Ryouriban – Chapter 5

3, Deep-fried horse mackerel of Understanding・1st Half


It’s Shuri. Today there seems to be a battle at the forest next to the beach.
The point is that the people who want to get salt, seem to be fighting with the people who want to protect their right for the salt. Salt is essential for human life, so I guess that sort of thing is possible.Read More »

Ryouriban – Chapter 4

(She refers to herself as Riru (Lill)) EDIT (09-02-2016) Riru-perspective is sorta hard to write


2, The Hamburg Steak of Creativity・2nd Half


Riru is a genius. Riru’s name wasn’t famous yet.
5 years ago Riru was invited by my childhood friend Ganglabe, and entered the mercenary corp. Riru was an orphan and so went with all the other orphans who were living in the slums.
Riru had talent in Magic Engineering. Riru even boast about it myself. During the times in the slums Riru would make various items helping Riru’s friends, even now in the corps Riru is someone who works behind the scenes.Read More »

Ryouriban – Chapter 1

Edit:09-02-2016: Lolwut why did I say cooking stew, was meant to be cream stew, recipe added

Edit: 17-02-2016: Dear new readers and re-readers, if you could comment any mistakes or corrections you catch, I would be happy! For both receiving a comment and it being critical af 😛


1, Cream Stew of Beginning・1st Half


(Author’s note: This is sorta written in a 4-koma format with the first half being chill, and the second half serious)

I like cooking.
When I was young, I was always watching from behind as my mum was cooking. I, who was brought up with delicious food, obviously held an interest in cooking.
I could finally help out a little when I entered the third grade, handle the knife when I was in middle school, and allowed to handle the pot when I was in high school.Read More »


Just have a final Japanese exam and then I’m done for the semester, gonna head over to China for a break~

Ain't that cute
That’s what I’ll be

Of course now that I’m almost a 3rd year at uni, I gotta get some moolahs~
Gonna make some apps, make that adsense cash ;)Or write some trashy stories 😀
Can’t really draw so probably not gonna do that 😛
But I may translate, not for monies tho, the authors wouldn’t like that… unless I give them a share 😉

So I think that people need goals to become more motivated and just attractive even.
But this poor me has no goals at all, which kinda sucks
So what happens is that I start loads of projects, translations, codes, making games I don’t know~ I have 3 projects started as far as I know, but who knows if I’ll quit any of them outta boredom at any time :c