Ryouriban – Chapter 11

6, Oden with everyone. (First Half)


Even after I recover, it never stops being busy.

But I was working with more motivation than before.

In this place with my precious family and comrades.

I came to think that I would like to treasure this.

It’s Shuri.

What was waiting for me after I had recovered from my cold were encouragements of recovery and everyone demanding meals.

Some complaints were “If you’re not here then the food is salty and doesn’t taste good”

Others were worries, “It’s great that you’re well. Be careful so that you won’t get sick again.”

And looking at the dish washing place were a pile of dishes where there still remained some unknown food scraps.

It’s like they were trying to cook, and failing, so it was inevitable that they tossed it away.

Just nearing it my nose seemed to go awry.

A rotting smell.


“Ganglabe-san. Didn’t you say it’s no good to waste ingredients?”

“Seriously… I’ll tell those guys properly”


Ganglabe-san seemed uncomfortable.

It appears he was actually unable to control his subordinates running wild.


“This cream stew is not supposed to be burnt to such a brown colour right?”

“No matter what you say it’s black”

“Just stop this please”

“Yea, you’re fired”

“Ganglabe-san, it’s useless even if you say that to run away.

In order for Riru-san to make hamburg steak she even sauteed minced beef. Furthermore there was no flavour.

I heard Cougar-san had even burnt himself wanting to create fried horse mackerel. That fish was cut into so many pieces that it was just fried fish balls.

Ahrius-san didn’t put in any kelp so it was just tofu in water. It’s a boring flavour.

And you Ganglabe-san. You made this cream stew. Then you made it so that it was your subordinates fault, I know.”


I’m not cheating.

I just made a promise with Riru-san to teach her how to make hamburg steak later for the information.

I know about what everyone did!


“Well… tomorrow night I’m going to make something special”

“What? Special?”

“Therefore today I’ll be cheap, and even if I cook I’ll make less as a punishment”

“The flavour of your cooking… it’s been a while… making less… you say?”


Ganglabe-san zetsuboushimasu. (was looking hopeless.)

There’s no helping it. Wasting ingredients when someone is asleep is a heavy sin.

Naturally, I can’t blame them for cooking in order to survive.

However throwing it away to rot because you failed to cook it is out of the question.


In the end, the amount of food being slightly less ended after one day.

There was loud outcry from the other guys but everyone calmed down after I talked to them about wasting food.

As expected the power of ingredients is great.

And, then the night of the second day.

I got a few helpers to help with the preparation and created a gathering of several tens of people.


“And Shuri? What are you planning?”


Gathered on this table here was Ganglabe-san, Riru-san, Cougar-san, Ahrius-san, Teg-san and I.

With everyone of the commander positions and a gathering of the remaining appropriate comrades.

Riru-san hurriedly made around ten portable stoves for me, gathered them together and opened this meeting.


“Well everyone, for taking care of me when I was sick, thanks again.”

“So distant. Stopping acting so distant between us”


I’m thankful for Ahrius-san’s concern but, that’s not quite right.


“In my country’s language there’s a phrase <A hedge between keeps friendship green>.

It’s a phrase that says you must not forget your manners and be considerate of your companion, even to a close friend.

That’s why I think I want to say my thanks properly.”

“Then, what is this dish? How is this been different from before?”


Fufufu, that is the joy of opening the lid.


“This is hot pot cooking”

“Is it similar to Boiled Tofu?”

“No, it’s thicker than that. And becomes this! Everyone open the lid and see for yourselves!”


Opening the lid, there is a familiar homely flavour.

It’s Oden.

The ingredients are fried tofu, boiled egg, daikon, chikuwa, pounded fish cake, meat tendons and sausage.

(TL: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chikuwa)

My home also uses mochi as one of the Oden’s ingredients but, well, this is the best I can do.


“This… is tofu? It’s also holds more solid than boiled tofu…”

“Boiled egg huh, such a luxury. The colour’s tainted, soaking in the flavour, su”


From another table too, came a loud voice of expectation.

To make this dish today, I had to manage several ten pots while keeping it simmering well for a whole day.

I’m sure all the ingredients’ flavours are certainly being soaked into the Oden.

Because the tendons are getting softer.


“Good, now everyone, let’s eat!”


Ohhh~! shouted all the troops as they started to poke at the pot.


“Then us too. Everyone, please”

“Ah, then I’ll take the sausage, su”

“The chikuwa for me then? I say”

“I’ll take the fried tofu”


“Then the meat is mine. What meat is this?”


“What? Isn’t that the thing that’s so hard it’s barely edible?”

“Please try it. You’ll definitely be in for a surprise”


Everyone took each of the ingredients they liked and started eating.

Then, I’ll just have the pounded fish cake.

By the way the processed food known as chikuwa was made based on the help of Riru-san.

As expected it’s more delicious if you’ve worked hard for it.



“Boiled egg, hehe”


Riru-san seems so happy while eating both the egg white and egg yolk.


“This thing you call chikuwa, tastes like fish. It has such a strange taste”


Cougar-san was entranced with the chikuwa.

By the way, the hole in the chikuwa was stuffed with arctium so the food texture was more pleasurable.


“Fried tofu is different from boiled tofu, the tofu remains in proper shape and it fills you up”


Ahrius-san ate the fried tofu elegantly.


“This sausage, it’s different from the one in pot-au-feu. Eating it together with the daikon, this is even more delicious, su!”


Teg-san nodded as he ate the sausage mixed with the daikon.


“Impossible… this is meat tendons? Not hard. Soft. It’s enjoyable to eat, and the chewy texture is great. The flavour too, is great”


Ganglabe-san couldn’t hide his surprise from the meat tendon’s wonderfulness.

I can also hear the other tables saying ‘Delicious’ and ‘This is great’. I’m so happy. Hearing such words.


It’s a special occasion so Ganglabe-san lifted the alcohol ban.

Everyone was happily eating Oden, drinking alcohol, talking.


“As I thought, this corp is nice place.

Finding this corp is my happiness”


Family and friends.

Both of those are in this corp.

If I was found by any other corp, it probably wouldn’t end up like this.

There’s no doubt that it would be worse.

That’s why this is my repayment for everything so far.

And to take care of me from now on.


“Shuri, will you continue making food for us here from now on?”

“Yes. Until I’m fired, forever. Although I reminisce about my hometown, I belong here after all”

“Is that so? Good”


Ganglabe chugs down his alcohol in one breath, and looked at everyone.


“Me, my goal is to become the king of the country I make uniting the entire continent.

You shall accompany me. Shuri.”

“Yes, Ganglabe-san”

“Then, Riru will too”


Riru stopped eating her egg.


“Riru will use my magic engineering techniques for the country’s peace. Next time, I could make daily products similar to the ones Shuri make, or tell various people about magic engineering.

Or make a school”

“Then I’ll be the commander in chief of the country. Becoming the world’s strongest master swordsman, immortalising my techniques forever.”

“I want to make a magic school just like Riru. Not a school that only nobles can attend, I will recruit different people, recruit believers. And I also want to be a good wife”

“As for me, after the country achieves peace I’ll go around the place, putting together a book, su. Once I’ve conquered the continent, then I’ll also go conquer the seas!”


Before we noticed everyone was talking about their dreams.

It should be from the alcoholic influence.

But there was no one there making fun of them, not even the surrounding soldiers.

On the contrary, they’re saying ‘That would be great’.


“Then I’ll be the one to help with everyone’s dreams”


Of course, me included.

I want to see when everyone’s dreams have been fulfilled.


“I want to be someone able to continue cooking delicious meals”


I will definitely not leave this corp.

This is where I belong.

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