Quick update

Hey guys I addressed this on my FB page but I didn’t renew the domain so now a lot of the newer links from the past two years are kinda dead. I’ve fixed the ones on the main pages but not the next chapter links on ryouriban so the ‘easiest’ way to read is to keeping the tabs from the index open and then clicking them as u read.

Anyway. peace. If stuff doesn’t work just add .wordpress between konobuta and .com. ez stuff.

uhh i should give you something.


here’s my shit arknights luck. My Silverash is Skill lvl 7 M3 tho. very op. heh.

5 thoughts on “Quick update

  1. Hey! Just caught up on uchimusume and wanted to say thanks for the translations. I hope you’re doing well. The blog page at the end is always fun to read.
    Stay healthy out there.


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