UchiMusume – Side Story

Something short. Finished some uni work and work didn’t call me in today so got some time 🙂
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Among Dreams, Realities, and Illusions

(Author’s note: Set right after the end of the puberty arc, so it’s soon.)


–It was a strange space.

Nevertheless, 『I』didn’t think that it was 『strange』 at all.

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UchiMusume – Chapter 105

i gotta go to work now :c enjoy. thx editors :3
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Youth, Speaking of his worries again. Second.


“Gilbester, how do Beast Tamers and the such allow their tamed beasts to come into the city?”

“I don’t really know either. If I recall correctly, there should be some sort of specialised magic tool for it. Oi, go call that Kevin fellow over.”

After all that, Gilbester calls out for the tamer he knew.

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UchiMusume – Chapter 104

It’s like I’m almost baiting with ryouriban now lol. Soz. Got tons of work to do. Probably won’t be doing another chapter this week.
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Youth, Expressing his doubts again. First.


“I don’t really get it, but I know that you said something rude to me, okay.”
Dale replied, turning towards Wind who just spoke with his gaze looking up at him from the bottom of the bed, and rolled his eyes. Although asking for some decency from an animal may seem somewhat absurd, was it truly so wrong to request it from such an 『abnormal beast』?

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UchiMusume – Chapter 103

Sorry for the delay. Let’s hope I can do a bit more tl before I get back to actually uni work :v
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Youth, Recuperating. Third.


“It’s seems that you’re in a stable condition.”


The insides of his head was pounding, and spinning, with a feeling of unrest. Dale had become a complete mess inside, but he kept up his appearances, and answered the Duke nevertheless.

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Quick update

Happy April fools~ 

Sad April fools :c no “official” chapter today(I wonder what that means) cause I’m going to a Korean festival with some friends. And also my editor has not finished editing it. 

Also consider can’t read status up for grabs. Blue is too lazy and he keeps forgetting, and I don’t have the time so yea.

An unedited chapter is on my fb page, but why read that when you can wait a day o3o

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Also ps, I’ll probably release 2 to 3 chapters next week, so consider that my apology~ (2 uchimusume(next next chapter is 50% might even finish it tonight, so will depend on the editors oki~), including this one, and if possible ryouriban(20%))