UchiMusume – Chapter 47

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Youth, With his little brother.


Latina sighed in front of the lined up 『Magic Tools』.

“They’re so pretty.”

“You interested? If you want them, Latina, you can.”

“Uun (No). I’m happy just looking at them.”

Shaking her head at Dale’s words, she picked up something else lying next to it.

“Is this also a 『Magic Tool』?”

“That’s right. Our village’s livelihood is dependent on the production of 『Magic Tools』. We’re good at making weapons with trick devices implanted in them like these wares and my gauntlet.”

What Latina was looking at now were all exquisitely made accessories, arranged with gemstones. However, in reality, it means that the magic tools were loaded with protective magic.

Generally, these are products popular with nobles who aren’t capable of wearing things like armour.


“We’ve originally been good with metal works, so we don’t do very many leather works like my coat though. This was custom made.”

These weren’t made to be sold externally and were only made to be used by the internal members of the village.

Those leather work 『magic tools』 which had been made were worn by hunters as armour or everyday clothes. This is a luxury in other regions, but those that live in this village believe that utilising the materials of what they gather themselves is natural.



“I contacted them earlier, but to measure your size and finishing it will still take some time….We’ll be going back to Kroix after that. You might get bored though since this is so far out in the countryside.”

“Uun. I’m looking forward to it. There’s so many things here that Kroix doesn’t have.”

“I see. Tomorrow, I have to go around and greet some people, so at that time I will give you a tour of the village”

“Un (Ok).”


Compared to Dale and Latina, who were calmly talking about the speciality of this village, 『magic tools』, standing in front of them, the one who took them out to show it to them, Randolf, had a complex expression plastered on his face, mixed with shock.

From what he could see, his son, who he hasn’t met in forever, is doting on that young girl, which is probably why he interacts with her to such a degree.

However, looking at that sight, it seems that he has returned to his former self, having retrieved his capability to dote on someone.

With that, he was at ease.


In the outside world, where he has undertaken countless life-threatening tasks — tasks such that 『Normal』 adventurers would never interfere with themselves, the dangerous jobs regarding the 『Demon King』 and the 『Demon Race』. — He, who had dulled his heart concerning such matters, as his father, there was no way he wouldn’t worry.

To kill and continue killing humans and those close to human, his son who was suffering to the point where he was capable of saying “it means nothing”; Randolf had sensed that suffering.


(…I wonder if he was able to better himself by directing his gratitude and unreserved affection towards this little missy (Jou-chan) here?)

If that was the case then, as his father, he would probably have to express his thanks to her. Because she was his son’s 『Saviour』.


“Old man. Is Cornelia-sensei still teaching?”

“Nn? ….Recently he asked his daughter Clarissa to take over the education of the children in the village. He seems to be well however.”

“I see… In that case, Latina. It would be good if Cornelia-sensei teaches you while you were here. Compared with Asfar’s (Yellow God) shrine in town, you might be taught from a slightly different viewpoint.”

“There’s a 『school』 even in this village?”

Latina tilted her head. At the villages that they had passed by over the course of their trip, she heard from Dale that no 『School’s of Asfar』 exist. No one would expect a service called Education to spread in a small settlement in the countryside.

However, it seems “Tisroh” is a land which is an outlier to these rules.

“Cornelia-sensei is a priest belonging to Asfar after all. I guess it’s pretty much a 『school』, on paper.”

As Dale speaks, he seemed to be slightly reminiscent of the past.

“I’ll introduce him to you tomorrow so look forward to it.”



It was a large villa but, the fragrance of dinner being prepared drifted from the kitchen into the living room. Latina, who had noticed that, was acting restless.

Since Dale understood what was happening, he only watched over her with a gentle expression, but Randolf looked concerned.

“What’s wrong?”

“Eh….um, uhm….”

At Randolf’s question, Latina panicked, looking embarassed. Like so, she pulls at Dale’s sleeves, begging him to tell her what she should do with her eyes.


“Rest well for at least tonight. I’ll go tell mum myself.”

Dale smiled wryly as he pats her head, puff puff, and explained the situation to his old man.

“Latina won’t settle down if she doesn’t cook as well. Even in Kroix she would help Kenneth out, working at the “Dancing Ocelot”. Even on the way here, Latina was the one in charge of the cooking.”


“She probably doesn’t like it without any “Customers”. Just let her work.”

“Being hardworking is a virtue.”

Randolf says so and makes a gentle expression. Latina too looked relieved and let go of Dale’s clothes.


Nevertheless, the two father and son watched over Latina, who looked as if she was itching to do something, with loving gazes as if spying on a small animal, before the door to the living room opened.


Fundamentally, the people of Tisroh don’t have the habit of 『Knocking』. This is because they have the thought process where they would call out beforehand when they enter a work or private room, but in a shared space such as the living room, anyone can come and go.


The youth who opened the door to the living room and came in was a figure who at first glance looked very similar to Dale.

Their ages were pretty much the same.

His hair was trimmed shorter than Dale’s and kept down smoothly; his figure under the leather coat he took off was no less inferior to Dale’s, who was a capable adventurer.


“Brother (Aniki)… When did you come back? Was it today?”

“….That’s the normal reaction, sigh. Dad and the others, just how much effort did you guys put into such a 『stupid prank』.”

“Ahh. So you were done in again. You’ve also had it rough, brother.”

As York speaks he turned his gaze towards Latina who was standing next to Dale.

“Is that girl, the Demon Race child that you’ve been taking care of?”

“Yeah. Latina, this is my younger brother, York.”

After hearing those words of Dale’s, Latina jumps up onto her feet. And bows neatly.

“Nice to meet you. I’m Latina. I’ll be in your care for a short period of time.”


York looks slightly surprised before looking at Latina, and then his brother.

“What a surprise. Such a proper girl, so much so I can’t even imagine you taking care of her.”

“Are you also saying that huh, you bastard….”

Dale’s brows come to a knot hearing his little brother’s words. Somehow it seems that his family, even now, hold a strong impression of the time he left the village, back when he was still pretty much a kid.

It seems the fact that he is 『being marketed as a top-grade adventurer』 within Kroix and the Royal Capital, or even the rumours of such things, haven’t been able to reach a place like this, and they have no idea of how far he’s come.

“Nice to meet you too. You’re probably always taking care of my brother, right? Sorry about that.”



Latina let out a wild shout at York’s greeting. They were words she could never have expected.

“Anone. Anone. Latina is, always being treated really, really well by Dale, you know?”

“Having such a small child being mindful of you…. Brother please….”

“Damn you….”

“It’s just a joke. At least half of it.”


Latina, during such an argument constantly tilted her head slightly, trying her best to understand them and when she did, she would nod with all her might.

“Dale’s family sure is weird!”



Dale could do nothing but hang his head down, crestfallen.


He couldn’t find anything to refute her.


“We can’t finish the preparations today, so we’ll have your welcome back banquet tomorrow ok?”


At Dale’s mother, Magda’s cooking which was lined up on top the table, Latina let out countless shouts of joy.

Despite saying the banquet would be held the next day, plenty of food had been placed on top the table. There were also many dishes and ingredients that Latina had never seen before. There was no reason she wouldn’t be happy.


“We have to go call for granny.”

“Then, I will go!”

After raising her hand with a healthy vigour, Latina’s light footsteps went ‘puff puff’ as she went to go call Wenn-baa (Granny Wenn).


At that moment, Dale should’ve believed in the bad feeling that brushed past him.

His gut, which could be described as top-class was, after all, something he could rely on to a certain extent, no matter when.


His gut feeling came true.


After that, Latina didn’t leave Wenn-baa’s side during or after dinner.


(Author’s note: Thank you very much for always reading.

Year end is arriving and I’ve become slightly busier, and I might not be able to update until after the new year.

Although I definitely want to update during the first week of the new year. Even if I’m busy, it may happen once again.

I sincerely hope you’ll understand.)

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