Isekai Brothel – Chapter 3

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Third Story, Her Highness, Princess Silveria’s Circumstances


Returning to my own room, just as I was leaning back on my first-class chair, legs crossed out in front of me, my shop assistant opens the door into the room without even knocking yet again.


Although I would say we have many proper and reliable guys, considering how the situations inevitably get out of hand, I guess I just don’t care about their etiquette and manners flying out the window anymore.

They handle our dear customers (The Perverted Bastards) properly, and it’ll feel awkward if I complain about them even when they’re panicking.

It’ll be annoying if they quit as well, you know.


Speaking of which, what is it this time, geez.

Just a short while ago didn’t we settle down a gigantic mess even for our store?


“Tha-that is, I was seen by Her Highness, Princess Silveria and, she said that she wants to meet the Manager….”


She came again huh, that spoiled little girl with her head in the skies.

I don’t know how many times I’ve told that damn sugar brain, ‘This isn’t a place for someone like you, a sheltered little princess’.


In the first place, what’s going on with the security of the royal palace.

The red-light district, though it may still be the early evening, is not a place where the first Princess, reaching marriageable age, is allowed to come to thoughtlessly.

Recently she’s been coming here, getting along with our ladies, and thus becoming unusually knowledgeable about sex just through the ears of others. Is that alright Mercenary King?

I don’t care you know, not even if she gets involved with some strange man who tortures her in her dreams.


“Manager! Tonight shall be the night you lend me your ear and listen to my proposal. I have also received acknowledgement from my father…. The emperor this time so, it’s no longer merely a selfish pipe dream.”


Say, First Princess.

On top of your status, you should have had your manners and politeness hit into you since you were young right?


Or what? Did the rumour get around that you’ll be cursed if you knock on my office door?

Royalty, of all people to have their greetings tossed far away, and although it may be the workplace, you still shouldn’t enter a man’s room.


The peculiar red pupils of the Gren Royal Family, and magnificently spread blonde hair.

I have absolutely no idea what has been done to that hair to have it become so swirly like that.

It can even be said that this is the crystallization of what the successive kings of the Gren Royal Family have taken into actual practise, ‘Great men have great fondness of sensual pleasures’, who have continued to welcome immensely beautiful women as queens for generations.

Either way, the Queens’ genetics which have been left behind like their names in history are doing their job properly and thus are holders of beauty on par with our top 3.


Different from the top 3 in our store who are rich with experience, I think that it’s pretty amazing that someone unused, can be this uncomplimentary seductive as well.

There’s no doubt that within a year, the princes’ of the various countries would be queuing up, courting for her marriage as they seek the approval of the Mercenary King, right.


She doesn’t even lose to Lady Rola’s stupidly large breast and arse at all.

Well, unlike Lady Rola, I haven’t seen her directly but, they’re so splendid that not even those gorgeous fluttery clothes could conceal them.


Her appearances are elegant even within the Gren Royal Family, and it’s probably the result of the genetics race, with the current Queen winning.


The King of Gren is called the Mercenary King but although the current generation is a handsome man within all handsome men, he has an extremely stern expression so, he completely grasps the feeling as the rightful boss of the mercenaries.

Her little sister feels just like their father, a stern looking beauty.

She’s still a kid though.


“Your Highness Silveria, the First Princess”


“What, what is it Manager”


Without even getting up from my chair, I cross my arms with my elbows across the desk, entwining my fingers right in front of my mouth; I open my mouth and sternly say, making Princess Silveria jump.


She’s a good woman, that’s for sure.

Even though she’s royalty, she’s not very domineering; she’s sentimental but, she’s a woman who is willing to take action while thinking of other people.


Although I may be the kingdom’s finest, if it was said that a mere Manager of a brothel is sitting in his chair, acting arrogant in front of her highness, the Princess; It would already be a great insolence without even mentioning that the Princess isn’t even seated.

And then, where she should’ve been enraged, she jumps and lets out a frightened voice, which is why, she is so charming, so pleasant.


“You’ve come to me many times but, what I meant by your highness’ intentions being ‘naive’ is not because of something of the likes of, not receiving his highness, the King’s permission.”


I try to explain it to her with as gentle a tone as I could.

Maybe that was a land mine.


“Haven’t I asked many times for Manager, when in this place to speak as if you would normally? I am indeed this country’s Princess but, when I come into this establishment I come here as a fair negotiator. There is no need to treat me politely.”


Oh right. She was this kind of annoying princess, this fellow.


From her Crimson pupils which seemed able to attract any man, tears were forming.

If you’re going to cry from just this then, seriously, just fuck the negotiations.


“Ahhh, fine fine, I understand, dear princess. Like I said, it’s not a problem of whether you obtain the permission of his highness or, whether you can ensure that our ladies employment.”


“Why! It’s true their income will lessen. But for a women, that, our body….that”


To come here in order to negotiate for the closure of our brothel, it’s out of question to hesitate speaking of it at this time.

She isn’t being half hearted, and she is very much serious about this but, whether she could save them or not is a very delicate matter.


“I don’t know about the other shops but, our ladies here chose to be in this business of their own free will. We won’t chase after those who leave and, those who come here are, apologies but, those who are chosen by us. It means that even if you’re Royalty, you have no right to butt into this matter”


The Mercenary King should have known all about this though.

Assuming the country wants to get rid of places like brothels, it’s not like they can enforce policies.

This is a large business even for this country, this town of the night.


“B-but to force those with a debt to work or, forcing those girls who had been kidnapped to work…..”


Ahh, it’s true that there are such shitty situations.

And no matter how hard they work, nothing comes out of it.


“You know? I certainly think that there are those shops, as well as ladies who are in that situation but, that’s precisely when it’s fine for those countries to take responsibility, to take control of the situation and crush them, to forbid unfair money lending, since to saving those victims is the job of those countries. I wouldn’t mind if you go ahead and do that for me.”


I don’t want to be bunched together with those scum but, that’s exactly why I say our shop isn’t planned to be a first-class establishment.

Making money off the determination of their ladies and the lustful desires of those dear customers (Perverted Bastards). In the end, we belong in the same rabbit hole.

You might even say that we only proclaim our stance as righteous but, our qualities are bad.


If you want to get rid of us then, I won’t deny that doing it cleanly and thoroughly is best.


No matter how much determination you have, there’s no doubt about the fact that this line of work is tough after all.


However even if “Papillon’s Somnium (We)” are gone, it doesn’t mean that our way of business is going to die.

If the country’s laws forbid it then, we’ll just go underground.

And if it comes to that then, without a doubt, it’ll become even worse than we have it now.

First of all, as long as people don’t change, there’s no way laws can bind them to anything.


I understand that.


If that’s the case then you can say that I’m self-complacent or, that I’m just deceiving myself but, at the very least, for the regions that I am able to reach, I want to have a prim and proper shop for as long as I can.

I can’t say something so outrageous like this princess here, being so arrogant as to want to save everyone, and I don’t want to say that.


“However….given that we’re full of especially beautiful women….we absolutely won’t approve of them giving their body to a gentleman they don’t like just for the sake of money.”


It’s not like you don’t understand, princess.

The townspeople only speak of ideals, they don’t live by them.


Not approving, that’s fine.

Thus at the very least they can live protecting their virtues, and ideals.

I won’t make fun of them, or laugh that they’re being childish.

That is a proud way of life.


However, don’t misunderstand princess.


Our ladies do indeed receive money selling their body, time and technique.

However, our goal isn’t just money. Each of them sell themselves, having their own absolute unwavering reasons to be realised with their money.


They laugh it off, endure their tears, and clench their teeth.


You cannot sum it all up as “for the sake of money”.

Well, although, it is true that amongst our ladies there are a few who are carefree and doing this for a reason that even I can’t understand.

Even so, that doesn’t mean others can just run their mouth.


It’s not just for a way to feed themselves, and I can’t say that I can present you a way for them to quit, no matter how much you wish for it.


“That’s so sad. Do you understand, women are….”


Ahh, this princess is such a insatiable person.


“Your highness, Princess Silveria”


Freezing upon hearing my voice, her highness Princess Silveria stops talking.


A low voice, capable of even surprising me, came out.

However, now she can’t ignore me.


“The ladies who work at our store, they each have their own unyielding goals and reasons for selling their techniques, time and body here. It’s fine if you don’t like it. It’s your choice to despise them. It’s fine if you personally brag that dying would be better than this.”


Those are your own personal choices.

I’m not in the least inclined to say things like, please don’t hate us or please don’t scorn at us.

In addition to them knowing about this job, they still continue doing this because they have a reason they have to.

Having such matters, it’s not something they can do without resolve.


“However, the one thing I will not tolerate is if you pity them”


I don’t care if it’s correct or not.

However I will not tolerate it.


I don’t even want to talk with people who think like that.


“S-sorry. I didn’t mean to….”

“There will be no second chances, Princess”


The princess once again tears up and apologizes.

I understand that she has no ill will but, that is something I will not forgive.

Realising that she’s acting childish, she doesn’t ask for forgiveness.


“…..A person like me who knows nothing of the world but, I wonder if interfering like this is, as one would expect, presumptuous….?”


Coming into contact with my anger which had leaked out unintentionally, she falls completely depressed.

It would be a different story again if she had the mentality to say “Insolence!” here but, this is a shut-in, precious little princess who’s nice no matter where she goes.

Well, you could say that that’s what’s good about this girl though.


“….No. I’m actually thankful that you’ve expanded my knowledge, the things that we find obvious, the things that we think can’t be helped, with the common knowledge of the people who live under the sun. As one would expect, the thought process that people normally think to as correct is your one. Actually, your highness’ suggestion of wanting to save the ladies, I’ve heard of a few things from the other shops”


I scratch at the back of my head as I look towards the princess who was looking down, tears in her eyes.

Reassuring people like this isn’t me, normally.


Isn’t there some kind grandfather figure for this. (TL: 御付の爺やとかいねえのか。)


“But you know. It’s great that you’re stating your ideals but, try to go about it so that it’s a little bit easier for people to empathise with it, Princess. Even if you want to state your ideals and walk through the path of reality, don’t restrict the erotic side of it, you probably won’t be able to achieve it. In a certain sense, it won’t disappear even in a much more advanced world than this one. It’ll never die, as long as there are people.”


Even if it was a world which is of scientific belief, even if they solve the wealth gap, and solved racial discrimination, the cities of the night won’t disappear.

Without stopping on AR and VR, even the invention of humanoids nigh indistinguishable with humans are because of that.


Although there’s magic, it’s just not a feasible matter in this world currently to rid of it, as long as people stay people.

Though I don’t know if some day everyone will be released from the shackles of humanity and evolve into colonial life form.


If it’s with the Princess’ status then, if she focuses her attention on a more realistic situation then as a result, the amount of people she would save would be much more, I think.

Luckily she is a fundamentally kind person, additionally although it’s a little formal, it may be effective.


“R-right now I’m unused b-but, if I’m taught by you, Manager then, I’ll learn it with all my might. Even though I look like this, I learn quickly so, I’ll be able to satisfy…. you immediately….I… think… but….”


Almost as if she was truly catching on fire, her face turns bright red as she started to run her mouth saying strange things.


Oi, what are you trying to get yourself into, this Royal Princess.


Actually, who the hell was it that taught such slang words like ‘unused’ to her royal highness, to this princess who has been, said nicely, stuck in her own bubble of luxury, to this noble of all nobles, even looking at her like this.


Don’t you understand? You only hear about sex.

Despite understanding, what kind of bullshit are you spouting, your Royal Highness.

Don’t you understand your own position?


“Are you stupid? Go learn about all that from your husband that his majesty decides on or from a man you’re so infatuated with, that you think it would be fine to abandon all of what you currently are. If you had me teach you then I’ll chopped up into tiny pieces by the Mercenary King!”


I seriously don’t understand what this princess or those from up above the clouds, people of unreachable statuses, think.

They’re equal to those dear guests (perverted bastards) who have entered sage mode.


“I don’t think that…. Father… his majesty would get mad though…..”


“As if he wouldn’t, you innocent dumbass! In the first place I’m busy with my job here, as if I have such time for you”


Oh my god, what the hell is going on with her head?

Does she really think that the manager of a brothel, would really stay in one piece if he soiled her royal highness’ purity?

Even if you say that “I already asked him, please believe meeeee!”, at the end of it all, I don’t want to be burnt to nothing by his majesty’s crimson blade.


“To reject me by holding onto the reason that, that you have no spare time…. That’s mean. B-but Manager, every single night, you’re surrounded by hordes of beautiful women who’re maybe charming or bewitching, or maybe lewd, th-that’s dirty. Won’t you restrain yourself for just me? If you take me as your bride and become the prince consort then, the city of the night that Manager dreams of would be able to be realised, no?”


Seriously, what is this person saying?

Dirty she says, was that not directed at my ladies but rather at me?

Even though I’m exerting myself for this head-wrangling job, that princess’ mind is just filled with wild delusions of pinkness.


Does she think that I engage in a sumptuous banquet of meat and wine with my ladies night after night?


“You know…where in the world would there be a country which welcomes a prince consort who had been a former manager of a brothel. Save your sleep talk for when you’re sleeping Princess. I may be able to, one way or another, deal with that child talent, that violent Second Princess Karin but, it would be extremely distressing if, though unlikely, I get cut by the cool and collected, his Highness Prince Allen. Don’t say such thoughtless things”


Her Royal Highness Silveria has a strange head on her and is a kind girl but, those little sister and brother of hers are trouble.

What’s troubling about them? The two of them are crazy siscons and hate my guts, me “The vulgar worm” making a pass at their adored Onee-sama.


In other words, if they had heard this conversation something terrible would…..


“I have heard everything! Who do you think you are rejecting my Onee-sama, you’re just a dirty manager of a brothel! You filthy pest that causes harm from just breathing, be scorched by this prided magic of mine, the second princess of Gren, Karin-samaaaaaaaa!”


“Karin-sama? I’m pretty sure I’ve said that if you say something like that to our manager again, I won’t be stopping halfway next time right? Are you prepared?”


“Nn…gya, stoopp, I’m sorr…ry…., aah, ahh, sto….stop”


Uwahh, it became chaotic in a instant.

Each and everyone one of them just barge into my office without even knocking.


Princess Silveria looks down embarrassed, face completely red from having our conversation just now heard by the others.

Sure enough, her Royal Highness Karin, who barged in just now, is now captured by one of our top 3 and being treated like a toy.

She’s been like this since a while back, pleased with how sensitive she is.


The one who quickly attacked and captured the intruder, Princess Karin and now holding her like a toy in an indecent position is, one of our top 3, Lady Lunamaria.


“Oi, come on now you perverted girl, I’m telling you to stop. Her Highness, Princess Karin isn’t used to such direct stimulation. Our entire shop will get punished for disrespecting Royal Family, so just stop it already”


“Oh? If I had just a ten few more seconds then I might be able to have her say ‘Don’t stop’, Manager. Wouldn’t that be better?”


Ahh true, if it’s her then she can probably do that huh.


Even though amongst our top 3 she is the one who looks the youngest, it seems that in terms of technique, she is in the lead.


Let alone immoral, those dear customers (Perverted bastards) with high class statuses missing pieces of their soul were a dime a dozen.

Her reservations always have a wait.


“It’s fine, just stop, stop now”


“Che, boring”


She releases her Highness, Princess Karin who after just a few 10 seconds is spasming her body and couldn’t speak anymore.

Oi, even if it’s a joke don’t let a member of the Royal family roll on the floor.


But what is it with her, coming into my office at this sort of hour.

Apart from her day offs, it’s impossible for her to not be receiving guests.


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