Stressed level: Mixing up Shampoo as Body wash…

Stressed level: Mixing up Shampoo as Body wash… (Honestly I thought of this in the shower haha… when it actually happened… huh… and thought it was a good joke??)
Hey guys~ Quick update. I’m almost done for the semester and uni, and I will stop being so ridiculously busy by next Thursday… and hopefully slightly earlier.
Blue said he’s finished the next chapter of *cough* Monster world *cough shit title*, and we were totally thinking of just translating up to chapter 28 and stopping cause we like to troll~ but it’s up to him when to post anyway.
Next chapter of the manga comes out on June 22nd. (misread soz) In any case, translating is out of my head atm. I’ve read so many Academic journal articles its freakin’ ridiculous. FRIKKIN i say.
I need a life. I have a quiz on friday. i have to analyse one more source… and write some bs about Japanese Noh masks and then I’ll be done for a 40% essay. And then I have a 4000 word Japanese report to write, which I’m only half way done. and then i need to plan my trip to japan. and then i need to find a job that i like. cause i say i wanna neet, but honestly, i like money. …i’m researching noh theatre so much, maybe i’ll just be a noh actor. or a propaganda chinese movie maker. who knows.
This is getting long enough to go on my blog… you know what, Ima write it on my blog and put a tldr version here. (i was gonna post it on fb but i haven’t had a proper update here in a while so why not)
But anyway, Chinese cinema was a great course, although all the propaganda films that i watched almost got to me mang. Maoism is great D: but unrealistic. But is it really great??
Slight rant: man lecturers, when you ask me to write an essay worth 55% and i send in a draft, and ask for your feedback. It means i hella want that feedback. ur a lecturer, shouldn’t u tell me how to improve!! unles… i’m already awesome..? im a sugoi? woah.
What have i even been doing lately… I translated half of tensei oujo manga chapter 1, i should finish that. Did like 10 lines of ryouriban. Watching twitch. Playing slay the spire. Volunteer work. Normal work. Uni? Sounds about right. Oh also been reading History Number 1 founder. It’s okay. And I’ve been totally wanting to write my own weeby chuunibyou novel heh. I’m 21… wait. 22. shit. turning 23. fuck.
Before I leave. Any thoughts on how I get them japanese company connections so they give me the good shit? 😉
And also memes~ o3o supplied by your favourite translator/procrastinator of the times mr Blueknighto~ who is apparently playing a game: 10,000,000? weird title.






33528367_1678167105630967_5021311450472251392_n (i kinda want this to be my new icon…)
and last but not least:
And here’s one from me~ a cute grill streamer o3o
One last thing before i head to work ughhh….
Watched The Office. Reaction = :/ I enjoyed it a lot, but there’s a lot about it I also didn’t like. Jim and Pam relationship was great though. and honestly the reason I even watched the show.
Black Mirror seems pretty cool too.


The World Is Full of Monsters So I’ll Live As I Like – Chapter 1

Hi, I’m Blue. I’m bored again so I’m going to translate a novel with Coolizer. Nice to meet you readers. Here’s the synopsis.
Edit: This is Cool. I’m busy and he’s bored. A great combination! Enjoy 🙂


On his way back from work, our hero runs over a big doggo.

In that moment, he heard a sound coming from his head.

<< You have subjugated a monster. You gained experience points>>


The world had changed in the blink of an eye.

Into a game-like world where there were monsters, levels, skills and status.

This is a story of our world that has been changed into a modern fantasy, and our hero’s epic to do his best and survive.

Author: Yosshaa!

Novel page

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