UchiMusume – Chapter 24

Young girl, That 『Incident』’s aftermath



A light sound resounded.


The person who was hit, Latina stared blankly in wonder but, Chloe who had hit her had tears forming.

–A few days after that 『Incident』.

She was able to be discharged from the medical center immediately but, by the side of Latina who was taking care recuperating, Chloe came to visit.

And then, when Chloe heard the news about what Latina did — breaking off her own 『Horn』, shedding lots of blood — that if she had been unlucky she might have lost her life, 『That』 was what Chloe did.


While she sobs, tears falling, Chloe had hit Latina once more.

The boys were holding back Chloe, but considering they weren’t putting any strength into it, it had the same meaning; Latina was so surprised she couldn’t say a thing.

Until now, Chloe had protected Latina from violence, therefore she had never been violent with her.


“Stupidhead! Latina you stupidhead! What have you done!”

And then, the one who was violent, Chloe was making a heart-breaking face the entire time.

“Even though it was a pretty horn! No matter if you had that or not, Latina is Latina! Besides….”


Thus, it was the first time Latina saw Chloe’s crying figure.

Seeing her 『best friend』’s bitter face, who was stronger and braver than the boys, even Latina wanted to cry.


“Latina…. doing something…. that might kill you, you big stupidhead!”

At the sight of her best friend (Chloe) finally raising her voice, bursting into tears, Latina finally understood.


That her own fears, dread, helplessness, those feelings, she ended up making her important friends taste it.


“I’m sorry…. sorry…. Chloe….”

Her voice clogging up midway, Latina once again, large tears fell.

After the two hugged, raised their voices and was only crying loudly.


–Below the stairs, Dale heard the crying sounds of the two young girls, turned his heel and went down the stairs just like that.

Thinking that Latina, having such 『close friends』 was a really good thing.

Right now Latina’s 『number one』 is him but, if he doesn’t try hard then even protecting that position will be difficult, it seems.

He had heard that at the school, (Chloe)she had taken the initiative to protect latina. Completely thinking of her as a 『handsome』 young girl.


After this, in front of her two important existences, her 『Guardian』, and 『Best Friend』, Latina who had exhausted out all her feelings, made a refreshing expression as if an evil spirit had been eradicated.

The 『Truth』 is not something that can be overturned. That fact is something she, as clever as she is, completely understands. However the result was her waving about her 『feelings』 from thinking that she 『didn’t want to accept it』.

Even so, Latina was able to learn from this.

Because she personally experienced existences who accept all of her feelings of wishing, her feelings of 『not wanting to accept it』.


“Latina is… so happy”

Muttering a few words, Latina let down her hair.

She was without her ribbon but, there was no longer a 『Horn』 on that head.

If you look really closely, you’ll be able to check the horn stump hidden in the hair but, it is already difficult to distinguish her as a 『Demon』 with a glance.

“When Rag died, Latina had thought that Latina would die too. Dale finding me, saying that it’s alright to come with him, I was super happy, Rita and Kenneth were kind, meeting Chloe and the others, everyday was really fun…. Latina started to forget it”


Posun, Latina who was being held within Dale’s chest, did not have the feelings of agitation like the other day.

Really such a clever girl.

Having her hair brushed by Dale, she quietly made a happy expression.


“Death, and separation, Rag always taught me ‘what death is’. …..Because Latina thought that ‘it’s good to always staying like this’, Latina was scared of separation

“Anyone would be scared. Even me, when I heard that Latina got really hurt, I thought my heart would stop”

“Chloe too you know, cried. …..Which is why, Latina thought that Latina is blessed. Chloe too you know, thinks that she doesn’t want to separate with Latina, it made Latina super happy”

After Latina says that, she gave a mature smile, unbefitting of her age.

Her immaturity stands out but still, she turns her beautiful face, full of happiness and gratitude towards Dale.


“Latina was happy being able to come to Kroix. Happy to have met everyone. ….Latina, being able to be happy right now, all of it, is because Dale found Latina. Thank you, Dale”


“Being told such a thing by Latina, I, thought I would cry.”

Gulping down a rarely undiluted wine as he says, Dale’s words seemed to be boasting halfway through.

Kenneth places down the plate of side dish with a thud as he shows a shocked face but, after Latina got hurt, until he saw her safe and calm figure, Kenneth too, was showing a look of  extreme chaos.

Well, this time, even that Rita, was not able to concentrate on her work, and was making mistakes she normally wouldn’t. She couldn’t say this and that about Kenneth.

Because in this 『Dancing Ocelot』, Latina is already 『An important existence who belongs here』.


“Since today is Latina’s getting well party~ I will treat everyone to a round~!”


After Dale shouts that in the store, booing came back at him all at once.

“So damn stingy!”

“In times like this, it’s where you pay the whole tab, don’t you agree?”

“Shut up! If you guys say that then you’ll drink until I’m bankrupt right!!”

Dale shouts out indomitably at the booing, and the shop gets swallowed into a whirlpool of laughter.

“No doub’ bout it!”

“Rita, give a round of the best alcohol in this shop to everyone!”

“There’s some set aside?”

smiles Rita brilliantly.

“Why are you trying to bring out the alcohol you normally don’t sell?”

“Isn’t it obvious that since it’s expensive, even if we take it out normally it won’t sell”

“Since it’s such an occasion, let’s pour it in our biggest mugs”

“Kenneth!? This kinda alcohol, normally, you don’t take it out in mugs right!?”

“What are you saying. If the owner says we do then it means we do.”

“That’s right”

“This… couple!”

At them arguing back and forth, loud laughter shouted out more and more.


In this kind of merrymaking, troubadours who are normally strictly banned in this shop start to sing. Naturally, there was nothing to earn nor donations but, instead a singing contest started out of nowhere.


The sign of merriness, further calls forth merriness; If it had to be said, compared with normal, the quiet 『Dancing Ocelot』 was wrapped in an unprecedented liveliness.


“What’s wrong? It’s seems busy”

At the noise, Latina who should have been sleeping in the room, came down as she rubs her eyes.

At Latina’s call, the grim fellows broke out all at once, and as one would expect, made her jump.

However, to those outlaws turned drunkards, they had no room for consideration like that.


“The main actress arrives~!”

At the same time as that shout, she was carried into the center of the shop.

“What? What?”

There was no one answering Latina, looking around restlessly. Her eyes darting around in surprise at the simultaneous applause.

Even Rita who is normally on the side of stopping such things, is carrying a large amount of alcohol mugs with a smile. Although Latina was surprised at Dale and Kenneth also smiling, she was obedient as is.


A cheerful melody was being played.

At the sight of the surrounding people, everyone, smiling, Latina also made a delightful expression.

In the center of the store which was temporarily changed into a stage, she leaves her body to the music as invited.


And then, a new fact came to realisation on this day.


Latina, who was skillfully good at everything but, she had no sense of music and sense of rhythm.


(Author’s note: Finally finished….

A painful story was difficult to deliver. It ended up longer than I had thought too.


Speaking of which, since I, believe in stories with happy ends and salvation, please continue with me as that area is safe.

Always continuing to read, really, thank you very much)

(TL: Huh… so we still don’t know what happened with the shrine peeps :v)

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