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You can comment any images here from the novel or whatnot here if you’d like, because to be honest I’m quite lazy to do it myself (honesty hurts(mainly only me tho))

Spoilers ahead (Don’t say i didn’t warn u)

Also thanks for the contribution guys 🙂

Volume 1

Volume 2

Volume 3

Volume 4

Volume 5

91 thoughts on “UchiMusume Images

    • Not at all. Since its already shown there, they’ve finally come to terms with their feelings w/ each other.

      But things always get a bit complicated at times…


  1. It appears a lot of people here are concerned with the nature of the ending.

    Unless the author changed his mind, I wouldn’t worry much about it. In the Author’s Notes of one of the more dramatic chapters (I believe it was addressing the lifespan issue), he stated that he was a believer of happy endings, thus we shouldn’t worry on that front.


  2. Not another akuma to hana ending… Whhhhhhyyyyyyyyy!!!????
    Im only here for the warm and fluffy feeling then i saw this out of curiosity…..
    (TT A TT)


  3. Heya! Everyone its my first time to comment here but I don’t want to spoil or anything and everything I will say is just mere speculation of mine, I was wonder maybe the second to the last image in volume 4 is not because of him(dying of old age but he got injured instead?) but they were separated because there’s still volume 5 it seems and it bothers me of Latina’s lineige of demon race maybe she not your ordinary demon race citizen after all…(maybe she a demon queen candidate?) and Dale will be looking for her in the volume 5 is what i’m thinking although is this novel finished already? I don’t want to see Latina grow up(Although she looks beautiful and stunning) I want loli Latina FOREVER!!

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    • Just chill, relax. I had seen some theory in some forum and you guess might be one of them (mine too). But we all don’t know jap so don’t just see some illustrations and guess the situation. So enjoy the story, wait konobuta trans for an ages and waiting manga chapter release to dead (actually once a month or longer).If you want her to be loli forever maybe you can draw some.


  4. Can someone confirm that the novel ends in vol 5, or still going? Looking at the picture in vol 4, i think dale’s feelings about latina is changed so abruptly. In the colored one, he still looks like a dad who’s just confused as her daughter get confessed and ran away from him. Then, in just 100 pages, he fell in love, with his own daughter?? Looks kinda weird to have that sudden change of heart, but will wait till pig-sama translates it before judging it more. And looking at the kiss illust, it seems latina is much older than the other illust, my preceptions is either a possible future, or her desirable future, etc, or, it’s another timeskip? 10-year-difference in romance is not uncommon. But, you raised her from little man. How can you develop romantic feelings to her? And that child in vol 5, dont tell me, he’s dale’s child? I hope he’s rita’s, really. It’s really hard to decipher the content with just illust. Damn this is confusing. I do loves the story so far, and looking at the latest chapter, the story is starting to move to a deep, darker story, which i like them too. But…man, if only dale stayed as super doting parent, it would make me more enthusiastic in reading the latest. It’s not like i’m going to drop it, i just afraid with that future. But this is the story i have picked up, and i’m not going to stop reading it(until pig-sama stops translating this, which i dont want too, please, dont stop, hiks) i have read usagi drop, this much wont scare me, and dale is much more baddass than that usagi drop chara anyway (i forgot). the story is going to be much more interesting than now anyway, fighting demons and stuff. Gonna read this till the end!!


    • if you like some spoiler im will tell you:
      when im read at web blog of author (by help of google translate). im sure vol 5 is the last one. latina turn to be dale’s fiancee, fight with other demon lord, return to Croix, done. (im will not give you any more spoiler, as spoiler will kill your curiosity)

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    • There’s still lot of fluffy good times in volume 4 and also leading up to volume 5. Some timeskips do happen as you can see that Latina has matured again from the pics. The kid is also Rita’s which is pretty obvious since she was pregnant.

      The darker main story conflict (title of the light novel) starts with volume 5 and starts to get very interesting. We finally get to witness how OP Dale really is, especially after (our waifu >.<) Latina got stolen and we get a lot of information regarding the world politics, the demon kings which were hinted at throughout the earlier chapters, and Latina's past.

      After volume 5, the chapters so far are basically like side stories of past/future events ie Backstory of Rag, so definitely keep reading!

      Lots of good stuff still yet to be translated – keep up the good work coolizer!


      • K, from what I understand, the author finished up vol 5 which contains the main plot of the story, and he’s still writing chapters of sequel and prequel that resemble side-stories in nature.


    • My god, we’re totally on a same boat. It doesn’t really make me feel enthusiastic unlike when I was reading previous volume (maybe because Latina grows up). But, the sequencing of events in volume 4 made me left out like, “What the heck?” or “Huh? What…?” Which it totally caused me to backread if I read it right. Lol.

      I mean is it totally okay for someone like Dale who spent his time caring and raising Latina and at the end, marries her? (Usagi Drop V2 , jk). Anyway, I’ll keep reading this but reaaaally, there’ll be no cuteness anymore. All I can feel in the future volumes are lovesickness and yeah, it totally makes me sad when Kenneth, Risa and others will die before them.

      I really hoped this novel stays as Slice of Life but… too bad. *sigh*



    So how will Coolizer translate χρυσός? Kuruso? Chyrsos?

    I didn’t think that Rag’s name was a hint about Latina’s name. It all seems so obvious now.

    And Sylvia fulfills her dream. How nice.


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