Ryouriban – Chapter 38

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 17, Long time no see and Tofu Hamburg Steak (Part 2)


Riru, is currently extremely cheery.

Why you ask? It’s obvious.

Because Shuri came back.

Riru won’t let him into something like a jail anymore. This time for sure, Riru will protect Shuri.Read More »

UchiMusume – Chapter 37

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Young Lady, Beautiful Spring

(Author’s note: This one, is a person who loves flower viewing (Hanami))


It was early in the morning when they left Cuvare.

The clouds from yesterday remain, and due the the thin clouds, it feels darker than the time suggests.

“What a shame. I mean, this highway was a place where you can see the sea really well”

“Let’s enjoy it on our way back”Read More »