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 Youth, The talk the day before leaving


The reason why Dale was leaving his job and decided to leave for a journey, was something that was going to happen no matter what.

His one good leather coat. Even that excellent defensive gear of his was becoming a little tighter.

(Hmmm…. I guess I’ve still got little more to grow….)

He didn’t really understand it himself but, that’s probably what it was. His coat was made with room to spare, so it became that you could adjust it with a belt here and there. Because of that, he loved using it for countless years but, it seems that it’s at it’s limits.

(Wearing normal armour after all this time is also annoying sigh….)


“I haven’t been back in a while anyway… I guess I’ll go back to get a new one made….”

It was that monologue that started this whole thing.


Normally he takes a round trip to the royal capital via flying dragons but, due to this time being for his own personal requests, he galloped there using a horse to travel.

The distance between Kroix and the Royal Capital is a of minimum three days by horse and roughly a week via a carriage and such, however he arrived at Royal Capital in only two days.

His horse was obviously completely exhausted.

He had cast stamina recovery healing magic continuously on the horse at regular intervals whilst riding it. It was a method only magicians could use but, it was also quite the cruel method.


He had gotten in touch with the duke family ahead of time but, that in no way meant that he is able to get an immediate audience. Normally when Dale stays at the Royal Capital, he would use a room of the Duke’s family but, this time he took to his own lodgings.


Since he has a contract it meant that he needs to approval of the duke to leave Kroix, his normal established base of operations, for private matters.

If it was just for a couple of days then there would be no need for that however, his hometown was at the very ends of the outskirts of the Raband Kingdom.

It was a land such that just going there would easily take several weeks. It was an itinerary where a round trip would end up taking more than a month.

If he was to depart without even telling them his destination then he would probably be needlessly doubted.

He definitely doesn’t want that to happen, as he is facing a figure of authority.


Be that as it may, he had already proposed it to the Duke via letter. In the first place there is nothing that can be refused. However, despite that, in addition to the contract, there was a need to come meet directly.

Even if he thought that it was a pain internally, the reason he came to visit the royal capital this time was for the sake of gaining formal approval, for the sake of returning home.


(Latina also needs preparations for the journey sigh)

Slouching as he walks around the royal capital, Dale thought of such things.

(Even her cloak, it would be good if it was something girly. Latina, likes red and pink. It’ll be sad if it’s too plain…. As for magic armours, they not only have the power to defend but are also hard to stain so it’s practical as well…. Yup, as expected, splurging on Latina’s armours is not bad at all, yup!)

As one would expect of the capital of a major power, Raband. There was more of a variety in items assembled here compared with Kroix. It was easy to see just by casually looking around at the stores.

Because of that, there were many items with differing prices but, there is probably sufficient profit there.


“A carry bag and…. in any case, it might be better for her to have a rod to protect herself…. and then….”

It was when he was muttering out his thoughts subconsciously.


“My, if it isn’t Dale. What’s up? Work?”

That’s right, the one who called out to him was a familiar face.

Luxuriously knitted blonde hair, showing off her smooth nape. Probably because she was well acquainted with her own charms.

Her refreshing attire too, was somewhat lascivious. The type of clothes that those of the same sex might realise can only be worn by those with confidence in their figure.

The one who called out to Dale, was a person with a good figure, such that she could be called a beautiful blue eyed woman.


“Hermine huh”

“I didn’t hear of a rumour speaking of a job which would call upon you though? Is there a good story for this?”

“….I just came to do a little shopping”

He didn’t openly frown but, he was sweating on the inside.

Dale was slightly bad at dealing with this person.

Hermine was a person who wouldn’t hesitate to use 『The Fact She was a Woman』 as one of her weapons.

He too, suffered a painful memory in the past. It was a past he wanted to forget.

She was skilled at using magic, so they had associated by doing jobs together on several occasions but, they weren’t so close to the point of knowing each others likes and dislikes.


Although Hermine was only smiling pleasantly in front of him, Dale prepared himself for the worst.


He wants to prepare the best things he possibly can for the cute Latina’s sake.

However, even though he can use magic, he is a 『Warrior』 focusing on mainly physical attacks. He has no confidence in his judgement when preparing the items intended for 『Magicians』.

Here, in addition to being able to meet an excellent magician, to ask for her help would be the best course of action, probably.

Everything is for Latina’s sake.


He smiles towards Hermine.

“To be able to meet Hermine here, I sure am lucky. If you have the time, won’t you come shop with me?”

“My, it’s rare for you to be the one inviting”

“I don’t think so”

“Then, let’s do as you say”

To Dale, even her bell-like giggles, could only sound like the growls of some kind of large fox or something.


In any case, he decided that he would try his best as he etches the smiling face of 『his cute Latina (his child)』 into his brain.


The main god of the Raband Kingdom is Ahmar (The red god), the god of war.

Which is why, although it wasn’t to the level of a military focused country, martial arts and magic are actively being encouraged. Coupled with the abundance of national strength, the army that the king and princes hold are also quite substantial.

It is precisely because they are in the royal capital of that kind of country that top quality weapons and armours, as well as magic tools etc, are gathered. Various shops are lined up here, from the shops which deal with goods of a reasonable price, to those that commoners can never in their lifetime afford, shops that deal with exceptional goods at an extravagant price.


Dale, together with Hermine, went inside one such shop.

The shop that Hermine pushed for as a recommendation seems to be a shop which has the robes that magicians favour, with a variety of colours and designs on display.

Indeed, even Dale who wasn’t very informed about the equipment of magicians could tell that there were goods within this shop which were of quite exquisite design.

Protecting your body with heavy armour, magicians who lack stamina and physical strength, like to wear 『Magic robes』 which boast a high defensive power by adding the magic strength accordingly.

It’s probably the most appropriate armour for a girl who was still young, like Latina.


“Dale? You’re looking at quite a small one, aren’t you”

“….It’s because I was asked to come here to buy something for the child of someone I know. I thought I told you?”

“Indeed. I heard that. However, it’s just that you’re surprisingly enthusiastic for that assignment


At Hermine’s light laughter, Dale showed a stiff smile.

He had been told by Kenneth and Gregor (his friend) and such but, somehow it seems that recently when he thinks about Latina, his expression would slacken and become softer.


Latina is currently his greatest 『Weakness』. If he doesn’t want this female fox to end up knowing about her then, he has to avoid telling her at all costs.

(TL: こんな女狐に知られないで済むのならば、極力教えたくもない。)


(But, I can’t help it! This robe here isn’t bad but, I’m totally thinking about how Latina would look cuter in this cape over here!)

‘I’m choosing this for Latina’s sake. It can’t be helped that putting it on her within his mind and imagining it is an involuntary action.’,

is what, Dale is thinking.

(Actually, compared to what I had thought before coming here, this one over here looks a lot better…. it also looks like it’ll be easy to move in… Hmmm….)


“That isn’t bad but, if it’s for a child then, I recommend this one over here. It’s slightly expensive but, that’s because it’s made so that just looking from the exterior, it’s hard to determine that it’s a 『Magic tool』.”

Dale who was inside his personal thoughts, turns to face Hermine’s voice. She was holding a cape with a slightly simple design compared to what Dale had been considering.

Having it handed over and carefully looking over it, it seems that the protection magic formula has been carved in the lining.

The outer material is simple but, even the lining had a bright hue, it seemed like something a girl would like.


“A child wearing something like a 『Magic robe』 is almost as if you’re saying ‘Please kidnap me’, you know? It’s something which is similar to saying, ‘That’s how rich I am’. Which is why, something like this is made so that it wouldn’t look like that at first glance.”


“On the contrary however, no matter where you look there are actually 『Magic robe』-like items everywhere. Those kind of robes targeted for the children, are things rich noble youths are made to wear in order to inform the surroundings. 『Even though he’s still a child, this child already has the talent for magic』, 『Our Family is able to let a young child wear something like this』, things like that”


Mixed within her elegant laughter, was a slight tinge of spoken poison.


“Are you looking for something for a girl?”

“….What’s this, out of the blue?”

His heart jumped, at her words which had no pretext but, he asked in return, trying his utmost in order to not leak out his facial expression. However, Hermine,

“I mean, the one I handed to you just now, you readily accepted it. If it was for a boy then, you would want to avoid something with such cute lining right?”

Casually confessing that she had tricked him.

Dale had sweat vigorously run down his back for a second time.


By the time he had bought a 『Rod that Magicians use』, he had ended up completely leaking out a lot of information about Latina, apart from her name to Hermine.

She had not personally said anything about it and she didn’t interrogate Dale about it directly either. However, that’s just how it appeared.


Regarding the 『Rod』, Dale was slightly unwillingly, because the only choices were between rods, the size that a child could use easily and, rods which were easy on correction for training use. If it wasn’t those ones then, it seems that there would be a need to have it specially made, however this time they didn’t have that much time to spare.

Dale, who had wanted to buy the best of the best for Latina, albeit reluctantly, compromised with buying the most expensive one from within the 『Training use』 rods.


After the shopping came to an end, as they were parting, Hermine said this.


“Well then, Dale. The next time we meet, introduce that girl to me ok? Given that she can master magic at such a young age, as a fellow magician, she’s of great interest to me”

As he watched the back of Hermine laughing and lightly fluttering her hand waving “See you”, Dale asked himself.

–Indeed, if I was alone then I wouldn’t have been able to shop as well as I could. However, I wonder why I can’t say for sure that this was the best course of action–.


And thus, he was feeling an indescribable sense of defeat.


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