UchiMusume – Chapter 63

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Been reading up a lot of novels. IRAS is great heh. Also I’ve been feeling lazy :v sorry. Started spirit realm as well 😛 Starting the retranslation of ryouriban current arc. There’s actually quite a bit added, mainly talking more about Ganglabe and Ahrius’ marriage. Gonna take a while.

Youth, Trembling in front of the young girl.


Latina was pouting a little in silence, but it seems she noticed something. Getting down from the chair, she trots over to Dale’s side, faces him and hugged him tightly.



“Dale, is it work? Are you going to be away for a long time again?”

There was both loneliness and sadness in her expression. These few months of travel were the longest period of time that Latina had been able to monopolise Dale. Even if he went out in the day, he would always come back at night and spend time with her. They would eat together, talk together and sometimes, sleep next to each other.

She should’ve understood that, that time was 『not normal』, yet she found it extremely painful knowing that it’ll end.

“….Ahh. Sorry, you’re going to have to be at home alone a lot again.”

“Uun, no. It’s ok. Latina will stay at home properly.”

Her words didn’t match her actions. Latina pushed herself further into Dale. And then, it looked like she didn’t know how to look back up again.


Dale sways. His face in conflict.


“….How rare. You can resist.”

“Probably ‘cause Hermione is right there.”

Rita and Kenneth, the married couple quietly explained the situation to each other.


“Latina….will wait for Dale. ….But, can we be together… for just, a little longer?”


Dale’s two hands, were held out by her sides, making suspicious movements. Him, wielding a strange, uncommentable expression.


“Oh my, what a spoiled little girl.”

At this critical juncture, when Dale was just about to lose control, it was Hermione who attacked him from behind with her one sentence.

“It’s my bad for always making you stay at home all the time!! You’re…. you’re working so hard for me!!”

“So that’s how it is. Looks like you’re the real spoiled child here.”

Seeing her crestfallen expression, Dale suddenly hugs Latina, bringing her into his arms. As that went on, Hermione kept casually saying words which sounded like threats.

Hermione giggles, with a look like she found something interesting.

“Still, I wouldn’t tell you to leave right away after you’ve come back from such a long journey. I’ve still got things to do in this city as well.”

As she says that Hermione turns around, smiles happily and gently waved her hand.

“Then, I’ll see you later Dale.”

Hermione headed towards the staircase within the 『Dancing Ocelot』. On the second floor were the guest rooms. It seems that’s where Hermione was staying.


“….Dale, that person, is she someone you work with?”

Latina asked in a quiet voice once Hermione’s figure completely disappeared into the second floor.

“Ahh. Even though she acts like that, she’s still an accomplished magician.”

Dale answers with a sigh and Latina fell to the floor.

“Just work?”

Seeing those large grey pupils stare at him, and questioning him once more, Dale avoided his gaze slightly.

“It’s just… a work relationship.”

It wasn’t a lie.

It’s just that, he didn’t how to feel when he was questioned.


Latina started to open her mouth but then closed it. Seeing Latina’s reaction which was somewhat different to normal, Dale was shaken even more.



“When Latina grows up, Latina is going to be big, mon. I’m still a child so they’re still small, mon.”

Puff. Looking at her pouty cheeks, it seems like her pride has been hurt.

This child was even smaller than the children around her age. It didn’t seem to be because of her race, but rather an individual difference. Both her height and weight were growing at a very healthy rate. It wasn’t a problem.

However, since she was called “small” a lot by the people around her, it appears she was quite bothered by it.

Even Dale could sympathise.

After all, there wasn’t just a few incidents from what he could remember where he has had resentments due to being looked down on, not because of his ability, but his youth.


“It’s fine for you to stay small Latina…. you’re so cute.”

“It’s annoying being small. Latina wants to grow up, mon!”

Regardless, even if he understood what Latina was worried about, he would end up saying that without thinking. It couldn’t be helped. She’s cute even though she was so small after all.


“Latina is still a girl, you know? They can faintly sense things.”

“A woman’s sense is truly incredible…”

Looking at Dale and Latina from the sidelines, Rita and Kenneth was talking about them. The fact that Dale and Hermione’s 『Relationship』was 『more than just work related』was something the two of them clearly knew.

— They even know that they have a proviso together.



It seems like Latina’s mood wasn’t going to recover.

Today, Latina wasn’t helping out Kenneth, instead she went up to the attic to unload the luggage and clean up. She was working through it quietly.

The reason why Dale was steadily coming forward shortly after speaking out and reached out, was the all due to this silence.



“Wo-won’t…. Won’t you lighten up….?”

“It’s not like I’m angry.”

And stopped.

(Latina has never been so…. Upset before… I….)

Dale said in his head as he felt, drip, cold sweat dripping. He would have much rather just stated straight out 『You’re in a bad mood』, but he choked back his tears.



His voice croaked. Latina stared right at Dale, who couldn’t hide his trembling.

“I’m, not angry. So Dale, you don’t have to worry about it.”


“It’s fine. Don’t mind me.”

He was cut off. This young girl has always been stubborn. When she’s like this, there’s a high chance she won’t talk anymore.


“….I’ll be downstairs so….”

“Un. Latina’ll finish cleaning up.”

While he was delighted with such a trivial act like getting a response, Dale quickly decided to do a strategic retreat.

Which is why he didn’t see it. The sight of Latina once again pouting, her cheeks puffing up, all by herself in the attic.


“I knew it…. It would be better if I grew up as soon as possible….”

The main dissatisfaction in that murmur was targeted at herself, for being a 『child』, which is why she was actually serious when she said “You don’t have to worry about me”.



“I was…. I was ignored by Latina….”

Kenneth placed a steaming hot cup in front of Dale who was hanging his head down, crestfallen, at the kitchen table. He quietly stirred the emerald-coloured tea.

“I made it a little stronger. There’s not that much alcohol, just in case.”

“…..I’m not going to make that mistake. I’ve changed since then.”

He puffed up his cheeks in disagreement, but naturally, a grown up thug like him didn’t have the adorableness like that of Latina.

Kenneth plunked down in front of Dale, as it seemed like he was coincidentally free.

“You don’t have any more regrets about it right?”

“No, not really. It was just a learning experience…”

“Yeah, I guessed. Which is why, I let Hermione stay here, since I knew it wouldn’t be a problem. We are an inn after all.”

“That’s your business, so you don’t have to care about me.”

Dale sips on his tea after saying so, and frowned at the bitterness.

“….Well, looking at you, from Hermione to Latina’s mood dampening, it seems like this is quite the important period of time.”

“EXACTLY! Why…. is Latina, so cranky….”


Saying up to there, Kenneth stopped himself.


It’s quite a common occurrence where a 『daughter』, hearing of their 『father’s』 remarriage, would get jealous of the other 『woman』, but no matter how you look at this, Latina is probably showings signs of caution and jealousy towards a woman appearing close to Dale, who she had been monopolising all this time.

However, for some reason, Dale didn’t notice that and if Kenneth pointed it out then even, “Latina…. so much….about me!”, he would be choking with tears crying. And then without a doubt, go up and snuggle Latina, doting on her.

So troublesome. So bothersome.

And somehow, somewhat irritating.

Because of that, Kenneth lifts up the pot lid, and started to 『muddle the waters』, through meaningless actions such as focusing on tea leaves.


“What’s wrong?”


Seeing the two adults, Latina tilted her head as she came down the stairs. The luggage she held in her hands, were tools necessary for laundry and the washing. It seems she’s finished cleaning up to some extent.

“….Latina’s the real 『adult』….”

The one Kenneth whispered about without too much thought, was the young girl who seemed to have tidied up her mood, focused on her job and returned back to being her normal self.


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