UchiMusume Images

You can comment any images here from the novel or whatnot here if you’d like, because to be honest I’m quite lazy to do it myself (honesty hurts(mainly only me tho))

54 thoughts on “UchiMusume Images

    • Not at all. Since its already shown there, they’ve finally come to terms with their feelings w/ each other.

      But things always get a bit complicated at times…


  1. It appears a lot of people here are concerned with the nature of the ending.

    Unless the author changed his mind, I wouldn’t worry much about it. In the Author’s Notes of one of the more dramatic chapters (I believe it was addressing the lifespan issue), he stated that he was a believer of happy endings, thus we shouldn’t worry on that front.


  2. Not another akuma to hana ending… Whhhhhhyyyyyyyyy!!!????
    Im only here for the warm and fluffy feeling then i saw this out of curiosity…..
    (TT A TT)


  3. Heya! Everyone its my first time to comment here but I don’t want to spoil or anything and everything I will say is just mere speculation of mine, I was wonder maybe the second to the last image in volume 4 is not because of him(dying of old age but he got injured instead?) but they were separated because there’s still volume 5 it seems and it bothers me of Latina’s lineige of demon race maybe she not your ordinary demon race citizen after all…(maybe she a demon queen candidate?) and Dale will be looking for her in the volume 5 is what i’m thinking although is this novel finished already? I don’t want to see Latina grow up(Although she looks beautiful and stunning) I want loli Latina FOREVER!!


    • Just chill, relax. I had seen some theory in some forum and you guess might be one of them (mine too). But we all don’t know jap so don’t just see some illustrations and guess the situation. So enjoy the story, wait konobuta trans for an ages and waiting manga chapter release to dead (actually once a month or longer).If you want her to be loli forever maybe you can draw some.


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