UchiMusume – Christmas Side Story

Earlier than expected but I’m stuck on this next chapter so I’ll give this one to you guys instead😛 See if you can decipher the jibberish heh
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Side Story, Christmas extra.

(Author’s note: It’s a funny story this time around, so I hope you enjoy reading.)


The last day of the year was called, the 『Holy Night』.


The 『Holy Night』 was when close ones and family would have a feast, and welcome the new year as they reminisce back on the year at home.

For those who had strived to be 『good』 this year, they say that the apostles of Ahmar, clad in red clothes, would visit them and bless them with happiness.

A charm blessed by the shrines would be hung up on the doors of every household, so that terrible things don’t come in. At first it was simple, tying up some plants into a circle to make a charm, however, the decorative ornaments became more and more extravagant every year, and thus the feeling of amazement became even more spectacular.

It was also a custom with many mysteries behind it, such as when, or why this became a thing. But, at some point it became a widespread tradition.


And at the same time, something else was happening on the night of Holy Night.


“You shouldn’t go outside during Holy Night. Because only on that night, do magic beasts come out into the cities.”

“Do monsters come out to Kroix as well?”

Latina looks at Dale with a frightened face.


Incidentally, disregarding wild animals and bugs, 『Magic Beasts』 are considered 『Living Creatures』 and, Undead and inorganic substances etc. are called 『Monsters』.


“Didn’t they appear in your hometown Latina? ….Well, they didn’t show up much in my hometown, being so far out in the countryside, however, only on Holy Night, does a special Undead Monster come out, you know.”


“Yup. An undead wearing black clothes, would go around attacking the naughty children who wander around at night, and the children who don’t listen to their parents. ….Latina, you don’t have to be that scared.”

Dale who continued with his story, changed his complexion seeing Latina pale, shaking, unable to even let out a squeak.

To let the children hear about the 『If you don’t be good, the apostles won’t come visit, and you will be visited by monsters! 』story was an extremely cliché thing in this country. He didn’t think that she would be so scared.

“It’s ok! It’s true that monsters will show up but, they don’t come into houses that have charms hanging up, so as long as you come home early on the day of Holy Night and behave, it’ll all be alright!”

“Monsters won’t come to Latina?”

“If they purposely come to you, who’s such a good child then, all the children in Kroix would be annihilated!”

“Everyone in Kroix is going to be attacked!?”

“That’s not what I said!”


Just like that, Latina who was experiencing her first Holy Night since coming to Kroix, engraved the event along with the fear into her heart.



The Undead Monster that appears only on the Holy Night.

Its name, 『Hell Black Santass』, and surrounds them as it mysteriously chants 『Godi, Eria, Juu, Fuc, Kria, Juu』.

With its yearlong pent up powers of malice saved up, and even though it’s strong enough to appear in cities, it’s destructive power lay in traumatising children, and making them cry, as well as being a nuisance to lovers meeting each other.

It’s rather dull.

Since it doesn’t directly cause any sort of significant injuries, it was left alone as a result.

They could rest quietly at home by hanging up a charm, for that night at least. Which was what the higher-ups of the cities thought.


And then a few years later.

Children, being existences that would oppose adults whenever they say 『they can’t do something』, went on a little adventure.


Wanting to sneak a look at the monster, they snuck outside.


And then, as a result.

They were surrounded by 『Hell Black Santass』.

By the time they had realised that one had appeared, they heard a creepy bustling gathering towards them.

Arriving in front of them as if they were blocking out the light, the children were driven into a dark, gloomy alleyway.

Even though it was said that you can’t read the emotions of undead monsters, it looked as if it was having fun chasing down the figures of the frightened children.


Latina was tearing up.

She always listened to Dale and Kenneth, and would rarely play pranks or rebel against them, but she felt a sense of responsibility for chasing down 『Santass』 with her usual friends.

When the children were talking about going out at night when they were at school, and having 『a great adventure』, Latina tried to stop them, at first. However, when she realised that it was impossible to stop them, she thought again, like this. — I am better than my friends when it comes to protecting myself. If my friends were to face danger in an unknown place then, when the time comes, I will be their shield —


If adults had heard this plan then, they would probably stop them, as this plan was filled with flaws. However, the children didn’t realise this. Nevertheless, they ended up able to bring the plan to fruition with their enthusiasm.


While they were scared of the shadows, they also started to talk about a counter-measure.

The group of 『Santass』, seemed to be purposefully taking their time in turning towards the children and chasing them down, but it was something the children would never realise.

To the 『Santass』, their 『favourite things』are the children who would give it reactions like this. Because of that, a lot of them had gathered towards them, but if the children knew of this then, they would probably be terrified.


“What do we do!?”

Marcel screamed.

“Don’t be so loud, they’ll find us.”

Rudi, the one who said that, also looked terrible. Anthony, in his wordless state, desperately tried to think of a solution.

Latina tightly held onto the hand of her best friend, Chloe.

Teary-eyed and trembling slightly, Latina looks straight at Chloe.

“I will, buy some time…. You guys, run.”


“I can’t use, any purification magic, but I know a bit about it, so I’ll make it so that they can’t go towards you, so I want you guys to head for the 『Ocelot』 in that time.”

Latina says with a sharp and determined look, and before her friends could stop her, jumped out.


<”Oh Heavenly Light, I pray to thou. Please grant tranquil peace unto these lost souls. Oh Heavenly Light, I pray to thou. Please grant tranquil peace unto these deluded and restless souls.”>

It was a song about resting souls that she had remembered from her hometown.

Latina shouted desperately.

The group of 『Hell Black Santass』 stopped. There wasn’t enough power to forcefully purify them, but the language of the Demon race was the same language as spells. Wielding magic power, there was enough strength in them to keep the spirits at a distance.

『Somo, eacry, inglit, tlegirl』

『Ye, sloli, noto, uchi』

A cheer different to that of a chant seemed to be heard coming from the 『Santass』, but Latina who was in a frantic state, didn’t notice that.


Chloe looked towards Latina once, but bit down on her lip, turned around and ran.

“CHLOE!? Are you going to leave Latina behind?”

“I have to go get help, for Latina’s sake! As fast as I can!”

Chloe says so, then runs off with all her might.

If it was the 『Dancing Ocelot』 then, there would probably be tons of people with the strength to deal with the undead monster, just as Latina had said.

She didn’t want them to be angry at her, but now wasn’t the time for that. Chloe wholeheartedly, and desperately ran.



Latina was scared of monsters.

She knew just how terrifying, and repulsive this type of thing was.

And facing off against it like this at the very moment, she tried hard not to notice that her feet were trembling and not moving as she wanted to.

If she wound up conscious of it, she would slur, and thus probably be unable to continue chanting the 『song』.


The sight of a courageous, young beauty, desperately shouting with teary eyes.

The sight of her charming face distorted with fear, and yet killing off her fear to steadily chant out a song.


It was a tale of misfortune for her, but a 『gallery』 had gathered to see Latina try her best.


However, her efforts have been rewarded.


“Was it you that made my Latina cry…..? Was it you who made my daughter cry…..?”


A low voice like that resounding from the depths of hell could be heard from behind her, signaling the end.

Hearing that voice, which contained both killing intent and anger, Latina was not afraid. Instead, in her relief, she burst into tears.


“Latina…. You guys… don’t think that this is over yet, do you? Huh….?”

His manner of comforting Latina, who was crying as she clung onto him, was gentle, however, his expression and voice was overpowering even the undead monsters.


He was seething with rage.

Dale, overwhelming, and approaching the 『Hell Black Santass』 who were preparing to find a way to run away, was the very definition of a 『Messenger from Hell』.


The method to deal with the undead are essentially limited to magic. And this is further limited to either 『Holy』 or 『Dark』 magic. And although it’s not like there isn’t a way to deal with them using the 『Divine Protections』 , it’s not very common.

The 『Holy』 element sends guidance to the foe, purifying them by showing them the true path. In other words, it gives the appearance of 『saving』 lost souls, and is completely different to the approach with the 『Dark』 element.

The 『Dark』 elements, capable of even utilising Spiritual arts, exorcise the undead through a ritual similar to damaging the foe by healing them.


With the magic elements that Dale is able to utilize, he was only able to use the 『Dark』 elements to fight against the undead from the start, but even if he was able to use the 『Holy』 element, he would probably still choose the former.


Dale magically enchanted both of his fists with 『Dark』 magic.


Basically, he was going to, quite literally, beat the shit out of the undead monsters.

Grappling, punching and tackling down a large horde of the 『Hell Black Santass』.

There was not a single atom of compassion on his face as he mounted the undead and continued to beat them down. His opponents were monsters. There was no need for compassion in the first place. That’s what he said, smiling, the next day.


Pow. Pow. Pow.

The sound of fists resounded through the night.



The reason Dale was able to quickly able to scrape along next to Latina was because of Chloe.

She made her friends stay at every important alleyway.

It was in a dark alleyway where they didn’t know when a monster would come attack them, but thinking about Latina, who was struggling by herself, they followed the order strictly.

And then by herself, she arrived at the 『Dancing Ocelot』 which was in the middle of a great uproar having noticed Latina’s absence.

With Chloe’s news, Dale rushed out, being guided by her friends who were left behind as guides, and then arrived at Latina’s side.


Her friends were probably being sent home by Kenneth, who was waiting on the main street at around this time.

Each of them preparing to be lectured by their families.



“I’m sorry, I’m sorry….”

Dale laughed bitterly as he picked up the sobbing Latina and started to walk.

He had also planned to lecture her, but before he could scold her, she knew what she had done wrong and started apologizing repeatedly.

Additionally, he wasn’t in the mood to scold Latina right now, who had probably been extremely scared.

“I was worried. I’m so glad you’re okay. Don’t do this sort of thing again ok?”

“I won’t do it again…. I’m sorry Dale. I’m sorry.”

“…Were you scared? I’m sorry for being late”

“Dale…. Latina, is sorry, for being a bad girl….”

“…You’re not a bad girl…. It’s fine if you’re a little naughty now and then. But just remember that the reason I worry, is because you’re important to me.”

Besides, he was honestly relieved seeing Latina right now, who was capable being a little selfish and mischievous. She had always been 『too good』 a child.

He didn’t want her to worry too much about them, to be so cautious of finding a place where she belongs.

This is how children should behave.

No matter how good a child they are, they grow by getting scolded by adults and the like. As long as it’s not a blunder that can’t be undone, the job of forgiveness should also be a 『Parent’s』 duty. It’s okay to fail as long as they improve the next time.


Dale looks up at the night sky as he walks.

Seeing his breath forming a white mist, he sped up slightly. It would be terrible if Latina caught a cold from the cold temperatures.


“Kenneth prepared a cake and a feast for us since it’s the Holy Night. You didn’t come down to help so we went looking for you since we felt that was strange.”

“…I’m sorry.”

“Then, starting from next year, let’s try our best so that 『Disciples』would come to our doors.”


Coming back, having the Ocelot in their sights, Rita was waiting for them looking worried. Dale waves his hand lightly, and headed towards Rita as Latina hugged him tightly.





“Thank you for this year. Will you stay with me next year as well?”



The small snow crystals, fluttering down lightly, gently fell onto her platinum coloured hair.


“Thank you Dale.”


The two of them look up at the snow starting to fall, then went into the 『Dancing Ocelot』 where everyone was waiting.


–This was how they spent their 『Holy Night Festival』 this year.



(Author’s notes: I’m sorry for the slightly cruel story.

Thanks for reading.)


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