Ryouriban – Chapter 47

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Chapter 23, Divine Revelation and Fried Rice (Part 1)


In the end, Renha-san got into a carriage and disappeared off to some place with a few attendants.

No matter who I asked, no one would tell me where exactly she was going, and all Princess Tebis told me was,

“Do not worry. We will not bring her any harm.”


Well, I can’t imagine Princess Tebis doing anything weird to her, and there’s no way Renha-san would be executed so maybe I should just be relieved.

It feels so weird. Even though she was a criminal, an evil woman who caused such atrocities, it doesn’t make me feel too good knowing that she could be executed within a range of where my eyes could see, and arms could reach.

Even though I know that it needs to be done… no, I can’t be thinking like this. I’m gonna have to get used to this.

This isn’t Japan. This isn’t Earth.

This is another world. A world filled with war and chaos.

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Ryouriban – Chapter 46

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Chapter 22, A Shriek and Steak (Part 2)

Translated by Coolizer. Kappa. I never understand why people need this section. Though I guess it’s cause I run this whole site whereas some people as a part of sites? 😛 muahaha~ this whole site is mine… I sound 15. (11440 words btw)


Sometimes, we would think.

According to what the others have said, the first ones to pick that person up, when he was just wandering about, was them.

The first to extend their hands out to Shuri and help him, was Ganglabe and the rest.

If… at that time.

If at that time, the one who met Shuri first… was us.

We would always wound up thinking, whether this could have changed our fate.

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UchiMusume Manga – Chapter 18

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