UchiMusume Manga – Extra Story 2

I guess no one really wants the next real chapter lol.

Jokes, it’s more just a celebration chapter for the release of volume 2.

Hi guys 🙂

Check out that llink. I mean… this link: http://bit.ly/2iBEa8z . Because. WHAT ARE THOOSEEE! (Did I meme properly?) Blue says I meme too much… but I don’t even.. such lies. much deception. wowe.


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UchiMusume Manga update – Special

Volume 2 of the manga comes out on August 23rd (Today)! Please buy it 🙂

Volume 2 of the UchiMusume Manga comes out today! Buy it here on AMAZON cause that’s what everyone uses these days amirite :v

As a result though, the manga has been delayed to August 28th.

And No. This hasn’t been dropped yet 😛

Furthermore Volume 6 of the Light Novel also came out recently! You can buy that here (ON AMAZON)!

Remember to follow the Manga artist on twitter for all the retweets regarding the manga. (Be warned though, it’s in Japanese, and he also does r18 stuff)