UchiMusume Manga


For my daughter, I might even be able to defeat the demon king

Uchi no Musume no Tame Naraba, Ore wa Moshikashitara Maou mo Taoseru Kamoshirenai
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OR ON AMAZON (Volume 1)

(AMAZON) Volume 2

(AMAZON) Volume 3

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Despite being so young, he distinguishes himself using his great combat ability and calm judgement as weapons. A youth whose name is known even in neighbouring countries, the adventurer, Dale. Going deep into a forest for a certain request, he meets a thin and bony girl from the Demon Race. A young girl bearing the mark of a criminal – Latina. Unable to merely ignore her within the forest like that, Dale was determined to become her guardian but…


2132 Dale Reki

Meets Latina in the forest, the youth who became her guardian. Normally a cool and resourceful adventurer but, in front of Latina he’s all lovey-dovey.


A young girl from the Demon Race who was picked up by Dale. Honest, gentle and smart, but her past is a complicated one.

2134Kenneth Krugel

The owner of the bar, Dancing Ocelot, under where Dale lives.

2135Rita Krugel

The poster girl of the Dancing Ocelot, as well as Kenneth’s wife.


Artist: Hota

Original Character Designs: Truffle


Chapter 01 – Meeting with the Young Girl

Chapter 02 – A Start to Her New Life

Chapter 03 – First Time Staying Home

Chapter 04 – Helping out

Chapter 05 – Encounter with the Unknown

 Chapter 06 – Her “World” grows a little bigger

Chapter 06-2 – Her “World” grows a little bigger

Extra Chapter – Helping out the rookie adventurers just a little bit

Chapter 07 – Going away

Chapter 08 – Going away – Interlude-

Chapter 09 – Coming Home

Chapter 10 – With her friends

Chapter 11 – Learning magic

Chapter 12 – A certain Summer day

Chapter 13 – School

Extra Chapter – Causing a boom amongst Adventurers

Chapter 14 – That Incident (Part 1)

Chapter 15 – That Incident (Part 2)

Chapter 16 – That Incident (Part 3)

Chapter 16.5 – That Incident (Part 3.5)

Chapter 17 – That Incident Aftermath

Extra Chapter – The Aftershock of that “Incident”

Chapter 18 – A New Problem

Chapter 19 – A New Problem and its Solution

Chapter 20 – First Deposit

Chapter 21 – A Precious Present

Chapter 22 – Learning about her growth

Chapter 23 – Preparing for the Trip

Chapter 24 – Prologue to the Trip

Extra Chapter – The Budding of a Slight Independence

Chapter 25 – Reporting to the Deceased

Chapter 26 – A Fun Trip

Chapter 27 – Arriving at the sea

Chapter 28 – A New Encounter 

Extra Chapter – Writing Letters

Chapter 29 – Questioning the person from her Hometown

       Chapter 30 – Springtime

24 thoughts on “UchiMusume Manga

  1. thank you so much for translating this!! just found your web and i’m reading the light novel now. pls continue translating this. if you need help or something just tell us


  2. Might be you already read all the comment above this. And i want to say the same. Thanks for translating it. If you need help, just tell me, i will help for it.


  3. Didn’t update the site yet?
    And wait, didn’t you say it would be out on 22nd + scanlation time? Did you time travel?


  4. THANK you for translating the manga version of this! Latina is just so cute! Please keep up the great work! And yes, I’m buying the official English manga as well to support the artist… but it’s so long between releases! I need more Latina! :0)
    Anyway thank you, please keep it up when you can!


  5. I love It!! This very heart warming and I always smile while reading it.Please do not stop translating this! There many ongoing manga that just stop halfroad for like 2 years! Pls don’t stop translating this I will keep supporting you!!
    Keep The Hard Work
    Love YoU


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