For my daughter, I might even be able to defeat the demon king
If It’s for My Daughter, I’d Even Defeat a Demon Lord
Uchi no Musume no Tame Naraba, Ore wa Moshikashitara Maou mo Taoseru Kamo Shirenai
Uchi no Ko no Tame Naraba, Ore wa Moshikashitara Maou mo Taoseru Kamo Shirenai
うちの娘の為ならば、俺はもしかしたら魔王も倒せるかもしれない 。


He met a girl. A young girl branded with the mark of a criminal. That was the beginning of everything. “Crap, my daughter’s so cute” This is the story of the two who became an overly protective parent and an adopted child, their changing relationships, and furthermore how that relationship evolves.



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(Volume 1) – Volumes are approximate

As to why Volume 1 is gone

And also chapters 25-49 is now gone. (y)



Chapter 1 – Meeting with a little girl

Chapter 2 – Picking up a little girl

Chapter 3 – Going back with a little girl

Chapter 4 – Deciding to become her guardian

Chapter 5 – Thinking to the little girl’s smile

Chapter 6 – Going into town with the little girl

Chapter 7 – Getting exhausted over the care-taking of the little girl

Chapter 8 – First time house-sitting

Chapter 9 – First time house-sitting until “Welcome home”

Chapter 10 – Embracing the little girl’s aforementioned worries

Chapter 11 – Encounter with the unknown

Chapter 12 – Causing great unrest to the youth

Chapter 13 – Talking of the past just a little bit

Chapter 14 – Trembling with fear

Chapter 15 – Visiting the capital

Chapter 16 – Enduring the loneliness

Chapter 17 – Returning home

Chapter 18 – A normal day with her friend

Chapter 19 – Teaching the little girl

Chapter 20 – A certain summer day

Chapter 21 – That “Incident”

Chapter 22 – Monster < Parent Change (First half)

Chapter 23 – Monster < Parent Change (Second Half)

Chapter 24 – That “Incident’s” Aftermath

Latina grows up slightly from Small Girl to Young Girl

(Volume 2)

Chapter 25 – Talking about Employment

Chapter 26 – Preparing for the journey

Chapter 27 – The talk the day before leaving

Chapter 28 – The talk the day before leaving

Chapter 29 – Reporting to the Deceased

Chapter 30 – Frolicking through the Journey

Chapter 31 – Demonstrating her skill

Chapter 32 – Arriving at the Inn Town

Chapter 33 – Going to the Sea

Chapter 34 – Meeting a person from the same village

Chapter 35 – Listening to the sound of rain

Chapter 36 – Looking at the Silver Bracelet

Chapter 37 – Beautiful Spring

Chapter 38 – Having her interest stolen by animal ears

Chapter 39 – Informing the youth of her shackles

Chapter 40 – Enjoying the Fluffiness

Chapter 41 – Receiving the Young Girl’s Letter

Chapter 42 – While the Young Girl is Away

Chapter 43 – The days he took care of her

Chapter 44 – Arriving at his hometown

Chapter 45 – Calling names in the village

Chapter 46 – With his father

Chapter 47 – With his little brother

Chapter 48 – Begging

Chapter 49 – Walking Around the Village

Chapter 50 – Speaking with his Teacher

Chapter 51 – A Fluffy Daily Life

Chapter 52 – His thoughts on his brother back home

Chapter 53 – More Fluffy Daily Life

Chapter 54 – Even More Fluffy Daily Life

Side Story 1 – Christmas Special

Side Story 2 – A certain snowy day

Chapter 55 – In the village decorated with flowers

Chapter 56 – Thoughts in front of the Young girl

Chapter 57 – Telling the Young girl

Chapter 58 – Saying goodbye

Chapter 59 – Going back to Kroix

(Volume 3)

Chapter 60 – Being Fluffed

Chapter 61 – Being Fluffed. After.

Chapter 62 – Becoming Unpleasant.

Chapter 63 – Trembling in front of the young girl

Chapter 64 – Meeting her friends again

Chapter 65 – Seeing the Rose-coloured Princess

Side Story 3 – Special Store Only Side Story

Chapter 66 – Being Troubled at the Young Girl’s Story

Chapter 67 – With the Young Girl

Chapter 68 – A Certain Night at a Corner Seat

Chapter 69 – Thoughts

Latina grows up a little from Young Girl to Silver-haired Maiden

Chapter 70 – A Certain Day’s Sight

Chapter 71 – With the gray fluff ball

Chapter 72 – With her best friend

Chapter 73 – Meeting the Rose-coloured Princess

Chapter 74 – With the Rose-coloured Princess

Chapter 75 – Requesting of the Rose-coloured Princess

Chapter 76 – Playing with the Grey Fluff ball

Chapter 77 – Playing with the youth

Chapter 78 – With the Ice-coloured Youth

Chapter 79 – With the Silver-haired Maiden

Chapter 80 – Speaking of her encounter with the Second Demon Lord (First half)

Chapter 81 – Speaking of her encounter with the Second Demon Lord (Second half)

Chapter 82 – Going to the Red God’s Night Festival. (Part 1)

Chapter 83 – Going to the Red God’s Night Festival. (Part 2)

Chapter 84 – Going to the Red God’s Night Festival. (Part 3)

Chapter 85 – Going to the Red God’s Night Festival. (Part 4)

Chapter 86 – Going to the Red God’s Night Festival. (Part 5)

Chapter 87 – After the Red God’s Night Festival

(Volume 4)

Chapter 88 – After the Terrible Tragedy

Summer Side Stories – A certain hot day

Summer Side Stories – Summer’s Test of Courage

Summer Side Stories – Fighting with Spicy Food

Chapter 89 – Working at another Shop

Chapter 90 – Coming back from working at another shop

Chapter 91 – Working at another shop. Second day.

Chapter 92 – A certain 『Walking Corpse』-like Day

Chapter 93 – Being warned by his Older brother (First Half)

Chapter 94 – Being warned by his Older brother. (Second half)

Side Story – Wanting to Fluff Fluff a Cat

Chapter 95 – Feeling Depressed

Chapter 96 – Being Depressed

Chapter 97 – Visiting the 『Ocelot』

Chapter 98 – With the Silver-haired Maiden (First)

Chapter 99 – With the Silver-haired Maiden (Second)

Chapter 100 – With the Silver-haired Maiden (Third)

Chapter 101 – Recuperating. First.

Chapter 102 – Recuperating. Second.

Chapter 103 – Recuperating. Third. 

Chapter 104 – Expressing his doubts again. First.

Chapter 105 – Expressing his doubts again. Second.

Side Story – Among Dreams, Realities, and Illusions

Chapter 106 – Changes, from here on.

Side Story – The Golden King, and the Silver —

(Latina grows up from Silver-haired Maiden to Silver-haired Miss)

Chapter 107 – With the Silver-haired Miss

Chapter 108 – About her hometown

Chapter 109 –

Chapter 110 –

Chapter 111 –

Chapter 112 –

Chapter 113

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  1. Whew~! This is great~!
    Thank you for picking this up! I’ve already seen this quite a few times but regretfully it’s just a teaser.. So it is really great that it’s been picked up now. Bless you~ lol.


  2. This novel is awesome! It’s so nice to see something different for a change. Thanks so much for picking up this project and I really hope I’ll be able to more of this in the future!


  3. Hello, I really appreciate you translating this. This feels like reading something new and heart warming compared to other light novel. Hope you continue. Gl.


    • From the images in the later volumes and some spoilers I hear round the Internet, it does. But I also hear that it’s not as abrupt and that the build up to everything is much slower, and not like in usagi drop where there’s a time skip and suddenly, boom, our baby girl kaga rin is in love with our derpy and realistic mc


  4. Thought I’d make a video trying to get more people to check out this awesome story/cuteness overload x3
    Thanks a lot for translating it! Srsly, Latina-chan made my life a better place, bless you, Translator-sama ; v ;
    Btw, link to the video: Here you go x3

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  5. At first, I just want to “take a little peek” into the manga version, but….OH MY! Latina is so damn cute! >.< ❤ And now I start to read the novel version 😀 Really, really thank you for translating this LN XD

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  6. well first time commenting here, been like your release since some months ago. And is the current translation still on vol. 2? if yes, then what chapter that will end the vol. 2?


  7. Thanks for TL this , i noticed that you don’t give any way to download your chapters . I’ve made some epubs and pdf of this on my blog and if you want you can share the link here. I already gave you credit for the TL and linked it here.


  8. Thank you so much for translating this, I’ve been a lurker for months and only now realised how I haven’t thanked ye properly for bringing this sugary dose of diabetes to my live.
    Bless you m8 and may one day you be blessed with children like Latina 😀

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  9. Thanks so much for the translations man, I’m gettin a sugar overdose from this xD

    Just a quick question, but until which chapter does volume 3 end? Based on the illustrations I’m guessing it’s close (currently 86)?


  10. Will this only ever be the 5 Volumes or is the Author continuing to write the story?

    Just hope that this will have a ending with her at least having her own child…


  11. This is literally the only light novel that I read.
    Your efforts are to translate these are greatly appreciated.
    may you have great fortune in the future (ノ・∀・)ノ


    • Thanks lol. But you’re missing out! They’re so many good light novels/web novels out there! Although if you don’t have the time, heh, my site is all you need 😛


  12. Just wanted to drop a Quick “Thanky you” message, I’ve been one of the thousand people lurking and reading translations/mangas and never thanked the people who put down time to bring me the translations. So this ones for you! Thanks a bunch for your hard work i really love this manga, Have a great day!

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  13. Y’know I’m really thankful that you have translated all these, this LN/WB and now a manga is really uplifting, thanks for your hard work and hope to see your work more in the future \o/

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  14. I just discovered this series yesterday and i really loved it XD
    I’m Still catching up (currently reading ch.43)
    So Thank you for your hard work…
    (Latina is so kawaiiii~ XD)


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