UchiMusume – Chapter 20

Translating gets harder and harder… is my eigo deproving desu ka? cause like improving but decreasing… :v
Edit: Thanks Eliss for correcting my understanding (1 year has 14 months)

Young Girl, A Certain Summer Day


Latina’s birthday was during the sixth month.

There are seven pillars of god which govern this world, and in this world where a large majority of laws are represented in sevens, even years are split into seven associated cycles. In other words one year, which is until the seasons rotates back, is split into seven times two, fourteen periods which makes one month.

A single day too is split into fourteen intersections, and these are an imitations of the god’s names being called, Hour of Maru or Hour of Segi etc.

『Surface』 is the called the same as noon time, and 『Under』 is called the same as the night time.

Dawn is called 『Surface Hour of Maru』, Sunset 『Under Hour of Maru』, Twilight 『Surface Hour of Segi』, and Before Sunrise seems to be 『Under Hour of Segi』.

(TL: So basically describing time and stuffs. One year has 14 months. One day has fourteen hours, each represented by the seven gods twice, sort of like am and pm, in case you were confused(i mean i was))


Latina’s birthday celebrations was entrusted to Chloe’s house.

Her house was a tailor and although their shop cannot maintain their subcontract work, their skill is certified. So they placed an order at their shop her family ran on the main street.

This is because Latina was interested in the clothes making process.

It seemed like she asked Chloe to see how her own clothes were made and frequently went to watch.


In the process, Latina picked up the basics of how to hold a needle.


Dale was disheartened that Latina had troubled Chloe’s family to such an extent, and gave his greetings holding a gift in one hand slightly flustered.

But Chloe’s mother laughed and said,

“When my child is together with Latina-chan then, she’ll try her best to show off her good side. Even though her head isn’t bad, she’s fickle and won’t study properly. I should be the one thanking you.”


A light pink one piece that goes well with Latina, decorated with flower embroideries here and there.

When she had finished making such a bright and sunny dress, Kroix  was welcoming the summer.


“<Oh Black Darkness, Grant Thy Wish by the Origin of Thy Name, Steal away the heat, Lower the Temperatures《Temperature Reduction》>”

Making a small noise, paki paki, the bowl in front of Latina froze. After making sure of it, she started mixing the contents with the spatula in her hands.

Since the so called act of making ice is a compound magic of 『Dark and Water』, Latina who doesn’t have the water attribute couldn’t make it but, the act of lowering the temperature to let it freeze is just the 『Dark』 attribute which she could do.

In her own easy to do way, she was introducing magic into her life so that she can fix and at least command the language that Dale had simplified and taught her.


Once Summer came, the thing that Latina liked to make the most was variations of ice.

Things like Sherbet or Ice cream, she was using various ingredients to make something new every day. Of course, the recipe was taught by Kenneth.

When it comes to him making himself, he uses a magic tool, and it’s a process which requires some time but, if it’s Latina then it can be done in an instant with magic.

It can be said that magicians are suited for cooking.

Although normal 『Magicians』, won’t take on requests like those.


Repeating the process of mixing and freezing countless times, when she finished the soft and fluffy sherbet that she was aiming for, Latina cheerfully took it into the store.

“Rita, thank you for working. Take a break ok”

“Thank you, Latina”

In her usual spot at the counter handling documents and fights, Rita was exhausted by the heat. The wind doesn’t always blow in even when the windows and doors are left open.

Furthermore the type of customers, were a bunch of men which made it twice as hot just  looking at them. Even Rita who had been in this business for a long time says it’s a tough time.

Eating the icy dessert of Latina quality, Rita looked as if she was genuinely happy.

“Ahh…. delicious. Even when I ask Kenneth, he’ll only make it once in awhile. Thank you, Latina. It’s really good.”

“You’re welcome”

Taking a bite from her own, Latina also smiled at that.

“But you know. The one Kenneth makes taste better. I wonder why”

“Because Kenneth can’t lose to Latina yet, right”

Muu. At Latina’s unwilling looking expression, Rita answers as she laughs.

“Kenneth is also trying his best you know?”


Latina seemed curious towards Rita’s words but until Latina had come to this shop, the types of desserts Kenneth could make was pretty much non-existent.

Nowadays, his repertoire is so large it’s seems like he can even open up a small dessert shop, and his wife Rita knows that he has been diligently developing new recipes, working hard for Latina’s sake.


“What did you eat, back in Latina’s hometown?”

“Hnn? Things like <***> or, <******>”

“….Umm…. how did they taste?”

“Um, well… there wasn’t much taste. Since it was just that, I was surprised at Kenneth’s meals. There’s a lot, and it’s heaps good”

Not noticing that Rita had become speechless, Latina smiled happily.

“That’s why you know, Latina. Latina wants to be able to make yummy meals. Yummy meals is definitely happiness”


“Wearing a black longcoat in this season, every year I’ll think ‘seriously am I an idiot?’ ”

“That, try saying that in front of that heavy soldier with the full plate armour”

Coming back early to the 『Dancing Ocelot』, Kenneth let out an astonished voice as he ordinarily poured a glass of cold water to the completely exhausted Dale.

Dale’s coat is filled with magic power, and in addition to being lighted to normal armours, it surpassed them in defense. Wearing it together with the tunic which was knitted with a material that can’t be cut by blades, it was an excellent armour, enough to protect his body.

However, even then, it’s hot in the summertime. Hot things are hot.


“Dale, welcome back. Eat it, it’s cold”

“Yea. I’m back Latina. Thanks”

Effortlessly retracting his pouting expression just now, Dale looks on with a smile. Latina placed the ice onto the tray.

“….Recently, Latina, you’ve been making this a lot but, you’re not tired from over using your magic are you?”

Dale asks as he takes the bowl and Latina nods deeply.

“It’s alright. After doing it a few times, working only on the uncertain parts, I understood how to do it”

“…Is that so”

Kenneth was suspicious at him, who was looking at Latina different to normal, a serious look was on his face.

“Dale, what’s wrong?”

“No… I was just wondering about the 『Demon Race』, if they are all so excellent with their magic power control…. It’s as if Latina is already a master in scope specification.”

“…Is it something that amazing?”

“The kid hasn’t even studied theory you know? After she had practised it, with what she comprehended, she’s optimising it’s magic power and strength and squeezing out the effective range of the magic to its limits …It’s true that the of the 『things she can do』, the ‘things’ were taught by me but, there’s no way I taught her how to use it”

As Kenneth stared fixedly at Latina, she returned the look slightly confused with her large eyes.

“The spell formation as well, isn’t the simple formation I taught her but a cross made by adapting the healing magic spell formation she had originally known and a delicate technique. Originally, the control load should be bigger though”

“Since Dale taught me, Latina learnt it? Before it was like ‘Paaa~’ and lots of magic power comes out. Now, it’s like ‘Here’ and the magic power used will be just that much. It’s easier now”

“….See, see”

“True. She might have what it take to be a genius. In the first place, Latina could learn anything quickly anyway”

“Is that so?”

At Dale’s reaction, Kenneth made a face like ‘What now’.

“Cooking and cleaning, and now recently, sewing as well. After just being taught once, Latina’s understanding is extremely quick. Rather, the environment where a kid like this who can digest anything couldn’t do anything up until now is the strange thing”



“I mean isn’t that right? Someone like Latina who can learn at this pace, why is it that until now, she has no traces of having learnt magic or household chores? Since it’s this kid where, 『It’s not strange if she can do it even if she wasn’t taught』.

No matter how different their race is, there probably wouldn’t be such a large difference in this”


“Well I guess…”


Koten. Towards Latina who was tilting her head as always, the adults were piling on their assumptions.

“Well, it’s about whether you were in an environment where you weren’t taught anything, or whether you didn’t do anything and were in a good environment…”

“Hn? About Latina?”

“Yea. ….In the place where Latina was born, were you not taught anything like this?”

“Hnn…. Well Latina. Hadn’t decided. Back then”

Latina came back at them with a slightly vague answer, and this time it was the adults who were tilting their heads.

“What have you 『not decided』?”

“Latina doesn’t really know either. But you see… Unn. Latina doesn’t know anything.”

She presses both hands against her mouth and shook her head.


It seemed like she was about to say something but, since she ended up withholding her tongue, Kenneth and Dale met eyes, both knowing that Latina probably won’t say anymore than this.

This little kid, despite looking like this, she’s quite stubborn.


(Author’s note: Summer ends just like that, despite the fact that I’ve not having eaten any snow cones/shaved ice) (TL: or whatever you people call it)

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  2. Thanks for the chapter! A place where one is not taught anything or has to do anything themselves when they are of a young age? Nobility, no doubt about it. Seeing as how well mannered she is, that’s likely etiquette training right there.

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  3. Waaaaait, so a year is 98 days, and a day is 14 hours…. Do they have a significantly lower lifespan than us or is it eviquated? Because, based on my calculations… With an average human lifespan of 70 years on our planet, they’d live for either 447 of their own years. However, if the shoe is on the other foot, then they’d live for only…. 18 of our planet’s years.

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  4. Hello, seems like you’re having trouble with this line.
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  7. Ah, so shes hiding something “intentionally” or its her crime. I’ve already figured out shes a fallen noble. Probably had maid do stuff for her. Remember when she was bathing she was getting agitated at Dale undressing her for the bath. That was one of the few early hints.


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