Ryouriban – Chapter 41

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19, A Reckless Men’s Meeting and Boiled Edamame


This is in, a corner of the castle.

Gathered here were those who held authority(?) in Sounity currently.


“No one followed you on the way here right?”Read More »

Ryouriban – Chapter 40

It’s been a while. This is 10k words. 2.5 edits take a long time (3rd edit is tiring). Enjoy, and also be sure to check out my games i made :3
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Royal speak hurts once again. Sounds so unnatural i just want to switch to I,me and that…

18, Princess and Mizuwari (Second Half)

(Author’s note: I’ve finally updated. There’s been problems with my computer, and the stories have been getting longer… I apologise)


I should’ve known since long ago.

That, when it comes to Shuri’s cooking, it defies all sorts of knowledge and technique.

Which is why, I desired Shuri. And I wanted his skill to make such delicacies, to be just mine.Read More »

UchiMusume – Chapter 42

Exams have finished… maigawd I studied hard, hopefully I don’t fail a course. There’s a few things I want to say that may be longer than I want so I’ll probably post a little rant + holiday schedule with the next chapter of whatever. I want to rant today so I’ll try to release it today :3
Quick Edit: Thanks JohnyXD for telling me the gods names are colours in Arabic, fixed hopefully all occurences and learnt some arabic :3 thx~

Friends in Kroix, While the Young Girl is Away


“Silvia! A letter came from Latina!”

“Oh… Is she well?”

“More or less. It’s Latina anyway, she seems fine”Read More »

Uchimusume – Chapter 41

I say this everytime but i do need to study lol. Just been watching overwatch videos since I can’t play myself ;-; Went to K today. That was fun. Learnt how to sing 六兆年と一夜物語, fast songs are fun.

Those at the Dancing Ocelot, Receiving the Young Girl’s Letter

(Author’s note: It’s a little short this time round)


To Rita.

How are you? How is the baby? Have Kenneth or the guests been well too?

Me and Dale are very well. Even Dale is saying that we’re right on schedule.Read More »

UchiMusume – Chapter 40

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Young Girl, Enjoying the Fluffiness


At the village’s center plaza, holding hands with Maaya, Latina opens her mouth in a daze.


“That boar is so big….”

What Maaya was pointing at was the result of today’s hunt.Read More »

UchiMusume – Chapter 39

So sometimes I go onto NU, and just wish to see someone request to pickup a novel im working on, and it makes me happy… and i was wondering why. and then im like, oh yea. people like my novel enough to want to read more more 😀
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Young Lady, Informing the youth of her shackles


The moment she heard those words, Latina’s body jumped in shock.

The spoon falls, making a loud clank. It was rare that she was being this ill-mannered.


“….? Latina?”

“….”Read More »

UchiMusume – Chapter 38

Wow, this hasn’t been updated in so long… this semester is almost over, exams end on the 22nd~ :3
And to be honest the reason I was working on this chapter was just to give this link a little boost, just a few games I made in java for whatever reason. Have a laugh 😛
Ryouriban is around 30% done for the current chapter; Saw someone want more of the brothel thing so, that’s also around 40% done. Net chapter of this will be started whenever.

Young Lady, Having her interest stolen by animal ears


The seven 『Races』 are, in a broader sense of the meaning, the same kind of existence, stemming from the fact that they are able to leave behind descendants with each other.

Races who are very different in their qualities do not mix their blood, and a child of either the father or mother’s race will be born.

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