Ryouriban – Chapter 41

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19, A Reckless Men’s Meeting and Boiled Edamame


This is in, a corner of the castle.

Gathered here were those who held authority(?) in Sounity currently.


“No one followed you on the way here right?”Read More »

Ryouriban – Chapter 40

It’s been a while. This is 10k words. 2.5 edits take a long time (3rd edit is tiring). Enjoy, and also be sure to check out my games i made :3
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Royal speak hurts once again. Sounds so unnatural i just want to switch to I,me and that…

18, Princess and Mizuwari (Second Half)

(Author’s note: I’ve finally updated. There’s been problems with my computer, and the stories have been getting longer… I apologise)


I should’ve known since long ago.

That, when it comes to Shuri’s cooking, it defies all sorts of knowledge and technique.

Which is why, I desired Shuri. And I wanted his skill to make such delicacies, to be just mine.Read More »