UchiMusume – Chapter 17

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Youth, Returning Home.


“Finally, I can go home!”

At the residence of Duke Eldishtett, a war cry was raised a certain day after a little over half a month had passed since he had left Kroix.


“I’m leaving, leaving right now! Prepare a flying dragon for me to go home right now! Latina is waiting for me!”

“For the time being, showing up at tonight’s banquet is also part of the “job”.”

“Noooo~oooo! I w a n n a g o h o m e!!”

“…. Is it fine not to go over the present list that the maid has prepared for you? She’s gather all that have been a topic of talk recently here. Wasn’t it that there was no meaning unless you choose by yourself?”

“Right! I wonder if Latina will be happy”

Towards Dale who easily changes his expression, Gregor didn’t even tremble a bit.


He had already got used to it this past half a month.

He gave up.


For the sake of subjugating the households of the “Seven Demon Kings”, during the time when he headed towards the mountainous region on the outskirts of Aosbrick with the select few included with Dale and Gregor, he was like this from start to finish.

Of course, in battle or tense situations, Dale, just like before, revealed his appearance as an elite adventurer. There wasn’t any problems either with how he works.

It was just that during this period, with that no good manner, the others were repulsed by him.

It was spastic. It was probably him relieving stress. As a friend, he wants to give him a favourable interpretation like that at least. –is what Gregor who has become “Dale Duty” thinks.


In the subjugation of the “Demon King’s” household, even the few elite who went had a single reason. Adventurers form the main body of the subjugation, which is the same as the national army not having to move.

Because if the country’s main troops were to be the lead force then, it was the same as declaring war against the “Demon King”.

To the other “Country” which had expressed their hostility, the “Demon King” would head to exterminate them with all his strength as well. Given that the “Fellow Demon Kings” are completely separate existences, it wouldn’t become a common front but, even in the condition of fighting just one “Demon King”, the country would end up having to make a lot of sacrifices.

For the sake of keeping risk as minimal as possible, and dealing with the threat of the “Demon King”, an ambush from a small group of unknown origin — basically achieving the effect of an assassination.


Even though Gregor was a person of the Duke’s house, he isn’t formally enrolled in the military and with the front working as a semi-adventurer, he even has those tasks to deal with.


In the meantime, stopping Dale who wasn’t done putting mountains of souvenirs onto the flying dragon, was Gregor’s “job” this time.



“That’s the first thing you say?”

Throwing open the door of “Dancing Ocelot”, Dale yelled with a face full of joy. Taking a glance at his actions after half a month, Rita was astonished.

No, it might have become even worse than half a month before.

“Oh what, it’s just Rita. Where’s Latina?”

“If it’s Latina, then she’s inside with Kenneth”

When Rita replied as such, he noticed a turbulence on the surface. Suddenly, from inside the person herself showed her face.

Paaaaa~, turning into a brilliant bright smile, coming rushing over.

“Dale! Welcome homee–!”

Bouncing to hug him, Dale caught her in his arms, face full of smiles as well.

Compared to half a month ago, seeing that she’s a great deal plumper and having childlike features, Latina was even cuter than the one in Dale’s memories.


“I’m home Latina! You were so brave, house-sitting. Were you lonely, I’m sorry. I was lonely too”

“Latina was lonely. But happy Dale came home safe and sound. Welcome home”

“Ahhh~ …. as expected, Latina is my comfort….”

Being tightly hugged by Dale, towards the cheerfully smiling Latina’s words, Dale earnestly mumbled with all of feelings.

(I, did my best)

This is my reward for doing my best.


“So Latina, the souvenirs…”

“Dale, wait a little bit”


Dale, wanting to excitedly announce her souvenirs, having Latina leave him so readily, terrified him.

Looking towards Latina who rushed back to Kenneth’s side, tottotto, he followed with his eyes stricken with grief and despair until she vanished. He muttered with unfocused empty eyes.

“Ha….half a month was, too long huh…. fufufu…. if I eliminate all the demons, in this world, quickly, from now on…. I might be able to live with Latina without leaving her….”

“You, are quite tired, ne”

Noticing that he’s eccentricities are due to his fatigue, as you would expect, even Rita would show some sympathy.

“….Latina too, tried her absolute best. … Even though we said that if she was feeling lonely sleeping by herself she could come to our room, she said that “Dale’s room is better”. She said that “I can feel safe with Dale’s scent”

“….Latina, she’s alright? Nothing happened?”

“Well. She seemed lonely. But still, it seems that she mostly recovered having made a goal.”


While he was listening to how Latina was when he wasn’t here and the recent situations in Kroix, Latina came back from the kitchen.

In her hands she was holding a tray firmly, on top was a place of a magnificent Shepherd’s Pie, with piping hot steam raising from the grilled surface, vibrant fruits cut into cubes and a dancing jelly was shaking.


“Dale, Latina made this. I did my best, wanting Dale to eat this”

“La….Latina made this?”

“I did my best”

Receiving the tray with trembling hands from Latina who was smiling proudly, Dale, yelled overwhelmed by emotions.

“This is too precious, I can’t eat it…!”

“No, just eat it”


Even after half a month, Rita’s rebuttals were going strong.


“By the way, Dale. During your absence, a grave reality had come to light”


In front of Dale who was sitting down next to the cheerfully smiling Latina savouring the pie and dessert that she made with all her might, Kenneth started talking with a grave tone.

“It’s because of the thing I heard from Latina’s friend, Chloe, the other day. “From this spring forward we are going to go to school, are you going Latina?””


“Chloe and Marcel too. Everyone says they’re going. Because everyone’s the same age”

Latina says as he looks at Dale, thinking about her friends. They were a little older than Latina but, he recognised that they cared for the young Latina.

“Latina is the same age so, are you going? is what I heard”



“No, that’s what it seems like”

Dale sent a gaze to Kenneth asking for an explanation and Kenneth nodded, umu.

“….Latina, next month, that’s the month you were born right?”


“Really!? Don’t I have to prepare a present then!”

“….Tell Dale as well, how old you’re turning”

“Hn? Eight”


Why did they ask such a thing? with a nod. Latina tilts her head.

Dale froze for a moment unable to speak.

To that reaction, Kenneth nods, un un.


“….Latina, right now, you’re seven?”

“Hn? Yup. Latina seven”

“….so small, Latina….”

“That’s true. So small”

“Latina small?”

I thought she was five or six. Which was why Latina was as small as she is.

However now that you mention it, Latina’s speech and conduct were proper to an unthinkable extent. Her childish speech is probably only because she has just begun to learn the language, and her grammar as well as vocabulary can’t be used as she pleases.

Soon she’ll be eight. There’s quite a big difference for children of this age in the next one or two years.

The adults acknowledged that their own prerequisites have been wrong.

“….She’s a <Demon Race> so, her growth is slower?”

“I thought of that and tried asking the guests but it seems that during childhood <Demon Race> and <Us> have virtually no difference in our growth rates. They say that they stop growing once they mature, and is a race with a long period of adulthood.”

“….I wonder if… Latina is smaller”

“She’s only smaller”



Towards the adults who were looking at her earnestly and seem mystified from the bottom of their hearts, Latina once again koten, and tilted her head.


(Authors notes: Thank you for continuing to read as always.

Once again the usual antics of the usual Dale-san)

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