About Me


Hi I’m Ben.

I’m trash. But Coolizer is a genius :3

Failing at Uni, but rocking at reading novels just wasting time watching ‘How I Met My Mother’ and bingeing on Cry’s videos~

Studying Computer Science/Japanese

I do one of them for the chance of future moolah.

I like to be alone.

I cannot guarantee 100% readability for every single chapter but I will try my best to adhere to the original meaning of the text as best I can.

Japanese level: N2 aiming for N1

English level: Been in straya since I was 6 years old, so ya wanna pick some beef lad? No? Eshayyyys. Sorry. It’s native level o3o


Don’t contact me If you must contact me, I think I have my twitter account somewhere~ (I just really don’t like getting emails from randoms)

Or just comment.

But you can check out my YouTube channel if you want~



Enjoy degozama~

26 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Uchi Musume for the win.
    This… I cannot live without. I have found meaning to my life.

    Er yeah thanks for the translations thus far, and for furture releases.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. i used to ignore your releases thinking they were too slice of life…but when i started reading… i binged everything in 4 hours… im now addicted just like riru


  3. Hi… also…. HOW COULD YOU PUT LAtINA ON HIATUS WHAT ABOUT MY DAILY DOSE OF LITTLE GIRLS!!!….. that sounds completly wrong but its the truth……. Lol……. cough cough…… soooo hows ur life doing?


  4. Greatings, I’m ChocoManga
    I’m looking for Japanese Translators for translating Guin Saga. The Novel series is 132 volumes and 22 Side Stories.
    Of the raws, I have 1 to 89 + 96 + 129-130 and 15 Gaiden. As well as Books 1-5 English Licensed.
    Many hands make light work, so please don’t be intimidated by it’s length. I plan to gather enough of a group to make it easier, otherwise, take things one at a time.
    You can consider this a joint project if you’d like, and I’d add your banner to my site.
    This is a one of a kind Novel Series (longest in the world), hasn’t been translated to English beyond book 5, it deserves to be shared.
    Please E-mail me, or join me on the chat if you’re interested. Feel free to check out the site as well.
    I look forward to your reply (Approval or Denial)


    • Thanks but not interested, not sure if you can see this comment/reply
      I don’t really have the time to focus on more projects, especially joint ones since I feel a lot of pressure and just… don’t feel like I can live up to it.
      I wouldn’t mind helping if you have questions but :L


  5. Hi there, just recently visited this page and….

    …i got hooked on Latina >///<

    on that note, can i use translation to be TLed to my language(Indonesia)?
    i want to share some love as a loli–, em, as this story is so sweet and heartwaming.

    Good job translating UchiMusume, hope to hear from u soon :3


    • Yeah… I found that yesterday but wasn’t gonna pay to see if it was legit or not. I want to give them the benefit of the doubt that they’re doing the light novel version, or a complete separate translation but… yeah. I tried to find their actual site but couldn’t so… in any case I’ll probably warn my readers with my next uchimusume chapter.
      Thanks for telling me :3


  6. Would love to make a donation for your blog! Hoping that you can translate many light novels in the future. A fan and supporter of your blog. ❤


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