UchiMusume – Chapter 30

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Young Lady, Frolicking in the Journey


After they exited the forest south-west of Kroix, Dale placed Latina on the horse.

She, like a stubborn demon race, was still taking firm strides however Dale was not planning on having it too rough from the very first day.

“It’s so high~?”

There was no sign of fear in Latina’s voice, and he well understands that she has been merry from the get go.

“I guess we’ll camp out today… since we’ll probably reach a town tomorrow, so we’ll stay there though”

If Dale was by himself then even if it was a bit tough, there had been circumstances where he would go forth anyway but, this time, he put together an itinerary with a little leeway.

Bringing along Latina, he has no plans to travel through the dangerous nights nor camping out day in, day out.


“Latina, is also fine with sleeping outside. As long as Latina is with Dale, Latina feels safe anyway”

Latina says with a big smile, and Dale feels the love as well.

These two, had a relationship of mutual love in a certain meaning.


Up on the horse, Latina was merry and started humming “Hm♪ Hm, Hmm♪”.

Her voice as well as her appearance, slightly swaying side to side with the rhythm appeared cute. However, it had strange musical intervals as usual.

It wasn’t to the level of tone deafness but, at she doesn’t put enough power into it at some points, failing it superbly. Dale holds in his impressions, looking like he was in futile admiration.


Latina continued humming for a little longer, amidst the tranquil sound of the hooves, clip clop.


(I feel like I’ve heard it before but… it’s too peculiar so I seriously can’t recall….)

Sometimes within his mind, Dale would guess the name of the song by himself but, the answer remained a mystery.
(TL: 時折心中で、デイルがひとりイントロクイズをしていたりもするのだが、答えは謎のままであった。)


It turned out to be quite a detour but, after going all the way to the main road, the sight of travelers could finally be seen bit by bit. Precisely because it’s the connecting road from the harbour and royal capital, most of them were merchant-like carriages.



Latina gasped in amazement when they had passed by a party of merchants.

You could see the figures of merchants and merchant parties even at Kroix but, moving in a group like this is very overwhelming.

“There are heaps of adventurers too”

“That’s because acting as the bodyguards for merchant parties like that is a pretty common job after all”

Latina’s interest was clearly stolen by the rows of carriages and the armed forces who guard that.

Dale also slackens his steps, and answered her question.


Latina was looking every here and there from atop the horse as if everything was interesting.

(….If this continues then it might be better to just let her ride on the horse, before she starts looking tired…)

Latina is clever but, that doesn’t mean she always knows what she’s doing. All the more in a situation especially like this where her interest has been drawn.


“Dale, it’s a big river”

Finding the sparkling surface of the water from atop her horse, Latina informs Dale with a loud voice as she points at it.

“Ahh. The river, north of Kroix continues from this point”

“How are we going to cross the river?”

“We pay the toll to the bridge guard. It’s not a river we can cross by walking and, it’s quicker than searching for a boat to cross it”

“What’s a 『bridge』?”

Sometimes Latina wouldn’t know about things which seemed like common sense.

“It’s easier to just look at it. Come on, you can see it soon”


The river is close the streets of Kroix, and boats that transport were also in abundance.

A great number of boats were docked on the riverbank, with the great number people working. At this place, the closest place between the main road and Kroix, they were loading and unloading cargo.

Although it certainly is not a town, for a place that gathers people, it is also quite natural that merchants would gather, targeting those people. Thus creating scenery similar to a settlement, with countless stands lining up the place.

There were building which appear to be lodgings targeted for labourers but there were no inns. The travelers who have come to this point, do not first stop their feet here, and rather continue further until Kroix. Probably because there is no need to.


A bridge made to span such a large river, was built of splendid stone, with a slightly higher arch so that the passing boats would not be harmed. Because of that, the arch is drawn in a beautiful, distinct shape, and is marvelous even as an architectural structure.


“It’s so big….”

“This is a bridge. It’s made to cross rivers”


Latina was excited. It seems that it really is her first time seeing a bridge.


(Then, I wonder if Latina came here by passing through the mountain range… on the other side of the 『forest』…. if she came to Kroix from the sea then, no matter how she arrived she should’ve had the opportunity to look at bridges)

Dale furthers his hypothesis at the sight of Latina.

Even further ahead passed the 『forest』, stretched a steep mountain range. Beyond that point belongs to the Country of Raband on paper but, there are no towns. The reason being that the steep mountain range is a harsh and inconvenient land, and the fact that it holds the home of magic beasts in numbers that far surpass Kroix’s 『forest』.

There are adventurers who cross into that land in order to find rare materials or to accumulate experience but, no one’s ever heard of a human settlement.

However, passing further than that, is the demon race’s greatest power. It is the land adjacent to the country of the 『First Demon King』. So it’s not impossible.


“Dale. Latina, wants to walk by myself. Please?”

As they line up to pay the toll to the bridge guard, Latina said such a thing. Dale carries her down and Latina walks as if she walks skipping around. No matter how you look at it, she seems to be having fun.

“Here you go”

Saying so, she happily handed over the coins that Dale had gave her to the bridge guard. Latina was doing it properly but, her immaturity could be seen with how she behaved.


Ahead of them, after passing the inspection, was the top of the structure which let them feel just how huge it was compared to looking at it from a distance.


Latina raises a cheer as she looked over at the surroundings sights from on top the bridge.

“Come on, Latina. It’s dangerous to the people behind you if you suddenly stop”

“Ah. Sorry”

Latina says that, and stiffly looks forward. However, she couldn’t hold back her skipping.

Dale shows a smile, taking Latina and coming to the edge of the bridge, and glanced down.

“Uwah. Wow. WOOWW”

Latina raised her voice once again at the flowing water surface way below her. When a boat passed under her, she made an even louder voice.

Latina reacts seemingly happily at observing the cargo and passengers, resulting in Dale too, relaxing to show an extremely satisfied expression.


Past the bridge, going further north up the main road, estimating the time the sun starts to set, Dale strayed slightly from the main road. He steps into the shadows of the lush woods, filled with every kind of tree, and takes a look around.


“Let’s set up camp around here today”

“It’s still bright? Already?”

Even though Latina is seemingly curious, Dale smiles and answers.

“Once it gets dark, we won’t be able to prepare for camp right? However to make up for that, we raise early”


Where Dale had looked, there were no signs of large magic beasts. He had checked the grounds and looked for paw prints and poop and such. In a woods like this, there would probably be, at most, small animals and small carnivorous animals who target those. That is what he judges.

He ties the reins to a nearby tree, taking down the luggage and easing the horse. Doing so, he(the horse) pulls out the surrounding grass and eats it at his own pace.


“I’ll be going to gather the firewood so, wait for me here Latina. Don’t wander off anywhere by yourself ok”


Latina nods at his warning, looking serious.

“If something happens, call out to me ok? Because I won’t be too far away”

“Un. Latina’ll be alright”


Sending off Dale, who appears to be worried, Latina fished through the luggage, with a rustle. She takes out a sturdily made, small pot that Kenneth had let her have.

“It’s not bad and it’s cheap, so take it. Dried meats and vegetables are fine so, they’ll be for later”

She had even heard about the ingredients placed inside the bag, from Kenneth who was explaining everything the whole time he was preparing. She knew exactly where everything was.

She, with the very face of seriousness, points at and calls out each of them, then took out the necessary things.

“Don’t waste. Because it’s not worth it. Just use, what we need”

She words out the precautions.


During this trip, she had tried to accomplish one dream.

For the sake of that, she had prepared and practised, many, many times.


“It would be nice if Latina can make Dale say ‘Delicious’”

Yosh! Firing herself up like so, Latina quickly took out her knife.


When Dale had come back, Latina had made a stove through arranging rocks, put the pot on top of that and was about to put in the potatoes they had brought whilst cutting them.

Dale was shocked at that sight, as he had no knowledge of ever teaching her that and,


“Dale, is this alright? Kenneth taught me. When there are rocks, put the pan on like this. Does it look right?”

Latina came to ask him.

“Ahh. You’ve even properly made a air hole… Kenneth taught you huh”

“Un. Latina practised. Um, you see (anone). Because, Latina will be making the meals!”

And thus declared.


It is one of her dreams.

To cook for Dale’s sake.

In order to realise that, to show off the results of her practise until now, is within this trip, although meager, a big goal for Latina.


(Author’s note: To a great many of you. Thank you very much for reading.

The points and bookmarks have come to a point that I’ve never seen before, and I can’t settle down thinking that something suspicious is going on.

Nonetheless I, can not write anything above my ability so, from now the story would continue to be casual like this, I think.

In addition to that, I would thank you to continue reading.


Since there isn’t much stockpiled, there won’t be an update for two days. Please understand and I hope you will continue to treat me well)
(TL: welp i’m still daily)

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