UchiMusume – Chapter 23

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Youth, Monster < Parent and Change (Second Half)

(Author’s note: second half desu)


Pale, Latina laid on the bed, her complexion fading.

She tried to regain consciousness but, somewhere in her hollow, lifeless eyes, they slowly move towards a person’s presence.

At the sight of him out of breath, coming running, her grey eyes flickers.


And what she called out with a hoarse voice, was his name.

『Indigo God(Nili)’s』 Shrine governs 『Life and Death』. Because of that, it became an organisation researching medical technology, pathology, and pharmaceuticals and such. Again, using the results of that research, by establishing a medical centre, even the townspeople are returning.


Latina was carried into the medical center because of Kenneth. It was also lucky that there was nothing wrong with her body. He was told that the initial treatment, as well as finding her early was good.

If it wasn’t for that, then even for the 『Demon Race』 who are said to be tough, with so much bleeding coming out from such a small body, there’s no way she would be alright.


“Latina…. why did you… such a thing….”


As he mutters with a trembling voice, Dale slides his hand across Latina’s cheek, and she scrunched up her face.

“Uu….. Uah….. Aa….”

Letting out an unrecognisable voice, her tears falling like a flood.

“Latina…. does it hurt?”

There was no need to answer with an anxious voice.

She put all her strength into gripping Dale’s hand tightly, sobbing.

Shaking her head as if she was refusing.


“I don’t want it….. I don’t want it…..”

What he heard in between her cries, was that kind of wail.


“I don’t want it, a 『Demon』’s symbol, something like that…. Latina, 『Horns』 and such, it’s better if i didn’t have them!”


At this time, Dale was perplexed at Latina’s words as he had still not found out what had happened to her.

However, at Latina’s unusual appearance, he warns his inner heart that he must not carelessly scold her.


“Latina…. Latina. What’s wrong? What happened?”

“I don’t want it…. why, is it? Why is Latina a 『Demon』? Even though Latina can’t live at the 『Demon』’s place…. even though the 『Demons』 didn’t want Latina…. even though the ones who cared about Latina, who said Latina could stay was 『Humans (Everyone)』….”

(TL: Side note, just in case people don’t know, sometimes Japanese words have a different meaning/saying to their original in which the author writes a new version on top of the word which I will represent in italic brackets)


It was a first, Latina looking this confused.

The things she tended to hide in front of Dale, her true feelings and complaints, Latina’s sorrowful screams resound within the hospital room.


“Why, is only Latina’s time, different?

Even after everyone’s dead, only Latina…. being left by myself, I don’t want tooo…..”


At those words, Dale guessed that Latina found out about something.

He had a hunch that she found out about the 『The length of time determined at birth』, the so called difference of life span between 『Demons』 and 『Humans』.


“I don’t want tooo…. nooo…. Latina, why, why….? It would’ve been better if I wasn’t a 『Demon』


Not being able to be with everybody, I don’t want thaaat…..

Even though I don’t want to be alone anymore…. Only Latina, gets left behind, even though I don’t want that anymore


Even though I want to be with Dale, my friends, always…..

During the time everyone’s not here, I’ll be alone, I don’t want that anymoooree….”


— The thing that had hurt Latina, made her despair, was not 『evil intention』 which had been directed towards her.

It was the『truth』 — The unchangeable 『truth』 of the 『Difference between races』.


Dale, had not informed to Latina this 『truth』 before.

— Amongst the 『People Races』, the common features that of the 『Races』 that tend to be 『Unsociable』 is their 『Longevity』. Yes.

(TL: 『人族』の中で『閉鎖的』な傾向のある『種族』の共通点は、『長寿種』であること)

By having the length of time of life to be different, it means there’s a large difference in their values and this births a gap.

『A Human’s 10 Years』 and 『A Demon’s 10 Years』, have different worth as well as time experienced.

In addition to the absolute value of the things they originally have being different, it’s also difficult to compromise.


“Latina… I’m sorry…..”

Not even Dale could decide if he should apologize but, those were the words which immediately rushed out from his mouth.


Holding the sobbing Latina into his arms, he hugs her tightly.

Latina’s soft hair gathers at her cheek, he brushed gently at her 『Wound Opening』, which still had small traces of blood, with his fingertip.


“You were in pain, I’m so sorry, Latina….”


He awkwardly, but gently, caresses her back.

So that he could even slightly comfort the pain of the young girl, who was crying with all her strength, as if even breathing was tough.


— And then, after that, Dale found out what had happened to Latina.

Because he postponed it himself, she was thrust with the 『Truth』, the difference between races, with the 『Worst possible timing』.

What she had hurt herself with, was the attack magic that he had taught her. — Latina, concentrates at only one point with her uniquely excellent control skill, and with the might of her attack magic which could only be considered as showing off, splendidly broke off her 『Horn』.

–That truth.


–Which is why, this is half, an outburst of anger.

Because even Dale 『Himself』 was embracing the irritation and revolt.


As he thinks that, he shifted his attention to the aging female priest who was wiping away her sweat in front of him.

He made a 『Smile』 which even he knew was cold-hearted.

“I hear from the rumours that, even in 『The district you were in before』, a similar 『Incident』 had happened.”

The priest’s complexion got increasingly worse.

It was information that the people of this district(Kroix) shouldn’t know. It’s understandable.

However, it was information that 『The expert』 Rita, had came up with in her investigations for Latina’s sake.

Who had turned into their enemy. It’ll be troubling if he doesn’t engrave it to his heart a bit more. (TL: もう少し、肝に命じて貰わねば困る)


“Was the incident brought up with an 『Fairy Race(Elf)』 or something? If I recall, the exchange between 『Elves』 in that district is deep, the main industry of that district should’ve been the sightseeing business with the 『Elf’s』 『Songs』 as their landmark? I hear that it became a mess such that the 『Elves』 boycotted their public performances.”


Which is why in panic, she was changed assignments to the far away district of Kroix.

Because she couldn’t stay in that district.

And then due to the unexpected personnel change, even the 『Shrine of Asfaru』 in the district of Kroix fell into chaos.

That was also the reason Latina and the other’s teacher in charge changed.

In order to appease the uproar in 『that district』, a high ranking priest of Kroix was sent over there as a substitute. In order to fill in that hole, the priest who was in charge of Latina and the others, took over that responsibility.


Even the people of the Shrine, never would’ve thought that immediately following that big mess, after she transferred, something similar would happen.

However, the person herself completely believes that 『her own principles aren’t wrong』. Not even reflecting on her actions. The reason why is because 『The ones who are wrong, are the people around her who are censoring her』.


“I request the 『Right』 to exercise my Divine Protection”

“That is….”

His request was an 『Authority』 recognised by a high rank priest. Any god’s priest is able to carry it out with any god’s priest.

(TL:  彼の要求は、高位神官に認められた『権限』だった。どの神の神官が、どの神の神官相手に行うことも、可能とされている。)

It’s the biggest reason that he’ll come in carrying something like a 『Holy Seal』 in his hand today.

She gulps at the words Dale solemnly told her.

“It’s not that I don’t understand the feeling of wanting to protect your 『members of the same organisation』, you know. But still, if you continue to protect the coworker who had made such a big mess of things then, I think you have that much resolve right”

Dale warns her along with a sharp glance and, continued once again.

“If you do not accept then, I’ll go until making a request through 『Red God(Ahmar)’s』 Shrine. Once it comes to that, I think that you guys who had tolerated this whilst knowing the whole sequence of truths, will have your responsibilities questioned though”


『Ahmar』 is the god of war, as well as the god who governs over conciliation and judgement.

That Shrine is above every land’s law and authority, an organisation dedicated to bring down 『Judgement』.

Over there they bring down the 『Appropriate Judgement』 mercilessly.


To those who are self-conscious of their own faults, it has the same meaning as a death sentence.


–If you don’t want a large amount of people to be punished through collective responsibility then, obediently fire the idiot, let her take responsibility for it–

If what Dale did was to be expressed a few words then, it would be that.



–At that time, Dale said, holding the sobbing Latina closely.


“….But you know, Latina. Even if we were the same, 『Humans』. I would still, definitely, die before Latina.

….. I’m older than you and, I’m working a 『Job』 where it wouldn’t be strange when I die.”


At the words she never asked for, Latina struggled violently.

In order to refute his words, in order to not want to acknowledge them, she shakes her head furiously, crying loudly similar to shrieking.

Dale held Latina tightly in his arms, who was shouting 『No』 with her entire body.

So that she doesn’t run away, he grabs hold of her arm.


“But you know, Latina. Listen to me. …..Me, meeting you, I think that I was really happy. I think that I was really happy during the limited amount of time that I had spent with you.”

While not losing to her shouting, he tells her his thoughts, saying everything he had to say.


Since he met her, he had welcomed a big transformation in his own life.

He is thankful from the bottom of his heart. The one who gave him this kind, dear time, is without a doubt, because of the small child within her arms.


“I was happy to have met Latina. That, I’ll never regret that. …… Which is why, Latina, please don’t say something like 『it would’ve been better if you didn’t meet』 me…..”


A tear-stained Latina looks up at Dale. Trying to tell him something with a soundless voice. While hiccuping, she shakes her head looking different from before.

“….Tha…..That’s wrong….. La-Latina…..”

Coughing over and over again, she spoke while gasping for breath.

“Meeting, Dale…. I was happy….. Really, really….”


“Thank you. Latina. ….If you cry like this because of how hard 『separation』 would be then, don’t you agree that means that we, are important existences to you? I am happy too, I think”

“……Un. Dale is, Latina’s special, nano…..That’s how it is…..”


After I landed a kiss on Latina’s crying face, she made a surprised face.


Her surprised face is much better than her crying face.

Dale grinned to her, as if he was a child who succeeded in his prank, properly meeting eyes with Latina.


“I was happy meeting with Latina. ….Even when I die someday, I think I can definitely say that. ….Which is why, until 『that time』, let’s stay together?”

“Un. ….Latina, was happy, meeting Dale…..”

“I really like you”

“Latina too, about Dale, likes you the most….”


She felt extraordinary relief as just a faint grin floated upon her face.

If it’s for the sake of this child’s smile then, he can try harder, more so than he is now.

As he holds that thought within his chest.


(Author’s note: It’s because Dale-san is holding a cheatish 『Divine Protection』.

For now, there are a variety of people aren’t there. In this world)

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