UchiMusume – Chapter 14

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A certain soldier working at the capital, Trembling with fear.


(Author note:

It’s become a short story from the view of a third party)


He was extremely nervous today at work.

He alighted from the outskirts of the streets of Kroix from the capital of Rabando, Aosbrick together with his partner a small flying dragon yesterday. Flying dragons aren’t cut out for flying at night. So it has been decided they pass the night in this place, and the plan is to send people to the capital the next morning, which is now.

“Uwaa~… What should I do, Titi. It’s said to be a super difficult person…”

The one complaining to his partner was still young.

He had a unique magic attribute <Centre Attribute>, making use of that ability and employing a flying dragon he was a <Dragon Knight>.

Nonetheless, his partner named Titi was a dragon with the calm personality of the female specimen, not suitable for fighting.

His main duty was the transportation of people and goods.


Kyuu? quietly cried the flying dragon while the young dragon knight continued his monologue to his partner hanging his head down.

“It seems to be the adventurer that the Duke has a contract with but… it’s said that my predecessor, due to making him unhappy was demoted to a remote region… Even though I finally became a high salary earner working in the capital… Uuuu… Will I be alright…”


That adventurer were still young but, he was a famous adventurer who had received numerous achievements. The adventurer had the position as protege of the duke who is the right hand man of the King of Rabando and, offending him will immediately be told to that duke.

His predecessor scorned at the youth of the adventurer, therefore making light of him, incurring anger from the duke, and it is entirely rumoured that he was forced by the duke’s commands to be sent to an area of remote territory.


Staying in Kroix especially for him, and dispatching his flying dragon in order to form a warm reception on sight.

It’s probably proof that the trust the duke has towards him is just that strong.


“! Titi, he’s come…”

My partner responded back with, Kyui.


A black leather trench coat. A magic gauntlet on his left arm. A young man with a long sword hanging from his waist was walking towards this direction out of Kroix.

The still young dragon knight snaps up straight to greet him.

This adventurer, even against his partner Titi, has enough ability to slay it in a single stroke.

Although dragons are not a very warlike species. Despite that the normal strategy is for normal adventurers to form a team to kill them.


“From the order of his highness Duke Eldishtett, I have come to welcome you!”

“Ah. Dale Reki”

The youth responded with a low and quiet voice and looked at the dragon knight and his partner with a calm looking expression. Seeing he is even younger than himself, the dragon knight gulped and swallowed his saliva at the presence that he can never ever reach.


“Over here please”

Guiding him to the saddle attached to Titi’s back, firmly fixing onto it the luggage he was holding.

Although the saddle on a flying dragon was much higher than the one’s on horses, his posture was not broken and easily climbed onto the saddle. Tightening his belt as if he was used to it, setting up the preparations.

The dragon knight youth too hurriedly went to his own saddles and gripped the reins. These reins were made from a special material allowing for easier delivery of a dragon knight’s magic. Using the grip of the reins to tell his intentions to the dragon. On the other hand, the dragon’s thoughts are also passed through the reins to the dragon knight. It’s the most important equipment to a dragon knight.


“Let’s go Titi”

Saying a short sound, transferring the magic power, Titi opened her wings. ‘Gurururu’,  raising her peculiar grumblings, gathering the surrounding wind magic.

Dragons, hold special characteristics of a heavenly race, and the flying dragon which specialised in cladding itself with wind magic to fly, with one flap of those wings, the huge body floated in the air.

The second flap raises them above the skies, with the third, they began the flight towards the imperial capital.


Moving on the road above ground heading to the imperial capital, would probably take a horse around three days.

However, if it’s the speed of a flying dragon then with half a day they’ll reach the imperial capital.

This is the reason those with the aptitude for dragon knights can get high pay for their work.

However, the method for raising flying dragons and the method of maintenance for the reins and the specialised equipment are held with large authority of the country. There doesn’t exist anyone with their own <Flying Dragon Ride>. For the sake of riding flying dragons, there is no other choice other than serving for the country.


(Uuuu…. awkward…)

Kyui? cried Titi. It seems she’s worried for him as he is acting different from normal.

On top of the back of the dragon, it was extremely calm, unlike the surrounding whirlpool of wind magic. Like it was the eye of a typhoon.

The gentle breeze felt comfortable to his sweaty brows.

(Are we just going, to keep flying silently, like this… but, it’s awkward…)

At the presence of the one on the back, he remembered he was thirsty.

The young dragon knight got down from his saddle and brought out that as usual, skillfully using one hand to eat the contents.

Just like that he skillfully handed it behind him, there was no particularly meaningful reason for this.

If he was able to think of a meaningful reason for it, then right now he wasn’t using his head.


“If you would like, would you like to have some?”

“…A candy drop?”

I froze just like that at his quiet voice


(It’s oveeerrrr!)

To him, his biggest taboo is being looked down on because of his age.


The dragon knight, he, while his smile cramped up — without even realising that he couldn’t see the face of the person he was facing — repeated to himself, ‘Let’s change this situation for the better’.

“Right now, this is the most talked about item in the capital! The flavours change depending on all the colours. And look, up till now there hasn’t ever been a candy which is multicoloured and aren’t the colours brilliant! It’s like a jewel, an item which is popular from the masses to royalty!”

The bottle disappeared from his hand.

As if it seems like he held an interest in it for now, he (the dragon knight) says even more rigorously.

“That bottle too, isn’t it an exquisite work? It seems like females and even kids put small things into the empty bottles! Even for size, there are various sizes from large to small, and it’s very handy even as a small gift”


He was desperate, as if he had become the salesman for the candy shop. If he turned around right now, what would he see.


(Speaking of which, it seems Latina has never eaten candy before. The colours are beautiful and it seems like girls like it. Latina, even when we were buying hair accessories, also seemed to chase the more glittery things with her eyes. Even if she’s small, she’s still a girl, she’ll probably also like it. Ah, and on that note, even Latina’s friend is a girl… I wonder if I also need to give her one. Besides…)


At the very least, during the time traveling to the capital after this, he (Dale) understood that he shouldn’t have a need to brace himself to ask people.


If it was him (Dale) from before then he (dragon knight) would’ve stepped on a landmine but.

Now that was not in the mind of the person concerned. Right now, inside his head, he only has enough space to think about that.


Small Latina, under custody at a place where the person concerned has no idea about, there was no one who knows that she saved the future of the youth who only had himself.


(Author notes:

…Huh? …. How strange.

It’s said that Dale-san would think like this from everyone, even though this was supposed to be an episode for describing the place… somehow there’s the usual ‘huh’ feel from it…)

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    — This adventurer, even against his partner Titi, has enough ability to slay it in a single stroke. —
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    — Small Latina, under custody at a place where the person concerned has no idea about, there was no one who knows that she saved the future of the youth who only had himself. —
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  3. This seems so out of the blue. I never got the impression that Dale was so arrogant. At most, he’s been a bit brusque with some of the Ocelot patrons, but then again they are all rough & tough adventurers.


  4. “even Latinas friend is a girl” Defuq ? theres those 3 boys too ???? What? they didnt even get friendzoned.. They are completly forgotten about ? Must be hard being boys noone gives a hoot about :p. Poor them.

    Also, If I understood this chapter right, Dale was previously an asshole ? But now has settled down a bit after having some responsibility ?


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