UchiMusume – Chapter 48

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Young Girl, Begging.


The guestrooms they were assigned to was the room that used to be Dale’s bedroom and the room next to it.

And right now, Latina was calmly letting out light breaths of sleep, supyu supyu, on the bed in what should’ve been Dale’s room, as if it was natural.

Dale too, having met his family for the first time in such a while, had a lot to say and returned to his room quite late. Given that Latina was looking sleepy at her usual bedtime, he told her to go to bed ahead of him.

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UchiMusume – Chapter 47

I should translate more often 😐 It doesn’t even really take that long. Bu then again, I also need to catch up with uni work. And that does take quite long.
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Youth, With his little brother.


Latina sighed in front of the lined up 『Magic Tools』.

“They’re so pretty.”

“You interested? If you want them, Latina, you can.”

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Quick Announcement (Ryouriban)

Essentially Ryouriban is caught up right now. But in a not so good way.

The author has decided to rewrite this entire arc “Me and the Bride”, and only the first 6 chapters are the same (i.e. up to the Ladies arc) with some extra edits.

So I’m in a slight conundrum here. I have two choices (and although I’ve technically already decided) but, to either leave it as be (but of course add the stuff he added to the previous chapters) and wait till the next new chapter or to also translate all the chapters he deleted. The latter is my choice just cause it’s some extra story.

So what I’ve sorta decided is to translate the old chapters and when the new chapter comes out I’ll switch my focus to that instead.

For now I need to go back and add some more content into the first 6-ish chapters.

UchiMusume Manga – Chapter 02

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But always remember to check the official site and share it and buy (when it comes out heh) and all that cool stuff!

Character synopsis and previous chapter(s) here

Web Novel here!!

Random rant:

Typesetting is hard :L finding the correct font for everything is hard :v
And then at the end i sorta realised that there’s like a super miniscule difference between the characters fonts sometimes… but i’m too lazy and ceebs to find another good font…
Yolo and CC wildwords all the way lol

Also for any ryouriban readers, there’s been a change which i’m going to write a blog post about later

Ryouriban – Chapter 42

So I screwed up for Umami, never really considered it to be an actual flavour which I was corrected in :v Might have to retranslate one or two passages now ;-;
New images from uchimusume have been posted, spoilers alert.
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20, An Off-topic Ladies Meeting and Fried Chicken


Hello, Ahrius here.

It seems that Ganglabe and the rest are having some sort of men’s meeting, so I decided to start up a women’s meeting as well.

Dinner had finished as well, so I went to borrow one of the guest rooms.

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