Ryouriban – Chapter 50

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Chapter 24, Wedding Ceremony and Grilled Lobster (Part 1)


Hello, hello everyone. It’s me, Shuri.

Ekress-san and Envy-san managed to reunite with each other successfully, and with this the burdens over their shoulders will gradually lift.

Just as always, the people of the town hold a somewhat negative opinion on me, and the cooks who had gone on strike still haven’t returned but that’s comparing apples to oranges, that is that, and this is this. Everything is fine!
I mean, we seem to be able to get by one way or another, so I think I have no choice but be firm and just tell them, ‘If you want to quit then quit.’ Thanks to Ganglabe-san’s support I’ve gotten some extra people under my wing as well.

In any case, they’re chefs in their own right. They’ll probably be able to find work one way or another.

Beside I don’t have the time to worry about that right now.

Why? Ain’t it obvious?

Naturally, it’s to fulfill a promise.

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あの夏が飽和する / Ano Natsu ga Houwa suru (English Translation)

So I saw that Mafumafu uploaded a cover of this song, so without a further ado.

(I honestly have no idea how to magicfy the english title)

Ano Natsu ga Houwa suru

Kagamine Rin/ Kagamine Len

Artist: Kanzaki Iori twitter @kurogaki0311

Original Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mKaRxty1j7g

Cover by Mafumafu: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cKAoJG3d3Vo


“I killed someone yesterday.”
That’s what you had said.

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