UchiMusume – Chapter 31

Yes I don’t translate Kawaii cause everybodies grandmother to imoutos know the meaning… i should get an editor :L
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Young Lady, Demonstrating her skill


She directly drops the potato into the pot as she cuts them.

This too, is something she had practised for the sake of cooking outdoors. Normally at the 『Dancing Ocelot』, she would use the cutting board but, during a trip, you want to prepare by using the minimum amount of tools and washing. That is what her master, Kenneth taught her.

After Latina finishes up with cutting the potatoes, she filled the pot with water using the magic tool that she took out from her rucksack.

Then putting the firewood that Dale brought back into the stove. Inside, a mountain of dried grass had already been made. Then by using the 『Fire starting』 magic tool, she sets fire to the dried grass.

At Latina’s prompt movements, Dale also decides to leave the cooking to her.

He tidies up the surroundings a little bit, trying to make the campgrounds a little more pleasant. He doesn’t mind but when Latina is resting, it would probably be unpleasant should even a rock fall.

Even as Dale was arranging the luggage, Latina’s cooking continued.


What she had continued to cut whilst adding into the pot was sausages, thus making a soup which would taste better than just meat. After that, Latina took out a small container. The inside had dehydrated herbs. She carefully tips it, adding it to the soup.

Lastly, she adds the seasoning, making sure of the taste and then, kokuri, nods once.


Following this, Latina takes out a paper bag. The bread inside was just something normal so it couldn’t be stored for long, thus needs to be eaten quickly. Wiping the knife once, she cuts it with a serious look on her face. She pierces it with a large cooking-use fork, and toasts it with the fire. (TL: oh right these things)

Finally she places cheese on the bread and toasts it once again. When it looked melty and about right, Latina looked towards Dale.


“Dale. Dinner is ready”


A soup made with extremely simple ingredients.

However, for outdoor adventurers, something like the meals and cooking are a luxury, and so it’s not rare for meals to end with just the gnawing of dried meat and hard bread.

At the sight of her working skillfully in such a short time, Dale was also moved.


Serving two plates from the pot, Latina hands the bread over to Dale.

“Latina, will be full from just the potatoes so, the bread is only Dale’s share”

“I see”

Dale scoops up the soup, eats it, and smiled.

“It’s delicious”


“Ahh. The toasting of the bread is just right as well”

Being praised by Dale, Latina looked glad, and eats her share. Particularly when this child is eating, she gives the impression of a small animal moving.



“I had thought so as well when I had partied with Kenneth but, when the cooking is good, the trip also becomes pleasant, naa

“Together with Kenneth?”


Latina seemed extremely happy at Dale’s words.

“But, Kenneth’s cooking is still more delicious. Latina, will try harder”

Mun. At Latina firing up herself like that, Dale also smiled.

“At least, it’s much better than what I can make. It’s just as Latina says, during this trip, Latina, you’ll be in charge of the meals”

“Un. Latina’ll try my best”

With a blooming smile, Latina accepted like so.


She even finished cleaning up quickly.

During that time, the sun had gone completely down; the sky which was of a sunset colour when they had been eating, had become completely dark.

As they listen to the, bachi bachi, sound of the firewood bursting open, Latina was slowly nodding her head off to sleep.

She had been in considerably high spirits but, she wasn’t used to the journey. She’s probably tired.

Dale smiles and gently strokes Latina.

“Don’t force yourself. Sleep early. It’ll be early tomorrow”

“Nn… Nn…. Dale….?”

“I’ll also take a nap. It’ll be alright so, don’t worry”

“….Un. Good night, Dale….”


Trying to roll up in her blanket, Latina laid down and immediately started to quietly let out breaths indicating she was asleep. The regular sounds of her slightly out of tune breathing, which he is already familiar with.


Dale watches over Latina’s sleeping face with a gentle expression.

It was a journey with just the two of them. There is no reason to not be vigilant. Like always, he makes sure his sword was beside him so that he can grab hold of it at any time and closes his eyes as he sat.

He had become accustomed to immediately open his eyes when traveling, should he sense anything out of the ordinary.


The night was extremely quiet, with only Latina’s presence next to him.


Until the morning sun had risen, there was nothing that had appeared to disturb their sleep.

Although, Dale would sometimes open his eyes and add firewood to the vanishing bonfire. And though it was the beginning of spring, the nights were still cold. There was no way he would allow Latina to be cold.

Dale wakes up and, first, looked at Latina next to him. She was fast asleep.

Rather than saying she has a strong will, it seems that Latina can sleep relatively anywhere. It seemed that was the case when she took her afternoon naps at 『Dancing Ocelot』 as well.

After that he checks the state of the bonfire. Normally it should’ve been this that he takes notice of first but, it seems that he had unconsciously ended up worrying about Latina.


“….Latina, wake up”

Gently putting his hands on her and shaking her, Latina squirmed restlessly.

“Nn… Nnn? Dale….?”

“What’s up?”

From within her blanket, even though Latina called out his name as if she was troubled, when he asked her back in return, she turns towards Dale with half asleep eyes, and thought for a little quite.



She blinks with surprise and wakes up.

It seems she was still half asleep. Latina slowly gets up and, plop, sticks onto Dale.

“Nn? What’s up, Latina?”
“Surprised. Because, Latina is usually sleeping next to Dale”

She smiles shyly, ehehe.

“Latina. Was in the middle of a journey!”

“That’s right”

Dale laughs back in return and hugs Latina tightly.

Maybe it’s because Latina had that kind of past but, it seems she sometime wants company. She doesn’t say anything selfish when she’s made to stay at home but, other than those times she would often want to stay by Dale’s side like this.


Since it’s not like Dale doesn’t like it or anything, he lets her do as she likes.

Or rather, he has no plans of allowing anyone other than himself to be spoiled by Latina like this.

Thinking to that extent, his act of being a doting parent is hardcore.


Latina gets up, tidies her blanket and starts preparing for breakfast.

Toasting two people’s worth of bread over the bonfire, she cuts the cheese and hands it over.

It was something simple but, when he thinks it’s the breakfast that Latina made, the taste doubles.


“Today we’ll advance just like this through the main road, and go to the town. If you get tired or if your feet start hurting, tell me immediately”

“Un. Latina understands”

“We still have enough ingredients and such as well… I might as well let Latina take care of the food management as well so, tell me ahead of time if there’s anything we need”

“Is it alright for Latina to do it!?”

Dale faces the sight of the surprised Latina with a somewhat serious face.

“Latina, you don’t like it when I do everything right? You’re thinking that you want to do whatever you can do right?”

“Un…. how do you know?”

“Well of course I would know, since it’s about Latina”

Dale says and laughed. This earnest and firm young girl, is also holding this type of independence above her age.

He wouldn’t try to do something as reckless and irresponsible as leaving everything to her from the start. However, even Dale definitely acknowledges that with Latina’s cleverness, she would be alright no matter what job she is in charge of.

For her, as long as she is taught then, it’s probably so much so that she can understand it perfectly.


“Since Latina is my partner during this journey”

“Un. Latina, wants to do whatever Latina can”


He feels strange after looking at Latina with her smile full of motivation.

This kid, I wonder just how much she’ll end up growing during this journey. He thinks of something like that.


(….Even though it would be nice if she, for just a little while longer, would stay as the tiny Latina who would rely on me)

Underneath his happy thoughts about her growing up, he wonders if it was selfish of him that he ended up thinking of something like that.


Cleaning up the bonfire, and putting the luggage on the horse once again, they start walking in order to return to the main road.

The weather is nice and calm today as well.


(Author’s note: If something extravagant was cooked then it wouldn’t seem like the start of a journey… however, if it’s too simple then it wouldn’t seem tasty


It’s hard to find a balance.

I’ve wrote this before but, regarding the cooking aspect of this fantasy, it’s done in an extremely fuzzy way)

(TL: damn… shy Latina, favourite Latina.. so cute)

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