encouragement.

My impressions received to this point,  on the other side is trembling with fear, and becomes the driving force for picking up the pen.

I wish to borrow this space to express my gratitude.

Everyone, as always, thank you very much. I would definitely be happy if you were to keep me company from here on.)

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