UchiMusume – Chapter 34

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The real chapter 34

Young Lady, Meeting with a person from the same village


From within their luggage, he takes out some slightly good clothes then changes into them.

That is because the place to two of them are heading to now, although wasn’t to the level of being called a high class establishment, was still a shop which is many grades higher than the cheap restaurants they usually stop by.

It doesn’t mean there are none at all but, it seems the sight of travelers or adventurers carrying their dangerous weapons is frowned upon.


When he had asked about it from the people in the inn, he was able to learn from them the most recommended restaurant in this neighbourhood. It seems to be an establishment which embraces fresh seafood as their specialty, as well as an establishment where you can enjoy yourself as you listen to the performances of a band. It’s said to be a shop where you can taste a special feeling above the price, and even the fish dishes make the people of the harbour satisfied.


The night’s wind is harmful to the body so the cape she put on was the usual one but, Latina is wearing her favourite pink one piece.

She also did her hair, tying it up with a lace ribbon, her treasure. Putting in her all. Her level of anticipation is peeping through.

On the pouch with the Ocelot figure that’s always placed on her belt, there is a pochette hanging diagonally, tied together with a long string.

Turning around slowly inside the room, her skirt and silver hair drew an arc.

“You sure are in high spirits. Latina.”

“Un! Latina, is looking forward to the restaurant”

Dale himself too, dressed himself up with a shirt and trousers, clothes more formal than normal. Being unarmed is, on the contrary, dangerous so a knife is suspended by his waist. For purposes other than fighting, he would always use this knife during travels or work.


“It’ll be terrible if you got kidnapped! So never leave my side”

When they leave the inn, Dale said that.

No matter how you look at it, he’s worried about the figure of the lovely girl. If you see a girl as charming as this then, even those who aren’t bad people might end up giving in to temptation. This type of unease exists in the surroundings of Latina.

(Anone, narane) Um, you know, in that case, Dale. Is it alright to hold hands?”

Given that Latina made such a cute-like request, Dale responds immediately. When the warmth passing through her palm is transmitted to her, Latina smiles happily.


The evening goes by, they walk side by side in the middle of the town, that had become thick with the sign of night.

The town of Cuvare amidst the dim lights, becomes a view stranger than the day.

The red roofs hide the vibrance, slowly setting down, the white chalk walls had a tinge of pale blue. The blue pattern drawn on the walls change to a richer color closer to black, running down the length of the town.

The lights leaking out from every home, causes the colour to return every here and there. That grows faintly hazy, and once again melt into the world of blue.

–Wondering if a world submerged under the sea would feel like this. It had become such a fantastical sight.


“…. They say Cuvare, at this time, right after the sun has set in is when it’s the most beautiful”


Maybe she was overawed by the beautiful scenery, Latina gave forth words of admiration almost as if whispering. Almost like if she thinks that by speaking out loudly, this world would end up being destroyed. Quietly showing her appreciation with her sparkling eyes.


It’s just right at a time when people have also stopped passing through, thus the two of them were able to have a taste of the luxury, monopolising this short duration beautiful scenery to themselves.


It’s precisely because they had come going pass such a quiet and blue town center, that 『Silent Seagull』, an establishment with it’s concept contrary to it’s name, gave them an impression similar to another world.

The moment the doors opened, a dazzling light, as if it would make you forget that is was night, came bursting out at them.

Many people — The crowds of customers enjoying their meals, and the uniform wearing employees who seem busy, working hard. And then, in the center of such an establishment, on a stage ordered to be one level higher, the sigh of several musicians playing a gentle yet brilliant melody. — They were engulfed for countless moments in such enthusiasm from all the people and the torrent of sound.


Dyeing her cheeks with a rosy colour, Latina made her eyes twinkle.

Even now she’s restraining her urge of wanting to jump and skip around but, Dale, who’s standing next to her understood well. Killing his urge to laugh that boiled up.

It seems that this little 『Princess』 wants to behave ladylike today, just as how she had dressed up.


Even when they were guided to a table, Latina was very well behaved.

This girl is originally on the side with better manners but, normally she would take an interest in her surroundings and should be looking around restlessly from start to finish. The sight of her sitting down in her chair with a slightly composed face is both rare, and seems cute.


However, at her exceedingly charming appearance, Dale kept his lips from slacking.

He may be a failure as playing the escort role for this 『Lady』.


At the stores that they usually go, there’s many cases where they share from a big plate. Which was why, at this store where the food is served to you on one plate at a time, Latina was extremely happy.

With exquisite arrangement, the top of the plate was vivid and colourful.

She cheerfully looks at the poele that had been placed in front of her, as if wondering where she should start eating.

Since Latina can’t really eat so much, she looked through the menu entrusted to her and had selected very, very carefully. She makes a face as if she also found the plate that Dale is eating from to be interesting as well but, it seems she knows that if she eats this and that now, she won’t be able to finish her dessert.


To Dale who comes in and out of the Duke’s house, just by thinking about it, he becomes able to eat a meal with the proper manners. It’s the minimal amount of conduct techniques required after all. Although he had never shown that side of him in front of Latina, it appeared she had noticed that the way Dale is eating slightly differently from normal.

She copies him as she takes peeks at him.

Dale too, of course, notices her. Which is precisely why, in order for him to become her role model right now, he is aiming for conduct which appears intentionally beautiful.


The fact that he is worked up about something like that and such, is not shown on his face.

That is his pride as her 『parent』.


The dessert too, once again, came exquisitely arranged.

Various types of cakes had been lined up, a gorgeous plate that had been decorated with fruits and sauce.


Latina raises a joyful voice at a moderate volume.

Cutting the cake into bite size portions, she ate it and made a cute face.

Dale ended his dessert with some refreshing ice. It wasn’t to the level of hate but, he doesn’t eat things that sweet.

Or rather, his dessert is probably the look of happiness on Latina’s face. That’s just how healing she is for the heart. A sight for sore eyes.


Just at that time, the music changed.


A quiet melody as if inviting nostalgia is, was something that made this town of Cuvare feel like it had the atmosphere of a foreign country.


Looking at the stage, having been charmed by that, a lone female musician was plucking at the strings on an unfamiliar string instrument.

Her head was wrapped in a purple cloth brimming with an exotic feel, a gold accessory was dangling down noisily. What she had clad around her slender figure was also a dress with a style you wouldn’t see in the country of Rabando. Wearing a gold sash, and hanging from her neck, there were somewhat large beads connected together to make a necklace.

That foreign looking woman was, playing a foreign melody.



Latina who had noticed that his interest was drawn, also faced the stage and tilted her small head.

“What’s up?”

“That person…. demon race?”

“….Why do you think that?”

Due to the cloth wrapped around her head, you were unable to confirm the appearance of the horns, the greatest feature of the demon race. Not even Dale could come to that conclusion.

Latina points to one aspect at his question.

“That person’s bracelet…. it’s the same as Latina’s”


On the musicians upper left arm, there was a silver bracelet.

That, which was only letting off a radiance of a simple metal, becomes something that looked natural as a part of her, and you wouldn’t even stop to take a look at it until she had said that.


“It’s true…. it looks very similar…. to the bracelet Latina has”

Could it be that it was something of important meaning.

『Human Race (We)』 don’t know too much about the 『Demon Race』. He ended up noticing that.


“That bracelet…. I wonder what kind of item it is…”

Latina muttered quietly.

“Rag told Latina to properly hold onto it. The bracelet you see, there’s something written on the inside”

“Is that so?”

“Un. …..But you know, Latina…. can’t read whatever is written there. Since before Latina was taught letters, Latina left, the place Latina was born…”

At the sight of Latina showing a slightly lonely smile, Dale promptly decides.


He calls to a person of the store, and entrusts them with a tip as well as a message.

Entrusted them to send a reply back to the inn that they are staying at.


If she accepts then, he can probably hear the story.

About the demon race. —- And then, maybe, information connected to this small girl from the demon race.


When they left the restaurant, wanting for her, who seemed to have become down, to smile, Dale returned taking a detour as he held her hand tightly.

At the special feeling, that was strolling in the night streets which they normally don’t do, when they had arrived at their inn, he had been able to clear away the gloom from Latina’s face.

He took a breath of relief.

(I want…. Latina to keep smiling…)

Thinking like that, Dale too gently smiled.


–Like this, the first day at Cuvare passed.


(Author’s note: To be kidnapped is terrible.

To be kidnapped (According the the enraged 『Parent』, the criminal, as well as the town of Cuvare which will be dragged into it) is terrible.


Thank you very much for always continuing to read.)

(TL: I’m going to be needing an editor, if you’re interested in editing UchiMusume please edit any one of the chapters, and send it to me in one way of another at konobutatrans@gmail.com)

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