UchiMusume – Chapter 76

Hopefully I can churn out the next 3 chapters by today. Who knows if I have any plans for NYE….

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Round Little Toddler, Playing with the Grey Fluff ball.


With Ahmar’s Night Festival approaching, there was a lively, bustling atmosphere floating in the air everywhere in Kroix. It was a festival lead by Kroix, a large city. All the shops were working towards being ready for the travelers who were coming in for the festival. Matching that, the number of adventurers who came to guard the arriving merchants had also increased, and thus the 『Dancing Ocelot』 became even busier than usual.

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UchiMusume – Chapter 75

Hi, I’m back :v haven’t translated for a few days, still have 4 terribly done chapters tho, so that’s ok… They’ll be out soon. Happy new years eve zzz I’m probably spending this one alone. This year has been quite lonely lol.

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Silver-haired Maiden, Requesting of the Rose-coloured Princess.


From then on, Rose started living in one of the rooms at the 『Ocelot』. The reason she rarely left her room, was probably because she understood her current position. And even when she would sometimes leave her room, she would be wearing her wig.

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Tiny update (might as well rant a little(a little, lol ok then))

Holidays are busy times, and although I have a few chapters of uchimusume translated already, I haven’t been in the mood for translating lately and so the quality suffered a bit so I need to rigorously edit them. Hopefully time frees up soon, but I’m not too sure. In any case, the silver lining will be that, once I get the time to edit them, there’ll be at least 4 chapters in a row :O

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UchiMusume – Christmas Side Story 2

Scheduled for christmas as planned heh
Merry Christmas~ and a happy new year 🙂 It’s been a little past a year since I started posting my translations on this site, since Christmas and new years is always the loneliest time for neets liek me ;-;

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Side Story, A Certain Snowy Day.

(Author’s note: Happy new year. Hope you have a great year.

It’s a side story. Based on the season. (TL: that I release on Christmas kek))


Kroix doesn’t get much snow. In a year, there might be, at most a thin layer of white snow. Furthermore, it was rare for it to be piled up high.

Nevertheless, this was Latina’s first snow since coming to Kroix and she was extremely excited. Which meant that her hometown was in an area which didn’t have much snow.

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UchiMusume – Chapter 74

I feel some parts are done a little awkward soz. But speed. 😛
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Youth, With the Rose-coloured Princess.



Dale, having returned to the 『Dancing Ocelot』, shouted out hysterically upon seeing Rose leaning towards the tea utensils. Wind, who was following behind him, went forward at its own pace, and rubbed its head on Latina. Presumably, asking for praise.

“Thank you, Wind. Dale, welcome home…. Um, you see, I don’t really understand but…. I ended up meeting Rose-sama.”

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UchiMusume – Chapter 72

Sometimes languages are hard, but then I use google and see people ask the same questions 🙂 I’m not stupid~ 😀
Also I do read stuff, and I find it funny people think chapter 4 of the manga is the latest… here is chapter 5 of the manga and if things go to plan, chapter 6 will be out in two days.

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Silver-haired Maiden, With her best friend.


Unlike back when they had been commuting to school every day, the time that she had to spend with her friends, who each had to carry on with their own lives, had clearly decreased.

However, it didn’t mean they could never meet, and after Latina had finished buying the several items she was asked of, she turned into a road heading towards the Eastern district’s working street.

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UchiMusume – Chapter 71

To confused people, yes there was a small timeskip.
am i trying to do 2 chapters a day? why yes. but i wonder how long this will last ;-;

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Silver-haired Maiden, With the gray fluff ball.


After he had asked Latina to go shopping, Kenneth started to sway side to side, trying to soothe his son, who was kicking and struggling about in his arms.

Since when Theo was a baby, he had always obediently listened to Latina, who was like a patient, kind 『big sister』 figure to him, and this made Kenneth, as the father, to feel slightly odd.

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UchiMusume – Chapter 70

I tried making oyakodon today. But we didn’t have chickne. So ireplaced that with sausages 😐 and then we didn’t have all the seasonings… so i could only use soy sauce and sugar. And then I left it on for a little too long so the egg was completely cooked. Still tasted good though :/
Changes are abound

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Silver-haired Maiden, A certain day’s scenery

(Author’s note: She’s grown up a bit)


Waking up, the first thing I did was tie up my hair.

The hair that I had grown out, was something that I was slightly proud of and thus never failed to groom every day. Despite that, there was a need to tie it tightly so that it doesn’t get in the way of work.

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