UchiMusume – Chapter 51

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Young girl, Fluffy daily life.


Latina normally wakes up early in the morning.

She believes her work to have started from when breakfast is being prepared. There would be times when she would stay up late or is fatigued and she’ll sleep in but, she was diligent for her age.


The one who managed the inner workings of this mansion was Dale’s mother, Magda.

Even Magda, when she looks at Latina, was more than welcome to let her help.

“The people of Tisroh don’t really eat bread huh.”Read More »

UchiMusume – Chapter 50

Btw something extra, the manga is monthly and next release is scheduled approximately around October 20th? iirc.
Also made a movie this week for a contest kek. Wrote a script on Monday (Super sappy), filmed on Tuesday and Wednesday, Edited Thursday and Friday, and submitted today. Work ethic 😛 (PS: Starring oblueknighto and iFailbot :D)

Youth, Speaking with his Teacher.


“Speaking of which, I hear there was a certain incident that happened in the city.”


“It’s about that child. I hear that it was related to a child from the Demon Race.”

After Dale realised what Cornelio was referring to, he smiled bitterly.

“Sensei truly has sharp ears. Where did you learn about that matter?”Read More »

UchiMusume – Chapter 49

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Young Girl, Going Around the Village.


They walked along a narrow road in the middle of the village, putting the workshops behind them.

Weaving in and out of all the houses, you could see that each of them had their own little garden, with a vegetable patch and a flower bed.

“Tisroh has a lot of flowers, don’t you think?”Read More »