UchiMusume Manga – Chapter 11

Came out earlier~ but it’s the exposition chapter so eh

Next chapter comes on the 22nd not the 28th, which is what i think i put in the credits oh well. It’s not like people camp the 22nd and are like “WHERE”S MY CHAPTER!” so it’ll be fine either way~ actually people think im slow still so ok.


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UchiMusume – Chapter 108

My my, so many people requesting uchimusume that i just had to wake up and spend two hours doing this. Man translating a chapter without distractions is so good.
I’ll tell you this now though, the next ryouriban chapter is gonna be 10k chapter. Kill me hahahaahahahahahaha
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Silver-haired Miss, About her hometown.


“Demon race… you know your stuff. After all, you don’t really hear stories of them… especially with their horns out whilst walking out in a human town.”

“No, their horns were hidden. The three of them were all wearing some sort of hat from the Southern country.”

“Then, how did you know?”

“They reacted to this.”

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Ryouriban – Chapter 45

Finally. lol. I’m gonna try squeeze these out asap. This is my main project after all, so when I said uchimusume is back on my fb page, perhaps i fibbed a little o3o
!!!!Also, remember how the author made some edits? I read them a while ago, and the edits cleared up some points, which I really should add, but translating is tough lol.
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Chapter 23, A Shriek and a Steak. (Part 1)


Perhaps their distant hearts had finally been able to come together? Recently, Ekress-san, Gann-san and Gingus-san all have a bright look on their faces.

Before, when they would pass by each other in the hallways, they would appear slightly awkward, and even saying hi to each other was somewhat weird.

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UchiMusume – Chapter 107

Back, got a break of two weeks-ish before I need to start cramming for exams. Hopefully I passed everything. Also started playing Black Desert Online and Overwatch. Yea~ o3o
Time to crunch out 6 ryouriban chapters whilst I play BDO in the background lol
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Youth, With the Silver-haired Miss

(Author’s notes: She’s grown up a little bit more)


“What’s wrong Latina? You’re spacing out.”


After being asked that, she blinks several times, and tilted her head a little.

“….I don’t know.”

“You’ve been doing that a lot. Spacing out. Are you feeling sick?”

“Uun, no. I’m not sick. I’m fine, really.”

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UchiMusume Manga – Chapter 10

It’s been 10 months since the manga came out… wow :v And I’m still on a roll where I tl and uplkoad them right away 😛

Also Wikipedia is great as always, and though the manga(and me) explains it quite well  you never know~ and a video of japanese children playing it
I always like to see how Bullrush was banned in schools lmao… it was a great game…

Also remember to link the site when sharing cause I like views and stats

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Might as well update.

Have no motivation to tl. Approaching the end of the semester so I’m relatively busy as well. Apologies.

I think I wanna be a popular streamer now.

Btw I bought a laptop. It’s the xiaomi air 13. Look it up. It’s pre’ cool. If you want. Was gonna use it to tl. So far, done one paragraph of uchimusu. 

And author of ryouriban gave me permission to tl. He’s a cool nerd. Nerd isn’t an offensive term anymore right? People wanna be nerds these days. 2017.

Listening to cry stream as I take bus to work at 7pm. Kay. Bye for now.

On phone so can’t put read more, at least I don’t know how. My semester ends in 3 weeks and then my last exam is the end of June. So I’ll probably post something before that date. 

Not really sure how to get motivation to tl. So I’m gonna be a streamer for a little bit. Happy Mother’s Day. Not that I did anything. 

Sorry for the lack of updates. For now. Hopefully.

UchiMusume – Side Story

Honestly speaking. I am a little frustrated naturally(so uh imagine a few rash actions from me in the next few days), but it’s for the best, and I’ve seen over their work and it’s very good. I’ll have a link towards their site in the Uchimusume page if you are interested.
Also unedited. WIll Update when editors wake up.
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The Golden King, and the Silver —


Geez, I wonder how many times I’ve 『come』 to this 『place』 now — 『she』 thought.


This world, with nothing but black and white.

In front of the only 『throne』 that was vacant.

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UchiMusume – Chapter 106

Okay. SO I’m sure plenty of you know by now, but J-Novel Club has gotten the licence on UchiMusume. I’m sure there are a lot of questions that you have, and feel free to ask them in the comment sections because I’m not too sure what you want to know, what I want to share and things like that.
There is a thing though, which is that J-Novel Club has started on the translations of Volume 1 of the Light Novel and I am to remove the first 25 chapters of the novel within the week. SO if you want to continue to share this, or anything, you have until Sunday 11:59pm AEST. Which is my absolute latest date.
Sam from J-Novel Club has been kind enough to tell me that I can continue the translations, but have to remove them whenever they catch up. They have informed me their approximate schedule which is every 9 weeks, and basically, I take that every 25 chapters would be a new volume and so, after every 9 weeks or so I’ll be removing another 25 chapters, until they catch up to the Light Novels. He has also said that once I outpace the novels they wouldn’t really mind, which is really nice of him.
In any case, if you have any questions, feel free to ask.
Btw this chapter is unedited because my editors are sleeping atm, and I just finished this. Will be updated later.
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Youth, and Silver-haired Maiden. Changes, from here on.


Having realising this properly, Dale had a thought that, it wasn’t wrong for those around him to harshly rebuke him.


How can this be? This girl is just so cute.


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