UchiMusume Manga – Chapter 29

I blabbed a lot in the credits so you can read there.

Honestly I’m such a loner these days that I find my only solitude online cause i find it nerve-racking twalking to friends. Must be due to this insane inferioirit complex thing i got. ah well. hi friends who read this.



[other chapters here]

How did you guys find the anime? Where did it go up to? i haven’t seen it yet since i like binge watching the whole thing these days.

I’m sure its good 🙂

Anyway. looking forward to anything this season? I might choose 1 or 2 shows to watch every week and then binge the rest when i have time. I think Hi Score Girl S2 is coming, so im thinking of doing that. as long as there ain’t gonnab e any super cliff hangy moments cause my heart can’t take that.

here’s a bonux pic from the twitter:EFIzbOiU0AE5AlX[1].jpg

16 thoughts on “UchiMusume Manga – Chapter 29

  1. Thanks for the chapter. Honestly the anime leaves a lot to be desired when compared to the series proper, but it does do the job of at least getting the series on your radar. Considering the series is just about finished that’s the best any fan could’ve hoped for.

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  2. Hey man, appreciate the chapter! I’ve gone through some difficult times myself so I know how much it sucks. You’re putting something out there people enjoy though, which is awesome. If you stream tho lmk I’ll come to watch I’ve always been interested in the process of scanlating

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  3. thanks for the chapter.

    i like this line: “Honestly I’m such a loner these days that I find my only solitude onlinOe cause i find it nerve-racking twalking to friends. ”
    you have so many friends that you feel lonely some times 🙂
    you have to joins this club
    “i dont know how to tag image”

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  4. Thanks for the translation and I have yet to watch the anime myself… Also you said you watched Hi Score Girl??? I’ve only read it so, I guess I have an anime to trackdown. One last note, I’m with you on making a stress/rage room. There is not one in my city and we should have one. Although I fear working on big projects, so never got off the ground with making one.


  5. Thanks for coming back to translate! ^w^ I was actually surprised to find out there’s an anime of this coming out this season. I dunno how it’d compare with the manga though since all of Latina’s chibi kawaiiness is captured nicely already ._. Also, been catching up on some of last season’s anime myself so haven’t gotten time to check out this season’s TTwTT There’s too many out & I still have all my manga to catch up… >w< But, hope everything's going good for you, dude! Hang in there~


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