Ryouriban – Chapter 4

(She refers to herself as Riru (Lill)) EDIT (09-02-2016) Riru-perspective is sorta hard to write


2, The Hamburg Steak of Creativity・2nd Half


Riru is a genius. Riru’s name wasn’t famous yet.
5 years ago Riru was invited by my childhood friend Ganglabe, and entered the mercenary corp. Riru was an orphan and so went with all the other orphans who were living in the slums.
Riru had talent in Magic Engineering. Riru even boast about it myself. During the times in the slums Riru would make various items helping Riru’s friends, even now in the corps Riru is someone who works behind the scenes.Read More »

UchiMusume: Foreword

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Foreword – In the world looking after rainbows


When you were born, a huge rainbow could be seen in the skies.

It’s true you know. The rainbow is represented by all 『people』 in seven colours. Even though their languages and cultures were different you see.
That was a rainbow but, there was also something more, in the greater sense of the world– it is a part of god. God exists as 7 pillars. They seem to be referred to as 『The Seven Colours of God』.Read More »

Ryouriban – Chapter 1

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1, Cream Stew of Beginning・1st Half


(Author’s note: This is sorta written in a 4-koma format with the first half being chill, and the second half serious)

I like cooking.
When I was young, I was always watching from behind as my mum was cooking. I, who was brought up with delicious food, obviously held an interest in cooking.
I could finally help out a little when I entered the third grade, handle the knife when I was in middle school, and allowed to handle the pot when I was in high school.Read More »

UchiMusume – Chapter 4

Youth, Deciding to become her guardian

(Author’s note: Other than the matter about the amount of material about the story, I can’t update everyday but I’ll try not to leave too many days between each.)


“Dale, aren’t you feeling somewhat guilty for this?”
Dale turned towards the fairly young voice just in time to see a black hair girl stepping into “The Dancing Ocelot” from the rear entrance.
It was Kenneth’s wife Rita.
“The Dancing Ocelot” was a lodging managed by this young couple.Read More »

UchiMusume – Chapter 3

Youth, Going back with a little girl


Rag-like clothes and partially broken shoes. That, and a silver bracelet– One that seemed more fitting for an adult, as it was too big for her– seemed to be the only things that she was wearing.
It’s a great accomplishment if she really did manage to survive in this condition. Perhaps it was a blessing due to the calm season.Read More »