Ryouriban – Chapter 54

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Chapter 25, Wedding night and Mead (First Half)


“Good work everyoneeee!”



Following my lead, Ganglabe-san and the others clinked their glasses together in celebration. With all of us bringing our glasses together, we began our celebrations to the success of the wedding reception.

The current hour was truly very deep into the night. So late that there were only a few candles lit, and an absence of anyone else in the wedding hall. And there we were, to celebrate once more.

Ganglabe-san and Ahrius-san, Riru-san, Teg-san, Cougar-san.

As well as Ekress-san, Gann-san and Gingus-san.

For some reason Princess Tebis was still here and had intruded into our afterparty.


“Iyaa~ what a way to celebrate. With this, Ganglabe-san has finally become the head of a household.”

“Well, quite a lot had been going on though.”


He was acting modest, but Ganglabe-san’s face seemed to loosen up a little with a smile. I guess it’s only natural given that he’s finally achieved his dreams.

The one sitting next to him, Ahrius-san, was also smiling along happily.


“But, this is just the beginning. Even though I say I’ve attained my dream, this is yet to be the end. I’ve still got a ways to go.”

“Well that’s a given, su~ it’s all beginshe~”

“Teg-san, you should sleep if you’re drunk…”

“I’m not junk, su, hic!”

“If you’re going to ‘hic’ then you’re drunk.”


Teg-san’s face has already turned completely crimson, and the blood circulation looks to have long since stopped…

Shaking my head, I pull out a chair for him. It wouldn’t be good if he was to suddenly fall down.

However, Teg-san wound up drifting off to sleep the instant he planted down onto the chair.


“…yakno… pishuu…”

“Is that alright? Shouldn’t we take him to his…”

“Let him be. People like us crave for sleep when and wherever we can find it. Teg ain’t gonna wake up that easily.”


Cougar-san sits down on a chair, proceeding to continue drinking his wine, little by little.

Perhaps he was thinking back to everything that had happened so far, from when we had just entered the country to the wedding, as he was currently revealing a slight grin all the while cursing out loud, drink in hand.


“Now then, I have some things to think about. So, leave me alone for a minute please.”

“Ah, okay.”


I hit the nail on the mark, huh. Cougar-san really was digging through the past as he drank all by himself. I had thought that maybe he was recalling the past from when we had just entered the territory up to the wedding but, it was likely that the period of time before he met me… the period that they had it the roughest, was also included in his recollections.

I get it though… wanting to sink yourself deep into the memories of all the pain you suffered in the past…  and then thinking to the present when it has all been rewarded…




I just imagined it as really cool just now, but the sight of him giggling to himself while drinking is just making me think that he’s weird so, I’m going to stop looking at him now. Otherwise the image I have in my head of Cougar-san will be destroyed.




As I look away, someone else puts their arm around my shoulders.



“Sup. This one never really had the time to have a good long talk with you, right? After all, we never really got the chance between the work that This one and you are constantly bombarded with.”

“We did have that meet up with the boys but… I guess you’re right, we’ve never really had a chance to talk face to face.”

“Exactly, exactly. Come talk with this one a bit.”


Gingus-san too had a completely red face, clearly drunk. Dragging me along, he sits down onto a chair.

I too drag a chair closer to me, sitting down across from him.

Now then, what should we talk about?


“You know, This one used to consider our reign as the heir of this territory to be an order.”

“Yes. And that was… because of your relationship with Renha-san?”

“Indeed. That’s what Mother taught us… It was the entire reason for our existence.”


We just jumped right into a rather sad topic. Is he okay?

Gingus-san drinks his wine and continues. His line of sight quite naturally falling to the ground.


“However, This one, didn’t have an ounce of talent regarding domestic affairs. Even if This one stare at the numbers and census about the territory, it just looks unintelligible, and no matter how much This one studies the taxes it doesn’t stick to our head and This one can’t even imagine how to make better policies for the citizens.”


“However, what This one realised was that, This one wasn’t meant to protect the citizens from within. No, instead This one’s duty is to protect our citizens from the external threats.”


Gingus-san turns his gaze towards the window, looking far out into the distance.

His eyes look nostalgic as if they were recalling something of the distant past.


“Truthfully, This one has the talent military-wise. If it’s numbers concerning the military, it just sticks. Budget, reserve provisions, march speeds, the number of soldiers, and the branches of army… I get that stuff.”

“It’s because you’re so outstanding… or rather you can say it’s because you’ve polished that talent to the extent that your other areas can’t shine as bright. It’s like, how the heavens won’t grant a person two talents.”

“Exactly! HAHAHA, that’s why This doesn’t have any talent regarding admin stuff but is talented with the army! And This one even has confidence in our strength!”


I look at Gingus-san laughing happily as he poured himself another cup of wine to down, and somehow came to the idea that I like this person.

Despite the orders given down to him by his parent, he was able to complete the jobs assigned to him involving his talents marvelously.

I can feel my respect for him grow, as well as our friendship.

We didn’t meet in the greatest fashions, but we’re able to drink and laugh about it now.


“Gingus-san… so, are you happy now?”

“Of course. Whatever This one is assigned to this one can do well, and Ekress… my elder sister doesn’t have to continue acting like she’s a man… our lives are no longer bounded by anything, and we can finally live as we please. Although the question does pop up quite often. But This one can still confidently say tell them. That, we can relax, we can rely on others to do the things that we cannot.”

“Hm? What question pops up?”

“Well, from our old vassals and those people. They would keep asking us, like, whether we’ll take back to the seat of the Lord, even now. And we’ll tell them in return, ‘You can rely on Ganglabe. After all This one has seen him work for the past few days and he has the talents of This one and our sister combined. As long as This one and our sister is here, then the bloodline to Sounity would not end. And that’s good enough.’”

“So that’s been going on…”

“For a while now… what This one and our sister will likely focus our efforts on is working towards reducing the friction between Ganglabe and those vassals.”


He has a point… Thinking about it now, there’s even a part of the current administration in which the vassals from the previous Sounity government are still handling. There’s a high probability that there exist feelings of rebellion amongst those people.

I mean, just take a look at the cooks who left during the previous strike. They still haven’t returned. They’re likely just smouldering away somewhere.

I place the wine on the table before crossing my arms together to say.


“Gingus-san and Ekress-san… we’ve given you a lot of trouble. Forgive us.”

“Hmm, I want to say that… it’s the fault of the people who didn’t manage to adapt to the current climate of the world. I can’t deny however that there’s a part of me that still thinks it was better before. As long as everything is in order. However, the times are unforgiving. You don’t survive if you do not adapt. And the result of that is… inescapable. If we don’t, we won’t be the ones to live.”


Gingus-san once again downs his wine before pouring another cup for himself and bringing it out in front of me.


“That’s why, both This one and you, we’re both doing our best, right?”



I hurriedly poured myself some wine and met mine with Gingus-san’s cup.

Clink. A light sound reverberated. After the toast, both me and Gingus-san downed the wine in one gulp.


“Puhaa…. You sure can hold your liquor.”

“Well, a little. You’re pretty good too Gingus-san.”

“This one has always been this good.”


Gingus-san laughs out heartily. He laughs on and on… then leans down onto the desk.


“Eh!? Wai- Gingus-san?! Gingus-san!”



Ah, he’s asleep.

I guess after saying what he had to, he felt so accomplished that he wound up falling straight to sleep as soon as he drained that last cup of wine.

This guy… he just does what he wants to….


“Hey Shuri. It’s rather bothersome dealing with drunks, right?

“Ah, Princess.”


Just as I was contemplating on what I should be doing about Gingus-san, along came Princess Tebis.

Standing next to her was Wutin-san, desu. Princess Tebis was holding a cup but… there’s no way there’s alcohol in it at her age?


“Hmm, the aftertaste of the celebration lingering in the air is wonderful. The enthusiasm is comforting.”

“Princess, we truly do have to thank you for this. Thank you for all the work that you’ve put into this…”

“We will have you repay this debt one day, you see.”

“With Mapo Tofu?”

“Ugh!! No-not with that… um…”


Liar. I can see you trying to not meet my eyes.


“Ra-rather than that! Here, Shuri.”


Princess Tebis gives a signal to Wutin-san and she handed me something that she had been holding.

A bottle with some sort of liquid inside… could it be?


“Ah, you’ve finally brought it?”

“Indeed, we had Wutin bring it over to us. And it’s all because it seemed as if you had forgotten all about it, dear Shuri.”

“Ah! Now that you mention it…”

“I’m quite disappointed that you would forget about the honey that you asked from us, right after requesting it.”

“My, my apologies…. Thank you very much.”


I take the bottle from Wutin-san and check the contents.

Yup, looks like it’s made well after all. That’s great. Wonderful.


“So? We too knew of the substance inside. We made this specifically with the highest-grade honey that Newbyst has to offer, along with the other ingredients that you requested. There’s a purpose for this, correct? For that bottle of mead?”


Princess Tebis folds her arms together as she said.

Indeed, inside this bottle was a type of alcohol known as mead. A type of alcohol made from honey.

You make it by mixing together an accurate ratio of honey, water and yeast. After that you let it sit, and that’s it.

Honestly, there needs to be yeast cells, but since normal yeast works with honey that hasn’t been heat sterilised, you can just stir it and leave it be and it will still become mead.

The honey I got through asking Princess Tebis.

By the way, there are a lot of different methods to create yeast. You could try a combination of chamomiles, honey, and natural water. There’s also a method by using raisins so do try that too.


“You see, mead has…”


Wait, can I really tell this cute, young, sweet girl about this sort of thing? It doesn’t seem like that good an idea right…?

In the olden days, mead used to be… used as a type of medicine for enhancing the body when making children…


“Wutin-san, come here.”


I beckon Wutin-san over to my side. Wutin-san seemed a little bewildered as she approached me, and I whispered into her ear.

Perhaps she understood what I meant as her usual expressionless face turned completely red.

Princess Tebis didn’t seem to hear what we were saying as she turned her head sideways in confusion.


“Please tell the Princess that.”




Wutin-san looked like she wanted to say something, but I left the scene before she could.


Now then, this bottle of mead. I hope they’ll be happy with it.

I pass the bottle of mead over to Ganglabe-san and decided to end the afterparty.


Does it really? I guess it does: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/2949742.stm
And wikipedia has the rest of the info
And if you want an entire paper about mead… (shrug)

Also next chapter has already been translated. Got a lot to edit though. And have some sad music. It’s just one of those days.

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13 thoughts on “Ryouriban – Chapter 54

  1. > “Sigh…” presumably はあ

    In the middle of Gingus’s story, Shuri wasn’t sighing.

    The ‘Haa…’ word that he let out was an expression to let the other person know that “Yes, I’m listening, but I don’t understand the whole story yet, so please go on,” kind of thing.


    • yup, kek, u got me~ (preface this with i have no idea how long this rant is gonna be) tldr i was lazy.
      i know haa isn’t sigh, unless in very specific situations and even in normal situations you woulnd’t sigh audibly however i’ve been doing that (not in middle of conversations but i sigh to myself and its fucking weird the more i think about it) and i was thinking for a second when i was editing like, should i go (sigh) or should i go (I see…/or huh) but the problem with the latter is oh my god do i fucking use (i see) a damn lot, it’s like my go to for souda and naruhodo and any combination of sou and it makes me cry because my vocab is terrible…
      also for the second part, it’s hard to say the entire thing, maybe i should just stick with Haa… but it’s also… not english lol. i mean in general when i read stuff like that i don’t mind but… it’s always hard to see how others would interprate it.
      But i think in the brief 10 seconds i was considering between sigh and i see or just haa… i was like, ‘you know, reading it, although it makes the tone quite different, it sorta still works (it’s not like his (shuri) is saying anything important anyway o3o) and that thought was pretty much it.
      I couldn’t be bothered spending more time to consider a fairly trivial problem which you know what. ima just use Haa… and let other people consider the meaning to it… idk, it’s weird.
      /end rant.
      thanks for letting me rant aoitenshi~ ❤

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  2. Thank you for the chapters, but your numbering of the chapters really confused me until I realized where you made a chapter numbering error. It had been a while, so I went back a couple chapters to re-read then catch up. But you go from c48 (c24 pt 2) to c49 (c23 pt 3). Then c50 becomes c24 pt1 – giving you two entire sets of c24, except that the second set is c25, and this chapter is c26, not c25.

    It was confusing trying to figure out if I needed to rearrange the chapters in order to read them in chronological order. I thought for a second that this story was becoming like the WN “Kaettekite mo Fantasy” – where the author wrote the entire story then released them out of order on purpose. It didn’t help that different translators choose to translate its chapters either chronologically or in order of release (the current TL does the latter). Another example is the TV series Haruhi Suzumiya, which was purposefully released out of order when it first came out.


    • Actually… Uh… I just messed up cause I had very long gaps a few chapters back… And then I got paranoid that I was screwing up the chapter name’s… And I think I didn’t do a thorough enough look at them… And then there’s copy pasting the titles and I may have screwed some up… : x I’ll fix them. Hopefully.


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