Uchimusume – Chapter 41

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Those at the Dancing Ocelot, Receiving the Young Girl’s Letter

(Author’s note: It’s a little short this time round)


To Rita.

How are you? How is the baby? Have Kenneth or the guests been well too?

Me and Dale are very well. Even Dale is saying that we’re right on schedule.

After leaving Cuvare, I went to a Beastman village. It’s actually where a relative of Dale’s lives. When I asked him, What’s a relative? I was told that it was a family’s family. Dale sure has a lot of family.

Even on the way here, there were so many things.

I also saw a lot of pink flowers blossom on the trees. I ate a sandwich with Dale as we took a break, and the flowers were so fluttery and pretty. I wanted to show you this as well. It would be nice if Kroix had them too, right.

Also, you know………..


“Thank you”

When she received the letter from the postman and recognised the sender, Rita signed the receipt.

Apart from his moss green shoulder bag strung over his shoulder, the young man who looked no different from an ordinary adventurer, took the receipt and faced her with a business smile.

“Not at all. Please continue to use our services in the future.”

The moss green shoulder bag and the “Winged Envelopes” emblem is the trademark of the largest guild in delivery.

It’s suitable for those with a “Center” attributed magic but, it is also the most popular occupation for those without much ability.

They, with their magic, train and use birds — of which there are many different varieties of depending on the strength of their magic, and there are those with strong magic who can even choose “Magic beasts” — to operate in the job known as delivering letters.

Given that there are branches of these stores, where all the letters are gathered, are in sizeable towns like Kroix and Cuvare, if they take it to a place like that for their letter to be delivered then, although it is restricted by countries with which they have a diplomatic relationship with, the delivery range is able to cover quite a distance.

In the cases of small villages like the Beastman’s village, they wait for the delivery man who come by at regular intervals, and giving it to them then is the common practise.


Rita carefully opens the thick letter.

Inside, there were another two envelopes. Since there is a fee in of itself for the compensation for the deliveryman, in order to save on money, Latina put Rita and Chloe’s letter in the same envelope, and sent it together.

Latina was smart in regards to that.


“Kenneth. Latina’s letter came. Do you have time when you’re restocking?”

“Ahh. Okay”

Then on the way to the East District for restocking, Kenneth took that letter to Chloe’s house.

“It appears that her trip is going smoothly. …Well, I wonder if they planned it to be a relaxing trip”

“Where did they say they were right now?”

“From this date….it says that they’re at the Beastman’s village it seem?”

“Right. If I recall, Dale’s relative lives there…. In that direction, people and houses are both on the lesser side so, if Latina is there then she’ll be staying there….”


Lightly skimming through the contents, Kenneth nods once.

“Naturally, it’ll be slower than if that guy went alone…… though it’s still quite a bit earlier than his speculations before they left. It’s probably because Latina is keeping up just that well”

Before leaving, Dale had went over his itinerary with Kenneth.

Even the way there that was like nothing to him were harder, as expected, with the child called Latina coming along.

Asking for help from Kenneth, with his abundance of experience, they had planned their schedule according to the standards of escort requests.

The reason they had brought so much food with them was also because of this reason.



“Latina… seems to be having fun”

Rita unexpectedly lets out a giggles, and shows a gentle smile, slowly reading through the letter. In the case of normal paperwork, compared to the amount of words that she would finish reading in an instant, she took great care, lovingly reading over it.

Seeing Rita like that, Kenneth too softened up.


“I never would have thought that it would be so quiet without Latina here”

“….Soon, you won’t be able to say that anymore”

“That’s true”

Kenneth says, shifting his gaze over to his wife’s stomach which was starting to bulge out, and Rita laughs as well.

“Latina seems like she would be a great older sister, right?”


“The shops gotten pretty quiet huh”

When Rita says that, this time Kenneth let out a sigh.

“I guess even those guys have a limit to their money…even the sales have been going down, right?”

“I wonder if this is what it felt like before Latina came to help us”


Rita laughs bitterly, being the one who was in charge of the register as well.


Since 『The Dancing Ocelot』 has the specialty that is, being the shop where the adventurer’s of Kroix have it as a base, their regulars were full of senior adventurers and, powerful people, who were famous in their own right. Newbies tend to gather at the shop every so often and were usually those who hid their faces. (TL: 新参者は店に揃うそうそうたる面子に萎縮しがちだった。)

Kenneth’s cooking, as well as the cheap prices were their selling points but, now in addition to that, a cute 『Poster girl』 has also become one of them.

For the newer adventurers, the sight of the cute Latina has become cushioning material against those with scarier faces within the store.


After Latina had left for her trip, the newer fellows have stopped coming, and the regular customers also don’t stay long before quickly going home.

Latina, in addition to her actually working, has also contributed to becoming one of the selling points for 『The Dancing Ocelot』.

“Although Dale has also changed since Latina came…. This shop has also changed quite a bit”

“Ain’t that true”

“I wonder if Latina might also be able to handle the cooking side of things as well”

“Before long she might even be able to handle the lunchtime sales”

Rita also smile slightly at Kenneth’s words.

“That day may come earlier than we’re thinking”

That girl is maturing day by day, and even now is probably seeing and feeling a variety of things, becoming closer to an adult.

Kenneth and Rita are extremely looking forward to her, no doubt, growing up to be a most wonderful woman.


……………The trip is really fun.

But you know, from now on, I’m really looking forward to being able to talk a lot with Rita and Kenneth about the trip, nano.

I was really happy being able to have Rita and Kenneth see me off, saying ‘Have a nice trip’.

It’s because that I have a place to say ‘I’m home’ and, receiving a ‘Welcome home’ that I think that, this trip is you know, actually fun.

From now on, I’ll continue listening to what Dale says, and won’t forget to be careful.

So that I can safely come home to Kroix, ok.

Rita, you should also take care of your body, ok. And the baby too, ok.

Please tell Kenneth and the guests that as well.



Rustle. Latina’s letter makes a small sound as Rita takes it out from within the neatly folded envelope. As she does so, she curses quietly.

“Even though it would’ve been fine if she didn’t say such stupid things…”

Isn’t it obvious that they’ll, at the very least, say “Welcome home” properly.

“The place that you’ll come home to, is right here isn’t it?”

For as long as that girl continues to think so, this is the 『place』 that she can come 『home』 to.

“Stay safe….”

Rita mumbles quietly, and chanted a phrase of prayer towards the 『Green god – the god closes to her』.


(Author’s note: The next chapter will also be from the people of Kroix)

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