Morning won’t come. 朝は来ない@avogado6

I’m sure someone has already translated this, but here’s my attempt.
(not typesetting, every box has a space in between, and maybe there’s a better way of doing this but. im not very smart.)

Morning won’t come/朝は来ない by @avogado6 on twitter.

Come on
Get in

Ehehe, sure been a while since you last took me on a night ride~
sfx:beep beep

When was the last time? A year ago?
About there.
sfx: beep beep

I was so scared that time that i made us go home right away, remember?
(The mountains are so scary~! Let’s go home!)

We don’t have to go.
Nah, this time’ll be fine!
sfx: screech

It’s good that it’s such a clear day. It’s night time though.
Uh huh.
Ah! We didn’t forget anything did we?
I packed it all in the back.
Hmm, that’s fine then.


Hey! Don’t smoke in here!
Let me have this for tonight at least.
No! It stinks!
Alright, just let me have this last one.
Geez, fine.
sfx: pout pout, vroom~

We’re here.
sfx: step.


it’s beautiful…

Ah! Orion!

I don’t know the others though.
I should’ve looked them up.

Ah! The big dipper!

Had your fun?
Yea, ahh…


Uuuu… cold…
Here, get in. It’s warm.
Hurry up and take your meds and go to sleep.
sfx: slam

Haha, it really is.
I’ll be able to sleep like a lamb in here.
sfx: warm and fuzzy.


Do you have a song in mind before we do this?

This one.
sfx:beep beep

Feeling sleepy?

sfx: mm,ahh

It’ll be nice if we meet again in heaven.

Good night.

(Don’t you mean hell…?)

Two dead bodies have been discovered
inside a car deep in the mountains
earlier this morning

According to the law enforcement there were no obvious signs of visible injuries,
and the cause of death appears to be carbon monoxide poisoning.

There are also traces of what appears to be charcoal remains burnt in the backseat,
therefore there is a high chance that the two had planned to commit suicide through charcoal burning

Investigation is already underway regarding the details leading up to this incident as well as the identity of the two deceased.

Morning won’t come. End.

2 thoughts on “Morning won’t come. 朝は来ない@avogado6

  1. hi, just wanted to know if you done with translating the cook novel or if you know if i could buy the translated version somewhere


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