UchiMusume – Chapter 93

Not so greatly edited chapters come when I’m not in the mood for english stufff and stuffs. And this month has been one of those. Go tell Aunt Rhody. Might do another teaser or something just to freshen up. Actually, give me something to translate :3 Something short. Can be english or chinese 😉 Translating some chinese might be fun. No guarantees i’ll do something tho.
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Youth, Being warned by his Older brother. (First half)


Hearing Kenneth’s words, Dalelooked surprised — and pondered, but in the next instant, he went back to smiling bitterly again.


“What are you saying…. Why would I…”

“Probably because…. If you acknowledged that Latina has grown up then, you would 『have to let her go』.”

With Kenneth’s words, Dale stiffened up, as if he was startled.

It was just that, rather than because he understood the essence of what Kenneth was talking about, it was nothing more than an instinctual reaction to rejection; To run away from reality, and avoid thinking about it.

Which meant that, he still had not realised 『his own troublesome qualities』.


“You probably don’t want to lose this current lifestyle of yours, where you’re living with Latina. From the beginning, you’ve clearly 『changed』 ever since Latina came here. It’s natural for you to think that.”

“Of….of course! What’s wrong with wanting to stay together with my cute Latina…..”


“Once that child becomes an adult…. Guys who would want to take that girl as their bride, will come flocking. Even taking into account that she’s of the 『Demon race』, just her personality and looks are far above the 『norm』.”

“That’ll obviously, be true too….! Which is why, I have to keep a close eye on her so that weird 『bugs』 don’t get close to her….”

“Then what do you plan on doing when some guy shows up, and Latina asks if she can be his bride?”


His face was clearly twisted, — But even then, Dale wrung out the words fitting of a 『Guardian』 in a low voice.

“….There’s a part of me, that wants to beat the hell out of him….. But if that’s what Latina wants then, I’ll let her.”


As long as that girl was happy.

What I have always been praying for, was that girl’s happiness after all.


“I thought so. I knew you would say such things.”

Then, Kenneth continued.

“Once you acknowledge that, that girl is an adult, there is definitely no way that you would be able to keep away from 『this matter』. That’s one of the reasons why you 『don’t want to acknowledge it』.”


“One of the reasons…. What else is there….”

“Have you stopped to think about why Rita is that mad?”

“As if I would know anything about that….”

“Rita has always been the 『person Latina talks to』 after all. As a girl, there are probably some things that she couldn’t ask neither you nor I.”


Things like the changes of the body that come with growing up, and the things that happen because of it.

Various things that were difficult to ask men, and even if asked, difficult to answer. The one who Latina had been talking with about such things, was the most familiar adult woman to her, Rita.

For Latina, Rita was 『Someone she talked to』, to get a different standpoint from Kenneth.


Rita saw that Latina was close to 『becoming an adult』.


As well as the fact that, this small girl, who had been in love with her『guardian』 ever since she was little, now has feelings of love, appropriate for girls her age.

As well as the sight of that small girl, nurturing both feelings of good will, as well as sad, painful feelings into her heart.

Rita had always been by the side of that young girl, watching over her as she grew up.


“For Rita, your denseness towards Latina’s tender emotions, are probably unforgiveable.”

“And I’m telling you that there’s a chance that, that…. is something both you, and Rita, are just overthinking…..”

“It’s obvious, even to me, that Latina has those kinds of feelings for you.”


“Although, it was only after that girl had went on a 『trip』 with you, and come back when I actually noticed it. When I told this to Rita, I heard that, that child had had such feelings for you since a long way back.”

Dale was trembling, astonished. It seems he truly 『had not noticed』 those feelings of Latina’s.


“Latina hasn’t been hiding those feelings of love from you. Her expression, her tone, every single one of her actions…. Everything she does for you, is plain and out in the open. Yet, seeing that you 『didn’t even try to notice it』, that’s why Rita is angry.”

“Even if you say that…. I….”

“The reason why you 『haven’t realised it』, is the same as before. You’ve been keeping Latina inside a box, treating her like a 『small child』. It’s because you look at that girl with such eyes.”


Dale had been looking at Latina as his 『Cute, little daughter』. Even now, when she’s growing up, he’s been looking at her through a 『filter that sees her as his little Latina』.

Even Latina’s obvious yearnings for him, so obvious that even the surrounding people notice it, was blocked by Dale’s visual 『filter』.


It wasn’t just Rita, but judging from the faces of all the people who knew about Latina’s feelings, every single one of them wanted to tell him off.

The people around Latina had seen her gallant figure – Her sad expression from not having her love noticed, as well as her smile, having swallowed those feelings down — that Dale didn’t even try to notice.


It would’ve been too extreme as well, if Rita was to act impulsively and yell out, Why don’t you realise this!


“After all I’ve said…. No matter how you are right now, you’re not gonna keep saying that Latina is in something as stupid as a 『rebellious phase』 right?”

“But….I mean…. I’m….”

After quietly stuttering out some broken words, with his eyes swimming around for a little while, Dale finally managed to squeeze out some meaning from his words.


“But, still, to me, Latina is my 『Cute little Latina』 and…. I don’t see her…. Like that…. In the end.”

There was indeed some sense in that. She was still a young girl in the process of growing up. However, Kenneth made a point about that not being an 『answer』 either.

“You, probably won’t be able to say that after a few more years. Are you going to say the same thing at that time as well?”

“That…I wouldn’t know… until that time comes.”


The reason why Kenneth couldn’t allow for Dale to 『avoid this』, was because Dale still hasn’t realised his most annoying quality.


“Why are you so determined to run away from 『considering Latina’s feelings』?”

“B-because…. She’s still, Latina is….”

“If Latina was to 『become someone’s wife』…. Or if you were to 『take someone as your wife』, your 『current lifestyles』 will end. However, 『If you were to end up taking Latina as your wife then』, you would probably be able to continue out the 『same lifestyles you’ve been having right now』.”


Right from the beginning, it seemed as if there was there was no place for anyone else in Dale and Latina’s way of life.

The two of them support each other emotionally, and share each other’s happiness by being close to each other.

It wasn’t just that, but Dale was completely reliant on Latina for all of his daily household work, and other various matters, more than the person himself was aware. It’s precisely because she knows Dale so well that, that she was trying to show him a much braver and considerate front than the person herself wished for.

It was the same when they were eating. The dishes that Latina cooks were all cooked because she knew well what Dale likes.

— Truthfully speaking, it didn’t seem likely that a woman who could organize a more comfortable lifestyle for him, or be more familiar with his likes than Latina would appear when Dale was looking for a partner. Even if Dale himself didn’t ask for someone of that level, such a woman would probably hate Latina, seeing that she was a high spec young girl 『who could be used to compare her with』.

The thing known as the compatibility between a man and woman, wouldn’t become known until they are together. Nothing could be said at this stage.


“Even if it’s not right now, you can do that after a few years. Despite that, why, why don’t you even try to consider that possibility?”

If he wanted to continue their current life of sharing their happiness together then — Doing that was one of the 『options』 available to Dale as well.

He wasn’t saying that they should immediately jump into that sort of relationship. However, it would probably be alright to at least 『consider it as one of the possibilites』.

In the first place, there was no one Dale 『wanted to be with』 more than Latina, anyway.


“Like I said…. This is 『your problem』. I can more or less guess… why you’ve never tried to have 『someone special』 with you, though. I think that, most likely, that child had already resolved herself for something like that.”



(TL: This novel jsut keeps mentioning stuff that gets explained later lol. o3o)

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  1. Isn’t Dale’s problem because of the life span probably.. He doesn’t want Latina to be sad for a long time after he’s dead or maybe find someone else when he’s dead..


    • No.. i dont think so.. it’s just Dale knows how dangerous his work is.. he is entitled as a hero at a young age. Killed too many demons and many are envious at him.. he might die anytime.. Maybe he only think that having a special someone is not a good idea.. he might die anytime. And leave a scar to someone special to him. That’s what I think the reason why Dale never entered any kind of relationship to any woman..

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      • It might be because of some trauma, and it might include something with the other girl. . . forget her name. . . the half-elf. . .


  2. Thanks for the update

    “If Latina was to 『become someone’s wife』…. Or if you were to 『take someone as your wife』, your 『current lifestyles』 will end. However, 『If you were to end up taking Latina as your wife then』, you would probably be able to continue out the 『same lifestyles you’ve been having right now』.”

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  3. I disagree with how this part of the story is going a bit. If Dale had been thinking of Latina as a possible wife before now then he’d have been a total creep and not worthy of being her guardian. Rita, Ken and the rest should know better, too. How can they be getting mad at him for thinking like a proper parent/guardian should??

    It’s perfectly fine for him to start thinking of that possibility NOW, however, because Latina is close to being an adult herself and she has those kind of feelings for Dale.

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  4. Thank you for the chapter!
    Wow Kenneth is so direct~ But I guess he needs to be that direct or else the super dense Dale with his super thick filter will never understand… ^^;


  5. Thanks for the chapter!
    I think it’s normal for Dale to not consider Latina, but hey you never know what the future holds (plus the age difference isn’t as large as one’s I’ve seen in real life).


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    no no no, dont you dare go this way (not with latina’s, but with the society around them). i dont understand why the people in there isn’t creeped out by the idea of “a child that in love with their parent”. sure, dale isn’t her “parent”, and it’s quite “normal” for latina to loves him. but, the adults around… seriously? hey rita, why dont you think that in some day your son will fall in love with you, it’s creepy right? while it’s not wrong for latina to feel that way, but why the adults around just agree and support that? she’s just a teen, in puberty, it’s normal to fall in love here and there. but the other (except latina friends), you guys are an adult. you know it’s not “morally” right and understands the reasons. you sure you wanna see a “daughter” married to “her father”? and for his reason not to find his “special someone”, it’s easy. 1, his job’s dangerous. 2, he has a “daughter”, there’s a matter of compatibility of those two. 3, finding someone that’s not a bitch is hard yo, especially since he’s making lots of money. the only kind woman in here is his friend’s fiance(that red haired). now i put all of my hope to dale, just be a realistic adult like in he is now, and while reject her “love”, but still care for her until that feelings change. if, after a few years, until she’s really an adult that usually can think rationally, maybe around 10-20 years, and her feelings is still the same way, yeah i give up. heck, i will support her at that time, giving she’s really loyal with her feelings and dale. but now, what, supporting teen’s unstable love to her father with a large possibility of it will go down to wreck hill, giving an awkwardness aura that’s probably won’t be gone until one of them moving out and making their original relationship break into pieces. sure, do that, what could go wrong? (probably not, since this is the author’s escape route from real world and he can make any world with no realistic thinking at all. this is why i hate some japanese web novel, manga, etc. there’s no logical thinking and they just create a pathetic story to please themselves rather than actually creating a realistic, logical, and interesting story. and those things somehow become popular)
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    there’s no problem coolizer, it still readable and i didn’t notice anything. (but then it might make my english worse, which is not good since i’m going to study overseas and shit. pls make it into a really formal english with no grammar error for my sake lol). dunno what to give you, maybe ooya-san wa shishunki manga? because there’s no update from 2-4 months ago, but i dont have the raw, so….. ehe?
    well i dont have anything to give you, except my feelings of gratitude!! HERE, ACCEPT THIS!!
    as usual, thanks for translating

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  7. Thank you for the chapter, you are awesome.

    Also, I like how this is going, but let us be honesty. Even if Dale noticed that Latina liked him, it would obviously trouble him because he was her “Father”. I mean if I had a daughter and she said I love you as a man, that would be a path that I really REALLY will not take. That is definition of creepy. Honestly, if I was Kenneth I would not support this relationship at all if it was real life. But, Dale and Latina… like Kenneth said there will really be no match for each other.
    This is surprisingly hard topic to discuss because, at least for this light novel, I support this relationship. But, the people around Dale shouldn’t be disappointed in Dale, because that is how this is supposed be. If anything, they should be supporting Dale here not criticizing him. It’s controversial and in a way, disgusting, if Dale really felt that way toward Latina ever since she was young.

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  8. Thank you for the chapter!
    This novel turns out to be rather dissapointing. I feel sorry for Rudi. This thing is the same as Usagi Drop, it was so sweet, until that girl decited to go for her guardian…
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  9. Usagi Drop all over again, it seems. *sigh*
    I’m considering dropping out now. Or at least,skipping ahead and skimming. Ugh, it disgusts me that everyone is being critical of Dale for acting like a father instead of a pedophile. /


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