UchiMusume – Chapter 26

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Young Lady, Preparing for the Journey.

(Author’s note: Because of yesterday’s system error, there was no time to post the scheduled post and the work….)


When it was decided that Latina was to go on a journey, it was the start of spring of the year when she was to turn 10.

“To be honest, I had been thinking whether I should wait until Latina finishes school but…. I was thinking that it might be best while Rita can still move, so it’s earlier than planned”

Dale says so and gave her the options.


“What about you? The journey’s a little long but, will you come with me? Or will you stay at home?”


“It’s ok for Latina to come as well?”

Dale grinned, as if he was a kid planning a prank, looking at the surprised Latina.

“It’s cause it’s not a job this time. Speaking of which, it is dangerous…. If you don’t want that then, please stay at home Latina.”

“Latina wants to go. I want to be with Dale”

She replied immediately with a face full of smiles. Jumping, and clinging onto Dale.


“I’ll listen to Dale properly, and make sure not to be in danger”

Acting reliable, Latina said something like that.

Having the point of caution said before he could, Dale could only smile wryly.


Due to Dale having to once again go to the royal capital, in the meantime, Latina made her own luggage.

Normally Dale travels on foot alone but, this time he provided a small horse. Which meant that it could transport the luggage and that Latina can ride it when she got tired.

Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that  it’s good to bring a lot of luggage.

Everyday, unloading the luggage that should be packed to the brim, seeing him groan with huffs and puffs.

As if she suddenly realises, she rushed down the stairs.


“Kenneth. Is it ok if Latina takes the knife with me?”

“Nn? The cooking knife?”



She starts talking as soon as she sees his face.

Usually, the one who approaches Latina to talk was Kenneth.

She really likes Dale therefore it seems she has also been thoughtful in her own way. It seemed that because of that, Kenneth, as a senior she relies on, and as her master, Latina also had a sense that he was easy to talk to.


“As for the journey’s preparation, I think that Dale is going to just go buy something at the royal capital though…”

“To Latina, a knife that’s easy to use is good”

“Easy to use…. how about going to buy one? If you leave it to the workers, I think that they can at least adjust the grip for you. It’s fine if you get used to it from now until when you leave”

“Is it ok, to use the money?”

“It’s your wage money. It’s alright to use it for your own shopping”

After Kenneth answered with that, he took a look at his work floor. Taking a rough idea of how business will run until the evening. It seems alright to leave for a little bit.


“Rita, I’m going to go with Latina to the East for a little bit”

“My, is that so? Have a safe trip”

“You stay safe too, Rita”

“It’s not a disease, you worry too much”

After the couple exchanged a conversation like that, Kenneth left 『Dancing Ocelot』 taking Latina with him.


While walking down the East District’s Workers street, Latina says ‘Ah, that’s right’, and looked up at Kenneth.

“Kenneth, um, you know (anone). I hear that Rudi’s dad is actually a blacksmith”

“That red haired kid? Speaking of which, he’s the third one from Schmidt’s place huh…. Well, I guess his skills weren’t too bad. Should we go and see?”

“Latina, has never been to a blacksmithery. I wonder if they sell knifes.”

“The products they produce differ depending on the workshop, I guess….”


Chasing after Kenneth from behind, trot trot, every now and then Latina would wave at the children she would pass by.

Compared to the South District, Latina has more friends in the East District.


“Here it is”

Saying so, the entrance that Kenneth went through was, saying it nicely, had the grace belonging to a long established shop. Saying it badly, it was old fashioned. That’s the sort of blacksmith it was.


In the immediate space after entering the shop, a mess which was called a display, had all sorts of swords lined up.

Where it was most eye catching, the goods for display which were clearly of a different quality to the others were also, swords.

It clearly indicates what the shop primarily deals with.


“Fuaaaa…. so many swords”

“Schmidt’s place, is a sword smithing workshop after all”

Latina was looking around curiously and Kenneth, had begun scrutinising the weapons from long years of habit. The weapon he loved using was a battle axe but, it didn’t mean he couldn’t use a sword.

Still, it was just as he had recalled, although it couldn’t be said there craftsmanship was famous, it seems they aren’t that terrible.


“….This ain’t no place you bring kids to”

The man who looked to be in the prime of his life, slowly coming out from within, had splendid red hair.

Latina stares at that man with eyes of wonder.

The shopkeeper who didn’t seem to be very suited for customer service, only said one sentence to those two, and once again tried to return back inside the workshop.

Latina gasped as if she had suddenly realised something, going to approach the man.


“Hello. Anone, Latina, is Rudi’s friend”

Stopping at that voice, the shopkeeper looks at Latina, acting as if he was surprised.


“Yup. Nice to meet you”

Latina bowed courteously after showing him a sweet smile.

Unperturbed by his impolite gaze, which was almost as if he was appraising her.


“Did you come to play with Rudolf?”

“Nuh uh. Latina, wants a knife. Do you have a knife which is around the size Latina can use?”

“We don’t have any blades here for kids to play with”


Looking at the shopkeeper who was slightly frowning, Latina turned to Kenneth with a troubled face.

Kenneth lightly pat her head, pon pon.

“This kid is about to go on a bit of a trip. She wants a knife which can handle miscellaneous matters at that time. Although it seems like she wants to use it mainly for cooking”

“Is she your daughter?”

“No. I’m a substitute”

The shopkeeper thinks for a little bit, and pointed to the workshop.


“I don’t take them out for the public but, there are several placed inside. You can go and see”


Following behind the shopkeeper and entering the workshop, it was once again, a place which made them feel like time was piled upon. (TL: Old)

To the curiosity filled Latina, the workshop was a space which held her interest from each and every gap. She was more restless, looking around more than ever.

“Come on Latina. It’s dangerous so keep your eyes in front”

She panics and approaches Kenneth side having been called out.

In one corner of the workshop, there were swords and daggers piled up, more so than at the front of the store.

“…Kenneth, which one, should I choose?”

“Let’s see…”

Latina who had been using her fingertips to timidly poke at the hilts, tilted her head, and requested the help of Kenneth who was next to her.

After taking out several ones of a convenient size from within the mountain, Kenneth begins carefully inspecting the blades. Before long, two knives were placed in front of Latina.


“What’s left is for you to decide by testing the grip”



Latina repeats gripping them and releasing them with a serious face at Kenneth’s words, when a lively sound was heard from behind the workshop.

Looking over there, there were three children, two boys, one girl, but as they were negotiating with each other as if arguing, it came to the present situation.

“Rudi, stop talking nonsense and help out!”

“Why should I, the one on duty today is Aniki, right”

“Your brother has something else to do!”

“I’m not free all the time, like you”

“Yet you can’t even talk back to the old man”

For the time being, it was just as noisy as goose calls.

You could guess that all of them, with their brilliantly matching red hair, were family with just one glance.


“Rudolf, your friend came”


Continuing after the shopkeeper, Latina’s high pitch voice unexpectedly resounded within the workshop.

All three of them suddenly stop talking, and simultaneously looked over here all at once.

Latina was shakily waving her hand. At the sight of Latina, Rudi looked clearly confused, and his brother and sister both, were looking at Latina with shocked expressions.


(….Well, there aren’t any girls as pretty as Latina in this working part of the city….)

Kenneth thinks, seeing the situation.

Even Kenneth, who had gotten used to it day after day, will sometimes be shocked at the cuteness of this young girl.


She’s slightly small when lined up with kids her own age but, she had become quite a lot bigger these past two years.

Her platinum hair had been thoroughly maintained, sparkling nicely. Today she braided up a part of it, and let the rest flow down her shoulder.

Her plump, and seemingly soft cheeks too, her long eyelashes that decorate those grey eyes too, her pink lips too, all of them emphasize her adorableness.


The small baby who had been all skin and bones when she came to Kroix is already no more.


“W-…..Why, are you here”

Koten. Latina tilts her head, at Rudi rushing over to her with a panicked look.

“I came to shop. Because Latina, wants a knife”

“There’s no way these rough things, things like ours, are suitable for Latina, right”

Latina puffed up her cheeks unwillingly at Rudi’s words. Puu.

“Latina will be A-ok, mon. It’s bigger than the one Latina usually uses for cooking but, it’s necessary so, Latina will make it so Latina can use it, mon

“What do you mean ‘it’s necessary’”

“Latina, is going on a journey”


At those words, Rudi made a shocked face, clear for everyone to see.


(Author notes: It ended up being cut at an extremely halfway point….

It’s a matter of the word count.)

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