UchiMusume Manga – Chapter 01

So I saw it. And then I translated it. Then my internet was being a slow little bitch. So this, which I finished like 2 hours ago is only coming up now. Spent like 7 hours on this :c Appreciate!

Download here hopefully the link works

First time typesetting for manga~ fun~ :3

Edit: Folder link with more options provided by Dan

Edit2: Imgur link provided by accountmadeforants

Also the manga’s character introductions and synopsis here

Major (not too major?)delays kek (soz)

Pokemon GO

Before I would have some spare time while travelling and I would translate…but now I’m busy trying to be the very best.

Also nothing is happening at home cause I have no internet due to moving and my 4g reception is terrible lol

Busy until Friday due to volunteering as well. 

My spare time is also running around trying to catch Pokemon in the city :D. Kbai. At least until Saturday. And the late uchimusume chapter was due to my translation mood getting interrupted but I’ll see how things go 😛

Isekai Brothel – Chapter 3

Yay 1 million views :3 after almost 6 months 😛 In any case there’ll be an uchimusume chapter tonight hopefully~ 4 more stories until the end of this series 😛

Third Story, Her Highness, Princess Silveria’s Circumstances


Returning to my own room, just as I was leaning back on my first-class chair, legs crossed out in front of me, my shop assistant opens the door into the room without even knocking yet again.


Although I would say we have many proper and reliable guys, considering how the situations inevitably get out of hand, I guess I just don’t care about their etiquette and manners flying out the window anymore.Read More »