Ryouriban – Chapter 26

13, Promise and Potato Chips


The magic of snacks is strong.

The allure of Junk food is amazing and even if you understand how chips taste like, you end up addicted just eating it.

Someone who can win against that allure doesn’t exist.

Non-existent, I say!

From the glooms of the jail, Shuri wishes to send his regards.

The darkness Gann-san carries. I wonder what that is.

Truthfully speaking, seeing that I’ve received his favour up to now, I think I want to do something for him but….

I heavily acknowledge that for someone I know to this degree, there are matters which I can force myself into and there are matters which can not.

That’s why, right now we are just friendly.

However, above all I pray that I can hear about how Ganglabe-san and the others are.


“Oi, you said something about cooking something delicious right?”


Towards someone like me, Gann-san went and brought the oil and potatoes.

This man, is he even interested in doing his job?


“Can you make it with this?”


The ingredients have been gathered but…


“I said I can make it so I can”

“Then, make it”

“But, what happened? Why are you so energized all of a sudden?”


So yesterday’s, as well as telling me to cook today again, what a strange person.

After all I am a criminal you know? Even though I haven’t committed a single crime.


“You see. In order to eat your food, I’ve had to suppress my alcohol consumption.

Especially that clam made with alcohol. Even if I copy you I can’t make very well but, after eating that, I can’t be satisfied with ordinary alcohol.

As a result, I’m able to suppress my alcohol. Basically, your cooking is the most appropriate to fix up my body.

And besides it’s even fun. It’s fun to think what kind of different foods you’ll be cooking up this time.”


Ahh, he’s looking forward to my cooking so much, this is more blessing than a cook deserves.


“What, you seem happy”

“Of course I’ll be happy if you say something like that to me.

A dish to respond to your expectations… no, I’ll make a side dish”

“Side dish?”

“This time it’s a simple dish which you can eat at a food stand.

I can make it with salt, oil and potatoes”


Now then, let’s make it.

The alluring junk food, Potato Chips!


The procedure is simple.

First, cut the potatoes into very thin slices.

It’s no good if it’s too thick. Nor if it’s scattered. In accordance with the flames, it’s ideal to rotate it uniformly in the oil’s heat.

It would be simple to use a large slicer and cut it quickly but jail isn’t a place where such convenience is. I mean, since Gann-san brings food here it’s no different from normal? Rather than that, this is another world right….

Now then, after the oil has heated up, I throw in the thinly cut potato slices.

After it raises….


“Excuse me, do you have something like a wire mesh?”

“Wire mesh?”

“No, a tool to drain the oil….”

“I think I had something like that so I brought this”


What Gann-san brought out was a wire mesh to grill fish with.


“Why something like this?”

“No well, I totally thought that the potato would be a delicious grilled dish”

“Well, it’s just right”


Raising the floating potato chips onto the mesh, the oil drops down.

I only realise the usefulness of paper towels at a time like this.


“It’s finished. After you can complete it by sprinkling salt”

“Eh? Just this?”

“Please try some”


Gann-san reluctantly picked one up and ate it.


“….Oh~, it’s pretty good”


“Ouu, it’s good”


While he says that, he can’t stop moving his hands.



“What is it?”

“This, I can’t stop eating.

It’s salty and crispy. Even though that’s all it is, why can’t I stop eating?!”


Kukuku, this! This is the magic of junk food!


“It’s delicious right?”

“Ahh, savouring it well, the taste of the appetizing potato and salt is just right.

Furthermore no matter if I chew it or eat it, there’s an aftertaste. Even after the taste remains, you want to eat more. Doing so, the leftover aftertaste becomes more appealing and you eat it again.

What a thing to eat! It’s probably delicious because it’s fresh but, this is amazing!”


Ain’t that right.


“This is delicious even when it’s cold”


“Like I said, selling it freshly cooked at a food stand or, making large amounts of it, then filling them in bags to sell.

There are various ways to do this”


“And then, you can spread some cheese or lay some seaweed on it, the variations are plentiful”


Gann-san was so shocked he’s stiffening up but, this is normal in Japan.

Like Pizza Chips etc. That’s really tasty.


“I can’t believe it, you know such a sales method that by using one potato you can become a billionaire….”

“It’s not that exaggerated!”


As if you can become a billionaire with just this!


“Well let’s eat for now?”

“Let’s. But I seriously can’t stop eating this”



Two of them crispy. Holding it crispy.

After that, they ate until there were no more potatoes.

Incidentally, there was no way he was going to give birth to another Riru-san (Junkie) so he made him eat in moderation.


(TL: Homemade Potato Chips)

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28 thoughts on “Ryouriban – Chapter 26

    • She’s gone past “bloodthirsty” into “hamburgtasty”, the advanced version of “bloodthirsty”. In bloodthirsty, you only cut and kill people. In “hamburgtasty” people start looking like hamburg steaks and the person attacks you with a fork and knife while drooling before chewing you into well tenderized pieces and swallowing. More fearsome is the pre-attack “soy sauce” move where the target gets soy sauce poured on them before the attack. Once you have soy sauce poured on you, the “hamburgtasty” person will never ever stop hunting you down by the smell of the soy sauce. The only person known to have survived only managed by throwing a real hamburg steak at the starving loli.


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    • And I can imagine she will destroy the whole city while laughing like a maniac, if someone say that shuri will be back and make hamburg steak if she do that.

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  1. Shuri should have enlightened the guard to the way of the potato chips.
    Every practitioners of the way knows that one of the profound truths of enjoying potato chips is to not eat it in moderation. More importantly, one needs to at least master the basic profound technique that would bring the best experience of eating potato chips.
    Firstly, if you are an expert, having the potato chips placed in a bag beforehand, preferably with it’s open end facing towards you, would greatly improve your rate of cultivation.
    The first step of the basic profound technique is to say “I shall take this potato chip….” and make an over-dramatic and swift motion to grab a potato chip.
    Next, finish your hanging statement with “…And eat it!” then, with the potato chip in hand, perform a horizontal swiping motion close to your mouth and take a bite at the precise moment when the potato chip is in front of your mouth.

    Refer to master Light Yagami’s instructional video on eating potato chips to maximize your experience

    Thank you for the chapter. If you read the nonsense above and is a master on the ways of potato chips enjoyment, please kindly give this “Lower Rank Russet Potato” guidance towards the profound truths of eating potato chips. Cheers ^^

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    • ashax, your cultivation level is way too low! In my family, by the time you hit the “I shall..” the words following that would be “hey that was mine, don’t finish off my chips!!!”.

      Don’t talk, just eat as fast as possible 😛

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  2. I’m wondering how he sliced the potato into thin slices without a knife. 🙂

    And if he had one… jailer, you’re supposed to take things like that away from him, not give it to him lol.

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  3. thank you—!
    magic of junk food indeed! ahaha, but those really taste nice, ok—! potato chips! particularly the homemade ones, oh my—….maybe i’ll make some, one of these days…more bonding over food, yes—-! lol, shuri won’t allow for another riru-san!

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