UchiMusume – Chapter 38

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Young Lady, Having her interest stolen by animal ears


The seven 『Races』 are, in a broader sense of the meaning, the same kind of existence, stemming from the fact that they are able to leave behind descendants with each other.

Races who are very different in their qualities do not mix their blood, and a child of either the father or mother’s race will be born.

This however, doesn’t mean that their genes won’t be passed on.


For example between 『A Scaled Fish Race’s Mother』 and 『A Human Race’s Father』, a child of either the 『Scaled Fish Race』 or 『Human Race』 would be born. Furthermore, it appears that there is a higher chance that the race the child will be born into, to be of the mother’s race.

However, apart from the rare exceptions such as 『A scaled fish race who takes after their father』 and, 『A human who takes after their mother』, the parent’s qualities will mix together.


『Races』 that have similar 『Qualities』, can also birth existence which are called 『Mixes』. In the case of 『Humans』 and 『Beastman』, both of their race’s qualities mix, making it such that 『They look human up close, and are left with the traits belonging to those of beastman, such as animal ears and tails』. Someone who has both traits from both races like this, is called a 『Mix』.


It seems that even when she was listening to that, Latina couldn’t help being curious about those animal ears moving about, with a pico pico.

Rather than saying that they were connected by blood, he was more like a distant relative. He looked nothing like Dale. If a connection had to be made then it would be the black hair that lingered at the tips of those brown ears and tail. A vague connection like the colour of his fur.


“Like I said, there’s someone whose just like me”

He said with a wide grin.

“In any case, Josef…. Have you gotten fatter again?”

The one who was laughing, completely unperturbed even at Dale’s words, was named Josef Byunt, a middle aged man 『Mix – between a Human and a Beastman』. He’s plump, with plenty of meat around his arms and stomach. You would think that he was bulking, from what could be seen, as his originally narrow eyes get even narrower.

From his shortly trimmed black-haired head, triangular ears sprung up.

“It’s happy fat. It can’t be helped alright. Look, isn’t she cute”


Josef laughs, not losing one bit to 『Dale – the doting parent』. Within those arms of his, a young beastman child was being held. This child, looking like a black, fluffy hair ball, was the long awaited firstborn of the Byunt family.

“Even if you say that…. For a human like me, differentiating between beastman is a little….”

From behind Dale’s mutterings, Latina extends out her hand, and gently pats the sleeping baby.

“She’s a cute little girl, isn’t she”

“Right? Right?!”

“Her eyes look like her mothers but, her face is just like Josef-san’s, right?”

“Right?! Right?”

Taking a peek at Josef who looks completely satisfied, Dale makes a complex expression.

“Uhhh…. Latina?”


“…Can you tell the difference between Beastman?”


At Dale’s question, Latina tilts her head with a confused look.

For a human like Dale, even if he could differentiate between the colour of the fur and physique of the Beastman; to tell whether they were male or female just by looking at their faces was impossible.

“I mean, everyone’s different you know?”

“So that how it is…. You can tell huh….”


Dale found himself amazed at the Demon Race at an unexpected aspect.


“Your wife is such a beautiful person”


The one Latina just talked about, Josef’s wife, is a pure Beastman.

Her glamourous white coat is plain to the eye and, having the colour of her limbs tinged with a slight bluish-gray sure is rare, thinks Dale. But that was all.

“But Maaya-chan, rather than a beauty, it feels more like she’ll become a cutie”

Latina says with a wide smile on her face but, truth be told, Dale couldn’t tell the difference whatsoever. It was to the point that, with her black coat, he had vaguely thought, ‘Maybe it’s a boy…’.


“Wow, that’s amazing….”


“A little lady like that would have a nice coat of fur too”

Josef says as he roughly pats Latina’s head.


(So that’s how they praise others. That’s just like the Beastman…)

Communicating with foreign cultures is difficult.


The home that Josef was living in with his family, was at the very north of the village.

It had a simple arrangement, a two part house with only a living-dining room and a living room. It’s a fairly normal house within this village.

Inside the building, overflowing with the warmth of trees, a wooden plank acting as a table, claims itself within the living room with objects placed around it everywhere, making it a mess.

However, it didn’t give off an uncomfortable feeling, probably because that was also a part of everyday life.


“For you to be passing by here means, that you’re on your way going back to the 『Village』 right?”


Dale brings out his souvenirs, the sake bottle that he brought here from Kroix and the dried fish that he bought at Cuvare, handing it over to Josef’s wife, Wuute, as he said.

“How’s grandma?”

“Well I mean, I didn’t hear anything about her being dead… from what I gather from the last letter, it seemed she still couldn’t hand over the head of the family to my old man and was clattering with laughter.”

“That’s 『just like her』”



It didn’t look like Latina was very interested at the two men’s conversation.

She takes glances at the figure of the sleepy Maaya, as well as looking over to Wuute, who was working in the kitchen.

It seems she wasn’t sticking her hand into their matters because they weren’t very close but, she also seemed absorbed by it all, whether it was the life style of the Beastman or the countryside.

She was itching to do something.

Having noticed Latina acting like that, Wuute invites her over with a faint smile and she rushes over as if she had been waiting for this.



Her eyes widen at the sight of Wuute skillfully preparing the wild plants.

“This, how do you eat this?”

“This is something that’s quite common around these parts but, it might be a bit new to you”

“There isn’t any mountains around Kroix, that’s why”

“Ahh, that’s right”

Latina copies how Wuute was working by the act of watching and learning.

At the sight of Latina looking as if she was already used to this, Wuute was amazed. Besides the fact that Latina looks younger than she really is, compared with the kids of her generation she was actually able to do some housework.

Once she started helping out, Latina toddles behind Wuute, looking for things to do as if it was painful to stand still.


There are quite a lot of women who don’t like their territory, their kitchen, being handled by others but, the young Latina had the advantage in that area.

It’s pleasant seeing the sight of a young girl like her, working with a smile on her face.


When the wooden plates and the stew boiled with meat and herbs was placed on the table, it was around when Dale and Josef were changing their conversation topic to the recent rumours of the Royal Capital. This was accompanied with bread that had a colour not seen in Kroix.

As a response to the smell of that, Maaya, who had been sound asleep within Yoseff’s arms twitched her nose. Her eyes, the same green as her mother Wuute’s, open up with a snap.

After a brief absentmindedness, it looked as if she was shocked at the presence of strangers.


She hugs onto Josef as if worried.

Yup, Josef nods.

“How is she. Cute right”

“What are you saying. Just look at my daughter for the meaning of cute”

Dale says stubbornly, pointing at Latina who was carrying over a bowl of wild plants salad.


Suddenly being brought up, Latina looked puzzled.


“Nice to meet you, Maaya-chan. I’m Latina.”

“Uuu? Aatia?


Maaya was slightly nervous when such a conversation was brought up to her but, she became completely familiar with Latina shortly afterwards.

And then once again, Latina was in a trance looking at the small Maaya.


Even now, she was bravely helping out Maaya, eating her stew with shaky hands, and wiping around her sticky mouth.

Up till now in Kroix, to Latina who had been 『very helpful』 for many things, being an 『Older sister』 seems to be a grave matter.


“So cute”

(My daughter – Latina)

“So cute”

(My daughter – Maaya)

At the affectionate sight of the two young girls, the two men nod towards one another, grunting in sounds of agreement. Wuute acts as if she saw nothing and continued eating her meal.

There was no need for a retort.

Since everyone is happy, nothing more needs to be said.


“Wuute-san. This stew is delicious. What’s in it?”

“A 『boar』. There are quite a few around here”


Latina lifts a spoon towards her mouth, and chews on a large chunk of meat.

This was a dish with emphasis on the meat as the main ingredient. The herbs at best, was there to bring out the flavour.

Latina ate happily but among the people present, she was the one who ate the least. There was also Maaya who was still unable to form words but, she enthusiastically ate around the same amount of stew as Latina.

Wuute and Josef, had eaten more than Latina and Dale’s portions combined. The Beastman race as a whole, were big eaters.


“You guys, are you leaving tomorrow?”

“That’s the plan but, is something going on?”

“Tomorrow the men of the village are going out to hunt. If it goes well you can take some of the leftover preserved meat with you. Let’s leave that for later”

“Is it going to be that big of a hunt?”

Josef answers Dale’s inquiry as if it was nothing special.


“It’s because the divination of the Indigo God (Banafsaji)’s Miko-san has been released”


(Author’s note)

The visual of a 『Daughter』 of a middle aged father with animal ears just popped into my head….I’m not thinking that it’s pointless…. Since it did pop into my head after all….

I have disappointing thoughts like this but, I would be happy if you continued to stay with me from here on out.

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