UchiMusume – Chapter 19

Why are there so many mosquitoes dafuq…

Youth, Teaching his small daughter


(Author’s note: This time it’s become like an explanation)


“I see. Latina can use magic”

“Un. But, only one simple healing magic”


At dinner on a certain day, what Dale heard was that regardless of how Latina was only this young, she was able to use magic already.

“Hmmm… I wonder if attack magic is dangerous… but, it’s not like there’s anything to lose learning it for self-defense….”

What he was thinking about as he moaned, was should he teach her attack magic or not.


(If it’s Latina then, she probably wouldn’t hurt someone as a prank…)

Even taking into account the danger, what helped him reach the conclusion that she should be taught, was her 『Single horn』. And besides she’s such a lovely girl. At any moment, he can’t help but be anxious that she might be targeted by some wicked fellow.

If she has the strength to use it then, teaching her ways to protect herself probably also falls under the duty of the “Parent”.


“The healing magic that Latina can use, what attribute is it?”

“Hmm…. It’s the light one”

“The attribute of 『Light』 huh… then the last thing is, do you know of Opposing Attributes or Equal Attributes?”

“Unn. I don’t know” (TL: btw, Un -> yes. Unn -> no, just sound it out)

Even though Latina is shaking her head slightly, Dale was thinking, fumu.


The thing we call magic power is in everything.

However, 『Magic』 is different, firstly you can only use magic that responds to that 『Attribute』. There are seven 『Attributes』. Light, Water, Earth, Dark, Fire, Wind, and Center.

Attributes are called 『One Type Center』 or 『Two Type Opposition』, or 『Three Types Equal』, and apart from the independent system of the Center Attribute, you are born with either Mutual Exact Opposite Attributes or Three Attributes of High Affinity.


In Dale’s case he has, 『Water』, 『Earth』, 『Dark』, amounting to three Attributes.


“Then, it’s about time to investigate that…”

Even systems which depend on attributes can be influenced greatly.

For example even 『Healing Magic』 is like that. Only the magic related to the Attributes of 『Light』, 『Water』, and 『Earth』, are able to use the systems of healing.

And even the same 『Healing』 is different based on their forte, 『Water』 which has a major effect on status conditions and external wounds, 『Earth』 which has a slow efficiency but is effective against fatigue and heavy injuries, and 『Light』 which is good for general uses.


“<Oh Water>”

Not even completing the spell, a short initialising phrase.

However responding to that, on top of Dale’s palm, pale magic power was flickering.


“Understand? Specifying the 『Attribute』 like just now, and if magic power moves then it means you have that attribute. ….. Since Latina is of the 『Demon Race』, there shouldn’t be a problem with the spell language right…”

“Hn? What do you mean?”

Towards Latina who tilted her head in puzzlement, Dale muttered shortly, “Ahh”, and continued his explanation.


“The 『Demon Race』 of Latina’s is called by other 『Races』, 『Natural Born Magicians』.

The reason for that is because the 『Language』 that the 『Demon Race』 uses normally is the same as the 『Spell Language』 which we spin into 『Spell』 in order to change magic power into magic.

In truth, a large majority of 『People』 don’t have the aptitude for that language. They are not even capable to pronouncing the words.

The main premise of 『People who can use magic』, is 『People who can operate the spell language』…. Is it a bit difficult?”

“Hmmm…? Since Latina can speak, I can use magic?”

“Since Latina is of the 『Demon Race』”


Taking Latina’s palm, Dale urges her to 『Initialise』.

One by one the result of the repetition, he understood that Latina is suited to 『Light』 and 『Dark』.



“If you can even use healing magic then, I think you know but. The spell is 『Specifying the attribute』 then, 『Defining your control』 then 『Defining the phenomenon to happen』. After that you announce the 『Name of the phenomenon』 and that’s the process”


Koten, Latina tilted her head in confusion.

Judging from that, she can use magic but, she might not have studied to the theory.

Well that can’t be helped either. I’ve never heard of a young girl like this using magic as 『Normal』.

Although I don’t know whether or not it’s 『Normal』 for the Demon Race.

“When Latina was being taught healing magic, how were you taught?”

“I remembered it all. And then, I was taught how to use magic power.”

“…. Rote learning spells huh… say Latina, can you use your healing magic?”



At Dale’s words, Latina concentrates with a serious face.

Smoothly speaking the spell like it was a song.

“<Oh Heaven becoming Light, From the Origins of my Name Grant my Wish, Please heal the wounded one《Healing Light》>”

Confirming the overflowing and gentle light, Dale let out a sigh.

“It was a beautiful spell style. Even though there were no support tools, you could still properly control it”

“Really? Latina can do it?”

“Ahh. Latina is awesome”


Dale mutters that and opens that textbook he used to use in the past.

Flipping through the pages, skimming across with his eyes, and found the entry he was looking for.

“Then, then let’s do the theory a little later… Let’s simply try rote learning several composite magics of 『Dark』 and 『Light and Dark』.”


As expected for 『Demon Race』, being their original mother tongue, Latina was more well versed in the 『Spell Language』.

Even Dale who was supposed to be teaching her, would ask her to find vocabulary he didn’t know every now and then.


“Since spells are a language. Repeatedly expressing the originally lengthy and large vocabulary, it becomes a powerful magic. Although the amount of magic power that uses and the control will become difficult too”


“Ahh. The <《Healing Light》> that Latina used previously too, was simple…. For example, it’ll even activate with <Oh Light, On the commands of thy name, heal wounds 《Healing Light》>. If it’s just a scratch then that’s enough. The magic power consumption would be much less as well”

“If it becomes longer, can it heal, larger wounds?”

“Well because the control becomes more difficult…. I think it might work with support tools”


Magicians make use of items like staffs and rings because they are support tools loaded with techniques to control.

As long as the control is precise, even the consumption of magic power, even the designation of the scope, can achieve the maximum effect under the smallest cost.


A powerful attack magic the likes of which can mow down a large area exists and in theory it’s possible there are spells which can burn a large army to the ground in one attack.

However, for that sake adding on the enormous consumption of magic power, it’ll also seek the ability to control that. Furthermore, it becomes that a tedious aria is needed. It isn’t really suitable for actual combat.


Reciting an entire saga on the battlefield. Speaking of which, no matter how unrealistic it is, it’s probably easy to imagine.


Fundamentally Magicians have become the roles of either attacking with a simple form of moves or while being protected in the rear, use appropriate magics there and support the front lines.


“But Dale. Latina has never seen a 『magic tool』”

“Because the 『Demon Race』 is a race of recluses, they rarely socialises with other 『Races』. 『We』 too, pretty much known nothing concerning the customs of the 『Demon Race』”

Dale continued after such an introduction.

“『Magic Tools』 have nothing to do with people who can’t use magic and attributes, it’s a tool made so that anyone can handle magic power. And to make 『Magic Tools』, is exactly the race specialty of the 『Human Race』, the ability to 『Enchant』.”


Just like how all of 『Demon Race』 can handle magic, each 『Race』 has their own so called 『Race Specialty』.

Having wings on their backs 『Winged Race』 are able to fly, their bodies covered with scales 『Fish Race』 are able to breathe in the water, these are 『Race Specialties』 as well.


The 『Human Race』 not having any major trait in their physical bodies themselves, this race’s abilities were used to make tools.


“Because it’s the special product of the 『Human Race』, so it doesn’t exist in non-social places. Well, that’s how it is”

“Even though it’s so convenient. I wonder why the 『Demon Race』 doesn’t become friendly with other people”

“….True. I wonder why”


Knowing one of the reasons Dale held his tongue.

Those reclusive races have a certain tendency.


— He would regret this decision in the future.


(Author’s note: It was the necessary time for Latina to learn magic but…. there’s still a lot of explanations huh…

It’s hard to do it just right….

In a 『Sword and Magic Fantasy World』, in order for magic to not become overpowered, I’ve established rules ahead of time. Well, that’s how it is.

For me, even not using magic, a vanguard who only uses sword techniques is something I like too)

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  1. Wow two chapters! Awesome!!

    — He would regret this decision in the future.

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  5. So he will regret teaching her magic in the future ? Heh like I was thinking last chapter, A mob will form and try to lynch her once word gets out shes a horned demon living in town <.< Is a big possibility.


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