UchiMusume – Chapter 33

woops, so all the times I’ve been translating 保護者as guardian, but checking the older paragraphs it had been redefined as parent and i forgot, heh… and that’s why an idiot like me should create glossary or edit better but hey~ yolo
Edit: I apologise for the yolo… also thanks Eliss for clearing up a line for me 🙂

Young Lady, Going to the Sea


After they left Haaz, and going through several campsites and inn towns, the two of them arrived at the Port City Cuvare.

Cuvare has a different grace compared to the towns up until now.

The red vivid roofs were the same as the other towns but, all the buildings have been coated with white mortar, and have a brilliant green emblem painted on them.

It is because they not only wish for the protection of the primary god in the country of Raband, 『Red God(Ahmar)』but also the protection of the god who protects commerce and governs the ocean at the same time, 『Blue God(Azraq)』.

Hence, the town of Cuvare which is filled with the fragrance of the sea, has an extremely brilliant and characteristic scenery.


“It’s the sea~!’

Immediately after going into Cuvare, Latina sees the sea and shouted out with great joy.

“Dale, Dale! Sea, is it alright to go out to the sea!?”

“Calm down Latina. First we have to settle in an inn and drop off our luggage”

Dale smiles wryly as he points the their other 『companion』 next to Latina.

“This guy has to rest too”

“It was like that… sorry, Braoh”

Latina scratches the horse’s nose as she says that.

It seems that she had named the horse without Dale noticing.

He had planned to let it go once this journey was over but, he realised too late that Latina might end up becoming attached to it before then.


Dale had chosen, at Cuvare, an inn that cost them the most yet.

Grade-wise, the establishment and rooms were not that different to the inns up till now. The difference in cost was solely the security price.

Every room requires a magic tool key, and it’s precisely because of that, that the people of the inn are extremely aware that safety is one of their selling points.

That is different from their inns until now, it means that even if they left their luggage there, there was a certain level of security guaranteed.


They planned to stay at Cuvare for three nights.

It’s also about time their fatigue would show. Thus it was a decision made from the considerations of not just sightseeing but also the desires of wanting to rest properly.


Placing down their luggage, he removes the gauntlet. He left his coat and long sword with him. After that Dale looks towards Latina where she had becoming lighter, having taken off the rucksack on her back and the knife.

She neatly places it in the corner of the room, showing her methodical personality.

“Hey, Dale. If it’s after this town, can Latina send a letter to Kroix?”

“A regular service goes out after all. So, sure”

“If that’s the case. Later, Latina will write a letter to Chloe and Rita!”

Latina declared that with a cheerful smile.

“Then… so that you can write that letter, we’re going to have to go looking around Cuvare, right”



Even for Dale himself, 『sightseeing』 is something he hasn’t done in a long time. He goes out on trips frequently but, it’s usually for work. It feels a little refreshing.

Above all, he is together with a Latina this cute, being joyful and looking happy throughout this trip.

There’s no way Dale himself wouldn’t become cheerful as well.


Cuvare is a town with a strange scenery.

That is probably not because of the buildings. This town, the window to foreign countries, although is in the country of Raband, somehow makes you feel the atmosphere of another country. Together with that, is probably what makes up the 『Ambience』 of this town.

The people walking down the roads are also largely affected by that. Every now and then they would pass by people who are wearing clothing, accessories as well unique things which they had never seen before in this country.



At the sight of Latina hanging her mouth open, Dale also loosens up his expression.

Coming out from the heart of Cuvare, the two of them came to the harbour.

The sunlight, kira kira, glistening along the water’s surface was also a large cause of excitement for Latina but, currently she’s fixated on the large merchant’s ship which had just come into the harbour.

Maybe it’s because she’s looking up but, her mouth had opened much more than before.

“Amazing….. Dale. This ship. Where did it come from I wonder”

“Nn? See, there’s a flag hoisted there. That emblem is….”

When Dale points to it, teaching her, Latina nodded quickly.

“From a country from far away right~”

“Ahh. That’s right”

“Amazing. This is all a first for Latina!”

Looking at Latina who was leaning forward, viewing the ship curiously, he quietly supports her with his hand so that she doesn’t end up falling.

Having come to the point where he has such considerations, he was already a splendid 『Parent』.


At a corner of a rocky beach, Latina was staring wide eyed looking at the sight of wharf roaches all rustling at the same time.

It’s true that this kind of spectacle isn’t often seen downtown.

Latina intentionally goes under the shade, observing the roaches moving.

(…She’s completely fine with bugs and such…)

Well, since Latina was fine even with magic beasts as her opponent, something like bugs are probably no big deal.

(….But, to catch them with her bare hands…. I better stop her….)

Latina is unexpectedly wild.


Before going to eat lunch, they went to go take a look at the market at Latina’s strong request.

As expected, only at a harbour would all sorts of seafoods be abundantly lined up.

Even in Kroix, there would sometimes be saltwater fish sold.

It was something that had been transported there and uses cooling magic tools quite a lot. Just the fee of the transportation was expensive so, it became a high class food that commoner rarely ate.

The sight of the many types of variety, incomparable to that in Kroix, all lined up in a row made quite a magnificent view.


“There’s so many fish”

Latina stared wide eyed, walking as she looks at the fishes. Speaking of sea animals, there are many with their own individual shapes, and forms. A gigantic, expressionless fish was placed on the floor however, Latina was surprised and jumps with a start.

Is what he thought but, the next moment she, pata pata, ran up to the next store over.

“Uwah…. this, how do you eat this?”

As she tries to poke as the sea urchin, covered entirely with tough spikes, Latina tiled her head.

“You eat the insides”


The sea urchin, as if it was still alive, gently moved it’s spikes. Latina nodded whilst her interest had been completely stolen away at the sight of that.


They ate lunch at one of the shops inside the market.

Especially since there is such a variety of fish. There’s no way they wouldn’t eat that.

Sitting down in front of a heated net, they grill the fresh products of the sea that had been carried over onto their plates in stacks.

With tongs in one of her hands, Latina was excited.

So much so that, if she had a dog’s tail, it would definitely swing back and forth. She looks extremely happy.

“Dale. This, how do we eat this?”

The grey, hard lump that she had first set her eyes upon, after heating it up, the part which had looked like a lid, was jumping uncontrollably.

Dale pours the liquid that appeared to be seasoning into that as if it was natural.

“You see…. you pick out the insides by poking at it here with a skewer”

Dale demonstrates it to her as he says it, taking out the meat of the shellfish with a sudden shake and Latina basks him in praise.

“Wow! It’s looks fun”

“You wanna try as well Latina? Be careful, it’s hot”


She, with the very face of seriousness, carefully pokes the skewer into the shell. Pulling it out with the skewer just like she saw.

“It’s out!”

It seem she had some trouble for a little bit but, Latina succeeded at extracting the meat from inside the shell without any problems. Imitating Dale, she bites at its tip.

“Fua! It’s bitter….”

Latina looked surprised due a bitterness beyond her expectations. Dale laughs and,

“The tip is where the innards are after all…. if you don’t like it you can leave it behind?”

He had said that but, Latina looked determined.

“This is also learning so, it’s ok!”


(….Seriously, even professional chefs would pale in comparison….)

Just how high is her sense of professionalism I wonder. This girl.


They were even having their fill of grilled fish and prawns.

“When Latina, first met Dale, Latina got a fish, right”

“That’s right”

Latina smiles towards him as she flips the fish around on top of the net.

“Today Latina will give the fish Latina grilled to Dale. Eat up, ok”

“Ahh. Keep on grilling them. Because if it’s the fish that Latina grilled then, I can eat lots, you see”


Today too, he was his normal self.


Holding their full stomachs, they leave the store and resume their walk of the market.

Gradually leaving the harbour, the shops that sell various sorts of fish diminish. In it’s place, the things that became more noticeable was the countless types of goods gathered from foreign countries.

When they were thinking whether there would be a shop where a diversity of spices and condiments are lined up, they came across a shop which displayed a cloth with a strange pattern, one clearly different from the preference of those within the country of Raband.

Peeking inside the bowl shop, the bowls were painted with peculiarly vivid ceramic arts where even the strokes were unique.


Here, is a 『Foreign Country』 turned chaotic.

Miscellaneous goods which weren’t of this country’s is overflowing. Travelers, foreigners, merchants come and go. An 『extraordinary』 world filled with other unique worlds and atmospheres.


Latina’s eyes were sparkling from start to end.

For Latina, who was brimming with curiosity, everything probably captures her interest. It’s understandable.

Dale laughs then calls out to her.



“There’s a lot of people so…. it’ll be troublesome if you get lost. Give me your hand”

He tightly grips the small hand that had been held out.

After she looked slightly surprised, Latina looks up at Dale then smiled brilliantly.


And thus after this, the two of them wandered around the market whilst holding hands.


(Author’s note: Whilst writing, I ended up seriously wanting to eat Sazae no Tsuboyaki (TL: Turban Shell Cooking?)…. I leave the seasoning that Dale poured up to your imagination.

If it has no relation to the progression of the story, I wonder if it’s alright to to not write up the setting~ is what I think about)


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