UchiMusume – Chapter 102

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So this is the an unedited version. Thanks for all the applicants, I appreciate the time you’ve taken to submit and edit 🙂 And check out the manga if you haven’t.

My editor went to sleep so :v I'll have to have them intro themselves next week. In the meantime they'll be editing chapters 100-102, so look forward to some changes :P 
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Youth, Recuperating. Second.


“What happened?”


Dale hesitated, but he recited back to his friend a simplified version of the current affairs.

There was nothing else he could do, and no matter how much he rolled it around, it would occupy his head. If Gregor wanted him to spit it out then, that’s exactly what he’ll do.

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I did a oops -manga fix-

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UchiMusume – Chapter 101

Okay. This was very slow. :v Wish I could have done more, but I got distracted too easily >>
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Youth, Recuperating. First.

(Author’s note: This work does have a warning tag, don’t get me wrong.)


Healing magic is not effective on 『illnesses』. And, every single 『illness』 is associated to one thing, the 『Fourth Demon Lord』. — Which was 『common knowledge』 to every single person.

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UchiMusume – Chapter 100

Chapter 100~ Yay. Also we’ve reached over 3 million views~ I don’t exactly know what that would give me or what it would ever mean but in any case thanks. Hopefully Bluey’s gonna post up a chapter of something today as well 🙂 And hoepfully i’ll do another chapter or  two today 🙂
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With the Red-haired Youth, and Silver-haired Maiden. Three


Looking towards a new customer, she reflexively called out.


Seeing that, that person, was in a certain sense of the meaning, 『the person she was waiting for』, Latina held tightly onto the tray, trying not to fall over this time.



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UchiMusume – Chapter 99

I’m procrastinating. I should not be in charge of things. I’m going to try my utmost I swear, to go through the edits people have sent me tonight. (All 9 edits that came back lol)
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With the Red-haired Youth and Silver-haired Maiden. (Second)


“What? What’s going on!?”

Hearing the noise, Kenneth rushed out into the storefront from the kitchen, and within the mess of plates and glasses, was Latina, plunked down onto the floor.

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Sir, I can’t actually read my Status

Title: Sir, I can’t actually read my Status

Raw: http://ncode.syosetu.com/n6214du/

Author: Ora-sama

Status. That was the magic display in which you would understand with a single glance, the talents bestowed upon you by god. Your skills and stats.

In such a world which heavily values such a display, our protagonist Raigh, is the only one with a display, that not even he, nor anyone else was able to understand.

Raigh, unknown to the skills and stats that he holds, was scorned by his surroundings at a young age, unable to find an honest job, and was living out his hopeless days as a bottom-of-the-barrel adventurer. Nevertheless, he was trying his utmost in order to fulfill his dreams, and had gotten his hands on a ridiculous power without even noticing it.

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UchiMusume- Chapter 98

I was going to use this chapter as the final test, but this is too good a chapter, and tbh 1 chapter/wk is rather slow… i feel pressured :c
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With the Red-haired Youth and the Silver-haired Maiden. (First)


On the first day, he drank himself unconscious, and had showed something shameful to Latina – by having her once again cast a 『Detox』 spell on him – but that wasn’t enough to discourage him, and he visited the 『Dancing Ocelot』 on the next day as well.

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UchiMusume – Chapter 97

so my level of quality i’m looking for is just like, nice english. Easy to read, easy to digest without having to re-read passages too much.(something like this chapter(i tried a little bit harder lol)) That’s what webnovels should be about right? I’ll be sending out the tests after this. Please bear with me if I don’t reply immediately as there are quite a few applicants. (Wow it’s like i’m running a business heh)
For those confused, see the previous post.
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Red-haired Youth, Visiting the 『Ocelot』.


Latina returned working at the 『Dancing Ocelot』 the next day, and she looked like she had mostly recovered, from what could be seen.


However, though she could overcome the loneliness that 『him being away』 normally brings, she had brought Wind up to the room to accompany her last night, instead of spending her nights up there alone, as usual. Nevertheless, Kenneth and the others didn’t say a word. If with that, she could be comforted by the warmth of another, even for a little while, then that’s what she should do.

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