Things I do when I procrastinate:

(Disclaimer: Himatsubushi = 暇つ  = Killing time *tehe pero*)

Legit just things I do when I need to take a break~ The reason? I don’t know… why do people make blogs anyway, I’ll troubled if you asked me~ so don’t lol
Maybe I just need a place to rant sometimes and add shit I find cool and share with you guys >n< without having to make a whole post and everything

Like look at some lolis o3o (there’ll be images here!)
not just lolis o3o(MORE IMAGES!)23-02-206

25-04-2016: Getting into The Grave Robbers’ Chronicles (盗墓笔记)



Fun read so far, and it’s been a while since I’ve bought books :3 (-cause no pdf ripppp) There’s a decent manga translation of it too (Check it out) for a test or so

So no lolis but hot guys instead… but hey. No hate right 😛

23-02-2016: Random list of novel translators I respect? (Sorta had this in mind for a while but never had a place for this) In no particular order except number 1 o3o
1. vghime (Translating games, Denko, Sugaru Miaki’s awesome works. All with extremely decent quality and speed) maji de oshiete senpai~ I want to learn how to edit rpgmakers 😮
2. Onii-chan yamete (Idek, damn? But thanks for teaching me stuff in ur rants :v)

3. The guy who translates Index on bakatsuki, jcnumbers guy? (tbh I haven’t read his index translations… but to be able to translate an index volume within 3 days? fuck. I want to be him)

4. Rainbow turtle (tbh i have a slight bias against MTLs but… i approve of these Korean translations very, veru much. No matter the speed or quality, they are both quite decent)

Also this list sadly also doesn’t have any chinese translators… because there are just way too many I respect (RWX, Thyaeria, Dreams of Jianghu, Deathblade… just to list a FEW off the top of my head)

So, sadly this list is only based on my very, very limited knowledge of novel translators who have had an impact on me. I don’t really list my senseis because they teach not translate and tbh the two have a big difference now that I’ve gotten into this. (I.e. even if you know the language, being able to translate it is still hard)
oblueknighto~ have a mention buddy :3 Thx for ur support

09-02-2016: Cutest Manga in a while: Even if We’re Married I’ll Love you

03-02-2016: An awesome Undertale MEP, awesome song~ maybe I should do joint projects too o3o


02-02-2016: The things you find when you feel like reading manga, but have nothing you feel like reading

An interesting manga i found: Marginal Operation

I bet loli army… and death to everyone

My taste in music~ *Find out who I am kusowarota*


This anime is just so… me :v

Japanese Reality? Shows are fun~ My favourite for now is Kismai Busaiku~
I totally use this to practise my japanese :v
Since I never feel like I can get into anime anymore ;-;

This is the episode I started with~ I need more people to discuss this!! :v Maiko should totally be my ko 😉

Also AMVs are nice =w=
Undertale is also nice -_-
So Undertale AMVs are even better rite 0v0

Dark and moody~ cause that’s just people need sometimes

2 thoughts on “Himatsubushi

  1. Oh, marginal operation has a light novel as well if you’re interested. It is translated to an extent too. The manga is still just in the early stages


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