UchiMusume – Chapter 35

Did something stupid, the real chapter 35
No joke this was supposed to be out last sunday, but then twitch watches pokemon and then uni gg… if you want to help me read to the end~ there’s two more chapters to be editted and i rather not…

Young Lady, Listening to the sound of rain.


It was raining the next day.

That is actually convenient. It’s a good opportunity for Latina, who hasn’t been still, looking around every here and there, to rest peacefully.

Dale thinks like that.


Listening to the sound of rain from inside their room.

Since it didn’t seem to be raining heavily, thus he opens the window to see, and the town of Cuvare was quietly enveloped in thin grey smoke.

Latina was gazing at such a town.

Whenever she found something, she would sometimes try and lean forward, motionlessly focusing at that one point in a trance. That in it’s own way, seems to be one way to enjoy this quiet period of time.


Dale decided that this was the opportunity to do a careful inspection of their luggage.

Not just the amount to restock on consumables such as food but, there is also a need to check whether or not the tools are deteriorating or anything like that. Since he is prone to postponing it during camping or lodgings where they stay for only a night, an opportunity like this is precious.


Without a need to speak, they spend their time as they feel each other’s presence nearby.

It was calm, quiet, and yet not bad of a time.


Lunch was also just something they went and bought, so after they easily finished it, the two of them drowsily took a nap next to each other. Time was flowing slowly, within the sound of rain.


The message from 『Silent Seagull』 came after their afternoon nap, and was around when Latina was humming agreeably in front of her letter. She was making a difficult face as there was too much she wanted to write yet wouldn’t fit in the letter.

Dale verifies the card handed to him and, entrusts the response to the messenger along with a gratuitous tip.

“….Then, please tell her we’ll visit tomorrow”

“As you wish”


After the messenger left, looking next to him, Latina had been standing there at some point. She looks up at him then asks.

“The person just now, a person from the shop yesterday?”

“Ahh. I got him to give a message to the musician from yesterday… it seems that she’s free before her night’s performance tomorrow. It seems I can talk to her”

“So she was a 『Demon』 after all?”

“I didn’t ask to that extent though…. I told her that I wanted to hear the story concerning the silver bracelet and she accepted. At the very least, We might be able to hear about a similar custom.”

Latina thinks a little bit about those words

“Latina…. there’s a lot of things Latina doesn’t know. Latina doesn’t know anything about the 『Demon Race』 as well…. Hopefully Latina would be able to understand by the time Latina became an adult”

Saying something like that.


“I’m also just full of things I don’t know. Which is why Latina. Wouldn’t it be good if we find out together”

“Is it the same as studying?”

“It might be”

They exchange a smile.


(…For now I have to know more about how the world works, at least more than Latina….. I can’t be careless either…)

(TL: (……まだ、ラティナよりは、物事を知っていないといけねぇよなぁ……俺も、うかうかしてらんねぇ……))

Dale tells himself that, sweating inside his heart. Holding the fear, that although she’s clever, she seems to be ahead of him.

As her 『Parent』, there’s no way he can let her down her. At least, not for a little while longer.

(Kenneth…. had this sort of feeling too huh….)

It was at this moment that he realised the feelings of his 『Brother-like figure』 who had been working hard, day in day out in order to research and develop new recipes.


Dinner too, was eaten on the first floor, and they take an early rest.

The sound of rain, came to an end at some point.


It was cloudy the next day.

When he was preparing to go out in order to shop for consumables, he met with Latina’s glittering, sparkling eyes. Eyes brimming with expectations.

“Dale, Dale! Um, you know (anone). Latina wants a fish”

“….Raw fish is no good you know?”

“Dried fish! Kroix doesn’t have many but, they say that there’s a lot of dried fish! Kenneth taught me how to deal with it!”


How like her, he thinks.

However normally, a girl her age, wouldn’t they be more into souvenirs or general goods?

He ponders that.


(Well, it’s fine. Latina looks happy anyway)

In front of Latina’s energetic figure, who was walking as if she was skipping around, it was a trivial matter.


Completing their shopping and lunch, and after they had placed the things they bought back into their room, it was close to the meeting time.

The two of them once again arrived at 『Silent Seagull』. It was past lunchtime, and the sight of customers were decreasing. In a corner of those customer seats, sat the musician from the day before.


She didn’t have the showy brilliance but, gave the impression of a cool-looking woman.

Right now she was wearing an extremely common shirt and long skirt. On her head was a beret shaped hat, and thus unable to determine whether she has horns or not.

If it was just Dale by himself then she might have been cautious but, over here was also Latina. The sight of the lovely young girl who still had traces of her immaturity, hiding half of her body behind Dale as if she was slightly nervous was pleasant to the eye.

She also looks at Latina, and smiles gently.

The two of them sit down in the seats guided to in front of them.


“Thank you very much for making time for us. My name is Dale Reki”

“Not at all. You have something you wish to ask me?”

“Yes. It’s about that accessory that you are wearing even now, about that bracelet….”

Dale turns his gaze to the silver bracelet that, even now, was worn on her upper arm.

She casually smiles as she nodded.

“… I don’t thinks that it’s such a precious thing though?”

“My acquaintance also has something very similar to that so, I would like to ask if it’s something with some history behind it or….”

“Um, excuse me (anone)

Interrupting Dale’s words, Latina raised her voice.

“Latina, Latina’s 『Horns』 are broken. A Demon”

“….uh, Latina….”


At Latina’s words, Dale and the woman both looked at her with a surprised face. She pushes away her hair, revealing the stump from the broken off horn.

“But, you know. Latina is a child so, there’s a lot of things Latina doesn’t know. Please teach me”


She had guessed that Dale was being mindful of her, and was trying to hide that fact.

Which is precisely why she said it herself.


Dale knows, that this fact will bring about harm and ill-will to Latina. However now that it’s come to this, to try and hide it is unnatural. He prepares himself for the worst.


“Even though she’s so young, such a thing…?”

“….I don’t know all the details either. This girl came into my protection at the place where she had been separated by death with her parent. She was younger than this back then… and the only thing she had, was a bracelet that was similar to yours”

“This is…”

She mutters quietly, looks up and took off her hat.


In a different shape to Latina’s, she had horns extending across, vertically growing from the left and right sides of her head.


She was of the Demon Race as expected.

She does this, and told them this to start with.

“This bracelet is, a present fathers would give their children back in my hometown….. it’s something to represent that person’s roots”


She called herself Glaros.

She wasn’t like Latina, chased away and had to leave the Demon race settlements; it was that after she had traveled to the Human race’s land, she had married her husband from the Human race then settled down in this land.

“I want to ask you first of all…. to what degree do you two know about the Demon race?”

“I think it’s good to say that we know almost nothing. Since this girl was too young, and seems to have left her home town having not been taught anything”

“That’s how it seems…. even the Demon race, during their early childhood is not much different to the human race when it comes to their degree of growth. Her immaturity shows through from her appearance. Such a young child having their horn broken…. I’ve never heard of such a thing”

Glaros’ expression turns into a heartbreaking one.

It seems that even from what she can see, Latina’s situation was quite an abnormal one.


“My hometown is much farther south-west from this land. The country that the 『First Demon Lord』 governs, 『Vasirio』. In a corner of that country, the biggest sphere of influence for the Demon race. The Demon Race have made their independent settlements all over the world apart from Vasirio as well but, one that can be called a country, one that holds an unshakeable government, and rules as such, is only 『Vasirio』.”

“Is the 『Demon Lord』 as expected, the king of the Demon race?

“Not at all. The only one that is similar to what the Human races call 『King』 is the 『First Demon Lord』. The 『Demon Lords』 are in no way managing the country in any way.”

Glaros answered as such.

“The custom in Vasirio is that the children are to be raised by their mother’s side. We don’t have the practise like Humans where men and women marry and live together”


To Dale, that was something he had heard for the first time. Looking over at Latina, who was next to him, she made a surprised face as if she suddenly had a thought come to mind.


“However, the Demon race is a race that is hardly blessed with children. Even to fathers, children are a welcome existence. Which is why, the father will give the child birthed a bracelet with their own name carved inside. Putting into it meanings such as blessing that child’s life.”

Glaros smoothly removes her own bracelet then shows the inside to them. Symbols similar to patterns, ones that Dale has never seen before were carved inside.

“This is the characters of the Demon race. ….It’s quite different from the characters of the Human race right? This is what is carved here. 『Thy name is Coridaross, Thy presents this to thy loved child Glaros. Thy wishes that thy dear child be much blessed』 Coridaross is my father’s name. And my name is Glaros. And then the words of blessing are carved”

Glaros traces the characters with the tip of her finger.

Latina was staring at the inside of the bracelet with intense concentration.


(Author’s note: This week, including this one, is the second update.

I can’t really write much. The pace has somewhat slackened but, please take care of me)

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