UchiMusume – Chapter 25

So in the previous chapters, what Dale did to that teacher was actually a “Judgement” – redefining terms~ :3
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Young Lady, The conversation regarding employment


The story of when Rita’s pregnancy was discovered was approximately one and a half years after Latina started going to school.

What Dale said as an ice-breaker as well as words of blessing were,

“If the children are going to increase then…. would it be better for me and Latina to get out of here?”

and were only words because he was concerned about the landlord’s family growing but, landlord couple replied to that with,

“Ah. I don’t mind if you leave but, leave Latina behind”

“True. I do want Latina to stay behind. I don’t care where you go though”

like so, an unanimous reply.



“Well, you see?”

“Ahh. From here on, with the pregnancy and child-rearing, if Rita’s time in the shop is limited then, this shop won’t run without Latina. Maybe I’ll ask help from my parents as well”


Kenneth says matter-of-factly towards Dale.


“….You guys, are you really going to work Latina so hard?”

“How disrespectful. We even pay her properly?”


Kenneth’s statement was a first for him. Kenneth mutters, “Speaking of which, I never told you huh”, towards Dale, who was astonished.

“Latina is legitimately employed, she’s 『Dancing Ocelot(Our)』 employee, you know. Since she’s still a child, and since she’s exempt from working late at night, her part of the pay is lower though. She gets an appropriate sum of money”

He says, puffing his chest out.


“Eh? But, I, have never seen, Latina, hold that much money”

Kenneth said carelessly towards what Dale said, despite him shaking slightly.

“Isn’t it because she’s putting it in a savings account?”

Just like that.


–The beginning of that goes back to more than half a year ago.


Latina who was trotting over next to Kenneth, like a habit, was looking slightly troubled.

“What’s wrong? Did something happen?”

Towards Kenneth who was acting like that, Latina started to speak with a troubled looking expression, as if it was hard to say.

Anone, Anone…. Latina. I have a request. Is that alright?”

“….Whether it’s alright or not, I don’t know if you don’t ask”

Kenneth urges as if perplexed as well.


Anone…. Latina, wants, money but”

“Money? Is there something you want? Why didn’t you ask Dale?”


At Kenneth’s inquiry, Latina made a troubled face.

“Dale ne, gives Latina lots of various things. If I ask, he’ll also buy me lots of things.

….If I ask that I want money then, I think he’ll give me a lot. ….But, I think he’ll ask me, what I’ll use it on”

“Well. Probably. ….You probably have all the things you want right? What’s happened?”

“Latina, wants my own money”

Going back and forth repeatedly as if she was slightly troubled, Latina wasn’t very used to 『Asking people for help』. This child was a child which had not, until that point, been selfish nor unreasonable.

Kenneth too, if it’s Latina’s request then, as long as it wasn’t too ridiculous wanted to hear it out. However, he also has a some hesitant feelings, whether it’s good to hide matters regarding money from her 『Guardian』. Which is why he didn’t say yes right away.


“Dale, always, gives Latina lots of gifts but. …..Latina, can’t give anything back….”

Just like that, she, gave her reason.

“Nn…. Ahh. Speaking of which…. that Dale’s birthday is coming up soon huh?”

“Un. Latina, wants to prepare a present”

Revealing a small smile, as if she was embarrassed, she looked up at Kenneth.


This is bad.

Saying such sweet things, and to top that off, that face is against the rules.

And thus, with this kind of reason, he couldn’t let something as boorish as inquiring 『the person himself』 etc happen.


“This is a secret to Dale….huh”

“If you could keep it a secret, I wonder if Dale would be surprised and happy? If I can make happen, I would be happy. Is it ok?”

Koten. Her act of tilting her head to the side is her bad habit but, at least it’s adorable.


“….Right now, Latina. While you’re learning how to cook from me, you’re also helping out right?”


“….Then if you don’t 『help out』 but try your best as 『working』 then, it’ll be alright to give you a salary. How about that?”

“….Latina, is still a child though? Is that alright?”

At Kenneth’s suggestion, Latina tilted her head once again. Just the fact that she is able to embrace that kind of doubt immediately means that she is clever.

“I guess you are still a little young. The norm is to start an apprenticeship as an assistant after finishing mandatory studies at school. And I guess the more excellent ones plan to progress to schools of higher education”

“If it’s an apprenticeship then, they can work, no?”

Latina nods her head ‘Un un’ as if saying ‘Indeed’.


“Or is it that, Latina, do you want to try to progress into higher education?”

Kenneth had been hearing from Dale as he 『Brags about his own child』, about how excellent she was. It was understandable just by looking at Latina herself. That her studies were extremely excellent.

Anone…. Latina, is from the 『Demon Race』”

“That’s true”

“Since my studies are fun, when I thought that I want to try to become an adult, I thought of lots of things that I want to do, no

With those words, it told him that she was compromising with 『Her own long life span』 in her own way.


“Right now, Latina, wants to learn lots, from Kenneth, no. So that I can make the delicious meals like what Kenneth makes, that’s my goal, nano

“In that case…. I have to work hard as well, right”

“Nn? Kenneth too?”

“Ahh. For the sake of Latina’s goal being as it is, I also need to try my best”

Thinking about Kenneth’s words for a little while, Latina made a small ‘puu’. and puffed up her cheeks.

“If Kenneth tries his best then, for Latina to catch up, would be really hard”

Despite that, towards his tiny 『Disciple』 who would not say ‘Give up.’ or ‘Impossible’, Kenneth smiled happily and cheerfully.


–Kenneth says as he recalls that time.


“After that, didn’t Latina, give you a present for your birthday? I thought for sure that you would’ve guessed it from that though.”

“….Latina, sewed for me a handmade pouch. Now that you mention it, the materials and the thread for the embroidery too, weren’t cheap and were quality stuff”


It was slightly shoddy but, it was a carefully sewed one needle at a time, a little bag. The vivid embroidery, having been set in as a decoration, while increasing the pouches intensity, is also a design filled with her wishes to protect.


“It was just not possible to not be moved”

“I see. That’s how 『You』 are.”

“What do you mean by that”

“By the way, even the apron I’m currently using, is Latina’s present”

“Well, I had thought that you were using something unusually cute but….”

The main body of the apron is black cloth but, the Ocelot embroidery which had been sewed onto its corner is what I suppose the customers associate it with. However, supposing that she’s able to finish sewing something like this then, it seems that she does indeed have dexterous qualities.


Kenneth takes in a breath and continues.

“Nn, so since then I’ve been paying Latina a wage. When I asked what she plans to do, she answered with 『I’m saving money for something because everyone has it』, and then took me over to 『Blue God(Azraq)』’s Shrine.”

“Then Latina, already has a 『Safe』 huh”



『Azurack』 is the god who governs over commerce and money.

At that Shrine, you can exchange currency from various countries, deposit money and take out loans — In other words, they are responsible for banking services.

Amongst those who have the divine protection of 『Azraq』, there are many who have the power to 『Distinguish with the person concerned』. It’ll be difficult for a third-party to impersonate another person and steal their bank account.


In 『Azraq’s』 Shrine, there are structures which manage people’s assets called 『Safes』. Within those structures, you can deposit numerical management of money, as well as large amounts of precious metals — Basically, it’s something which serves as a bank account as well as a storehouse.

And in addition to the contents of this business, they employed a powerful private army at 『Azraq’s』 Shrine, it’s as if the armed forces from the Shrine of 『Red God (Ahmar)』 was next to it.


“Latina is clever too. She asked me 『Why is it alright to deposit money into the Shrine』”

“Speaking of which, I had actually never told Latina the story behind the 『Shrines』”

Even though Dale was nodding his head as if he was convinced, Kenneth was of the same opinion as well.

“It seemed like that so I explained it to her. Things like, how holders of 『Divine Protections』  『When it comes to their professional duties, are unable to enact in an unjust conduct』”

“It’s fine for them to act unjust. If it get revealed and is complained about then, they have to receive 『Judgement』. It’s just that once it comes to that, they’ll just have their 『Divine Protection』 erased, and banished at once.”


The greatest reason why 『Shrines』 are responsible for this largely publicized business is because 『Gods strongly protect their own territories』.


Not even the townspeople, truly think that all of the 『People who work at Shrines』 are all benevolent.

However, they believe in 『God’s』 authority.


『Gods』offer protection regarding people within their own 『territories』, on the other hand 『Gods』 do not forgive criminals. Basically, they provide protection by giving 『Divine Protection』 but, that 『Divine Protection』 would be lost should they 『Violate their professional duties』.

Using 『Azraq』 as an example, 『Azraq』 will not lower any judgement for their own apostles with conducts 『equal to crime』 such as murder, rape etc. However, they will not forgive the conducts which 『Disgrace anothers’ assets』 such as embezzlement or theft.

If you inquire about that to 『God』 — if 『Judgement』 is carried out, their 『Divine Protection』 would be extinguished.


There is no compassion there.


『Priests』 are a job which can be comprised only of those with 『Divine Protection』. In other words, to lose your 『Divine Protection』, is the same as being banished from the 『Shrine』.

Saying it differently, 『As long as it’s a matter regarding their professional duty』, it can even be said that 『Priests who have Divine Protection』 are existences who are sufficiently more trustworthy than others.


The 『Judgement』 that Dale had performed previously, can only be permitted through the request of a high ranking priest, an act which was 『Making an appeal to God』.


What 『Yellow God (Asfar)』 requests of their apostles is, 『To guide those who request knowledge』, as well as, 『To guide those who are lost in the road of life』.

To verbally abuse, and deny a young girl, who is tackling her studies seriously, 『Asfar』 cannot forgive a comrade like that.


Although they were another god’s apostle, Dale, who holds the position of a high ranking priest, was being agreed with repeatedly.
(TL:  それを他神の使徒とはいえ、高位神官位を持つデイルは、重々承知していたのだった)


“…..So, Kenneth. How much….. has Latina saved up currently”

“It’s only been half a year. However since it is that kid, if she goes on like this, she could at least prepare her own dowry by herself, couldn’t she?”

“Don’t say something like that even if it’s an example! Because I won’t give away my kid as something like a brideee!”


Yelling out something like that, Dale was serious.

He was slightly teary eyed.


(Author’s note: I added supplementary information about the previous story….

Latina has grown up slightly. Like I want her to hurry up and grow up, and move onto the main story….. or to celebrate that she still has the feeling of a child, it’s something to worry about as the writer)

(TL: also the title has changed slightly, from young girl to young lady here, as it shows Latina growing up. Furthermore you lovely readers don’t know but, Latina is using more and more kanji in her conversations~ it’s cute :3)

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