UchiMusume – Chapter 27

At some point… you just give up editing while translating, and just type out random words, and go through a proper editing process…. but then while going through edits you want to just give up, cause those random words are making sense… wuttttt
Gintama OST, cause I still am not over hype

Young Lady, The talk the day before leaving


“‘Journey’…. Latina, are you going to go somewhere? Why!? Why out of nowhere!?”

Having her shoulders suddenly grabbed and loudly shouted at by Rudi, Latina looked surprised.

“What’s wrong? Rudi”

Kenneth notices the differing opinions of the two before even Latina, who was blinking nonstop, seemingly curious.


“Latina, did you tell your friends, that you were going on a journey?”

“….Nuh uh. I didn’t”

“Even you would get worried if your friends suddenly disappeared right, Latina? You should tell them properly”

Gasping, with a face as if she had suddenly noticed, Latina firmly met eyes with the Rudi in front of her.

“Um, you see, Rudi. Latina, together with Dale, is going to Dale’s hometown. It’s a little far but, we’ll be coming back before the Summer ends.”


With that one sentence, Rudi regains back most of his calmness.

Realising that Latina’s big eyes were staring back at his own, he hurriedly gained some distance.


“O-oh, what…. so you’ll be back”

“Yup. Latina, will be coming back to Kroix”

Latina smiled pleasantly at Rudi who was avoiding his gaze awkwardly.

“It appears that Latina had been forgetting a few things due to the anticipation of going on a journey”

Murmuring as if she was reflecting on it, she looks at Kenneth.

“After we finish shopping, can Latina also go by Chloe’s house?”

“I don’t mind. Just come back before it gets dark”


“I’ll choose this one. How much is it?”

“….If it’s only one then, you can just take it”

At the shopkeepers words, Latina ponders with a slightly troubled expression.

“Um, you see (anone)… Today, Latina wants to shop, with Latina’s own money. Latina is always, only getting things so, Latina wants, something of my own.”

As always, Latina’s tone was slightly awkward but, the shopkeeper nods ‘I see’, and told her the price.

For Kenneth, he understood that that was a price which has been discounted quite heavily but, he only smiled slightly.

From within her red pochette, Latina takes out an exquisitely made wallet with an eye catching flower embroidery, and starts counting the amount of silver coins with a diligent and careful look.

Matching the amount within her small palm, she held it out to the shopkeeper


“….It sure is a small hand. Is she not growing?”

“Latina sure is small”

“Latina will grow up soon, mon

Latina puffs up her cheeks unwillingly as Rudi follows up the shopkeepers seemingly worried words with ones of banter.

The shopkeeper drops a fist onto the head of his youngest son without a word, and takes the payment as he grabs hold of Latina’s small hands.

Carefully looking at them for a little while.


“Do you have time until you leave? If you have two to three days then, I can make the grip slightly thinner”

“Ahh. If it’s only that long then it’s alright. Is that fine with you Latina?”

She thinks about the exchange between the two grownups for a little bit, and quickly lowers her head.

“Can I ask you of that? I leave it, in your care”


“Sure is polite….”

“You wouldn’t think of her as a friend of that idiot Rudi, huh”

“Still, someone like her….”

“Ugh…. don’t talk about that man. Anyway right now”

Rudi’s brother and sister were giggling together a little further away but, immediately after this, Latina trots over to them and starts to introduce herself. As a result they were unable to laugh at their little brother, changing to acting suspiciously, making their father sigh.


“I’ll tell the others at school but. Dale came back and said that he’ll explain the circumstances to the 『Shrine』. Dale and the others told Latina not to worry about Latinas studies.”

“Fuun. A journey huh. They say it’s dangerous outside the district since there are thieves and magic beasts, etc but, are you going to be alright?”

Separating with Kenneth, Latina headed over the Chloe’s house, and explained what’s happening to her best friend.

Chloe was surprised at Latina suddenly coming to visit but, after listening to the gist of the story, Chloe was worried about Latina at first.


“Dale will be with me so, I’ll be alright”

Latina replies immediately smiling.

“The customers that come to the shop also say that Dale is super strong. But you know what, they tell me not to tell that to Dale”

Ufufu, at the sight of Latina’s happily talking, Chloe also stopped worrying too much. Of course she’s worried but, more than that, she wants her to enjoy herself.

Chloe knows very well, just how sad Latina seems to be every time she gets left behind (stays at home).


“Take care of yourself, ok. Latina. Bring back lots of stories”

“I’ll write you! Latina will be moving around so, I don’t think I’ll be able to get a reply but, I’ll send lots to you, ok”

Stricken with a good idea, Latina started smiling, seemingly luring Chloe to smile as well.


Dale went to the royal capital to buy travel clothes for Latina’s sake.


A cape with a hood that children use, a high class item which is cast with a protection charm. Kenneth takes a glance at that, and mixed within his sigh, was a thought, that a beginner adventurer would probably cry tears of blood if they saw that.

Dale was unsatisfied that there wasn’t a rod of the proper size; The rod, given that it is used for children to practise magic, is easy for assisting control. However when Latina was made to hold it as a test, it seemed that it was sufficient for her.

Like how a good workman doesn’t choose their tools, for Latina who had excelled at controlling her magic power from the start, if she didn’t plan to actually fight then it would function sufficiently. Rather it seemed that it would’ve been better if it was a smaller size.


Hide boots that strengthen the soles, were ordered as soon as they decided they were leaving for a journey and she had already gotten used to them since she has worn them ever since.

She who was carrying a magic rod sparkling with a small gem, a knife that was attached to the red hide belt behind her waist and a rucksack on her back, filled with the bare minimums, had completely readied her preparations.


Whirling around inside the 『Dancing Ocelot』, she debuts that outfit happily.

“So as for the luggage. Dale, Latina put in some 『magic tools』 as well. They’re attached to the water canteens. There are also 『Fire starting』『Magic tools』.”

“You…. how many did you use”

“Who cares! It’s not an exaggeration to say that 『Water』 and 『Fire』 『Magic tools』 are necessities anyway”

Even Dale who retorted back slightly awkwardly was self-conscious that he was being soft on her.

“Latina, 『Magic tools』 are expensive things. Make sure you don’t show them off to other people too much. It’s dangerous otherwise”

“Understood. I’ll be quiet about it”

At Kenneth’s warning, she immediately, nodded her head.

“After that, I’ve also put in the minimum amount of food, and medicine alright. The other luggage can be carried by the horse but, just in case, you must, at the very least, carry these yourself”

“Un. I understand”

“Speaking of which, Latina, are you holding onto any money?”

“I put it inside my bag. I’ve put a little bit here as well”

Saying so, she points to the small pouch attached to her belt.

“Since Rita said so, I’ve also sewed some inside my clothes”

Naturally, the bag too, is being worn under the cape.

Still, this kid sure is reliable, the two men exchanged a look.


The knife that Latina had bought herself had a red leather scabbard attached to it. The sewing thread used is also white, making it look somewhat cute.

Since it wasn’t there when they saw it in the shop, it’s probably something extra for her.

It seems some consideration was put into it, since it is something for a girl to use.


The small pouch attached to her waist too, was something that Latina sewed up herself, for the sake of this day.

Apart from the minimum amount of money, she also put in candies etc.

Appearance wise too, the sturdy, thick cloth had become a girlish design due to the finish with the coloured threads. The dexterous Latina had also put in a lot of embroideries but, on this pouch there was also a small figure of an ocelot stitched in it.


That outfit together with her appearance, was very girlish, very charming.


“….Take care, Dale. This kid, she’s dangerous in various ways”

It wasn’t something new but, although he was concerned, there was no need to put it into words.

“Latina is really adorable after all, you know”

Somewhere within that response towards Kenneth, was a boastful spirit.

“Latina, be careful ok? Dale, you better come back safe and sound as well. Otherwise Latina would cry”

Rita pats Latina’s head as she speaks and Dale consents as if it was obvious.

“I’ll protect Latina, no matter what happens to me.”


“See you! We’re going now!”

“Take care”

Kenneth and Rita quietly send Latina off, who was giving them a big wave as she walks.

Receiving their farewells, the day Dale and Latina departed, was a nice, sunny, calm spring day.


(Author’s note: After the next chapter: prequel, Dale chapter, the journey chapter begins.

Travelling is food isn’t it. Nevertheless, Dale-san… How much did you spend for your preparations.

It’s because since even Latina herself is aware that Dale is way too soft on her, that she turns to Kenneth for help though….)

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